When moving to Canada and the Toronto area, you want to explore as much as you can and get to know the city. There are many locations that you could enjoy in the city itself, but sometimes, to truly appreciate its beauty, we need to take one step back and admire the sheer size and the amazing skyline of the city. Located on Ontario Lake, the city of Toronto is one of the most picturesque cities in Canada. 

On top of this, even if you’ve been born in the area and know every little nook and cranny that the city has to offer, you can still enjoy taking a few hours to move back and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Finding your favourite view spot is not as easy as picking any popular spot. While some are huge and enable you to walk for hours, there are also hidden locations that look the best during sunrise or sunset. 

For this reason, we’ve found a few places that offer amazing views and have managed to compile a list of ten such spots. While some offer greenery unmatched by parks in other cities, others offer open spaces where you can enjoy sports and outings with your friends. And while some look the best during the day, some do during the nighttime. 

10 Spots for the Best Toronto Skyline View 

Whatever your preferences, you should bear in mind that the city has a lot to offer. When it comes to the tours, there are boat cruises for those curious in their mind. On top of this, there are also ferry boats to take you to an island nearby or to take you to some other places in the city (yes, Toronto is that big). A regular ferry may not offer the liberty of moving wherever you want, but it is an amazing experience to watch the city as you are closely coming closer to it or travelling farther away from it. 

The many skyscrapers of the city offer some of the best spots for taking photos as well, but here, we focused on open spaces that are easy to access. When it comes to these, the places we’ve chosen are mostly natural spaces, with a notable exception of the CN Tower – located in the heart of the city. So, choose one of the places, and head there early enough – the sunset is typically the best time of the day to look over the city, and so is the early morning. 

Boat Rental

Even if you do not have a boating license, you can still enjoy the Toronto skyline from the water by renting a boat or a yacht with a pilot/skipper. This way, you can enjoy an unbeatable view that is difficult to match. When it comes to the price, this is probably the priciest option on the list, as you will have to pay for both the rental and the fuel, and most boats can only be rented in 24-hour increments. 

When it comes to the view, you can see the entire city skyline this way. Being on a boat allows you to seek your own best vista spot and to choose the angles that you would like to make the shots from. Still, it is good to know that there are ways to reduce the cost of this expedition – by simply hopping onto one of the tourist boats or a liner operating in the area. They will charge way less while still giving you a chance to view the city from the water line. 

This is our favourite way to see the Toronto skyline and the downtown core – the city’s skyline with water in the forefront of the picture is difficult to put into words. You can also pay a visit to Toronto islands and set them at the forefront of the pictures you take. In addition to this, the city is best viewed from the water during the early morning and early evening – the golden hour. 

Chester Hill Lookout

The Chester Hill Lookout is situated at the end of the Chester Hill Road. The place is not that frequented, as it is small and has few amenities. However, this is exactly what gives it its charm, as you will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the city. The place is best visited during late evenings and the night, and if you are into photography, it is sure to provide amazing opportunities for long-exposure photos. 

If you are into a place like this, it is best visited during autumn and winter. Since there are some trees around it, this will help you get the best view, without too much foliage getting in the picture. As for the place itself, this is simply an observation point, in the shape of a semicircle and the biggest plus is that you can get there by car. 

Humber Bay

The Humber Bay is another amazing place that offers a great overview of the downtown Toronto area and its skyline. It is divided into the Humber Bay Park East and Humber Bay Park West. The place also features an arched bridge, which offers even better views and space to sit and relax. The bay itself is an amazing place to be in, as it has a beach, boardwalk, and more. The place is right in line with the Toronto Islands and Riverdale Park East when it comes to combining natural elements with the city skyline. 

Ireland Park

As you probably know, Canada was settled at approximately the same time as the US. A part of the first settlers were the Irish, and some 675 of them died upon arrival to this part of the world. To commemorate them, the city built the park, with several bronze statues commemorating the starved Irish on their way to what is now Canadian soil. There is also a limestone wall engraved with the names of the 675 settlers who died upon arrival at the site. Ireland Park also offers unprecedented views of downtown Toronto and the beach area. 

Lake Crescent Park

The Lake Crescent Park is a small park at the end of the Lake Crescent Road. Not frequented enough, it offers peace and tranquillity that is difficult to match with other places in the city. When it comes to the spot, it has a few parking spaces and a small green surface with no amenities nearby. However, if you like the view of Toronto from far, including the entire city, this is the place to head to. You will have to drive there. 

Riverdale Park

Riverdale Park in Toronto is another great spot to take your shots or to simply admire Toronto’s skyline. The Riverdale Park East is a beautiful, and very scenic place on its own, with plenty of space for outings, doing sporting activities, and making sure that you get to enjoy the downtown skyline as it emerges from the greenery. 

On top of this, this is a great place for spending your free time and taking pictures. Far from a water taxi and the view from Toronto Islands, this place offers an iconic skyline view and more – you can bring food and sporting requisites and enjoy your entire day. Even during the early evenings, as the city lights start coming on, the view of the city skyline only improves – and is perfect for chill evenings and long-exposure photos. 

toronto skyline view from Riverdale Park

Sheldon Lookout

The Sheldon Lookout is a viewing spot that has been gifted by the Sheldon family to the city of Toronto. It offers great views of the downtown area. The place is situated on the west beach of the Humber River. While it is true that the views are spectacular, covering the waterfront area as well, some say it is a bit distant. However, if you are a landscape photographer who likes clashes between the natural and the modern and would love to see more than what the city has to offer, this is a perfect spot to visit. 

The CN Tower

Any city in the world looks better from an elevated spot, and if this is the kind of shot that you are looking for, the CN Tower is the best place to head. The tower offers two great spots for admiring Toronto’s skyline and both have their perks. Firstly, there is the observation deck, set at an incredible height of 346 meters above the ground level. The second one is the Skypod, further up the tower, which is 447 meters high. 

The elevation from the ground will help you get unique views of the city. The visit to this place will cost, as the entrance into the tower costs, but at the same time, it is worth it, even if you are on a shoestring budget. The different angles are not possible here, as you will be stationary, but going around the deck will ensure you get the best possible view of multiple city spots. 

We recommend you avoid going there when it is raining, foggy, or when the humidity is high. The views will simply not be as good. The best time to visit the tower is early mornings, especially on clear, windy days – although you will get the chills while on the tower, you will also be able to enjoy a crystal-clear vista of the city. 

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Toronto Islands

Hanlan’s, Ward’s, and Center Islands are the three most famous of Toronto’s Islands. They are very easy to access, and once you are on one, you can visit another, as they are connected. To get there, you can rent a boat a yacht, or a water jet, as they are much smaller and cheaper to rent. In addition to this, hiring a water taxi or taking a ferry is also possible. 

The Toronto Islands are themselves beautiful and they will also give you the best possible water view of Toronto’s skyline. This way, you can ensure that you get a good view without overpaying to rent a boat, while still getting a unique experience that you simply cannot do from the city. Taking pictures from ferry boats, boat cruises, or even from the Islands will ensure you have unique shots in your Gallery App. 

Trillium Park

The Trillium Park is a green space on the Toronto waterfront. It is situated on a piece of land of 7.5 acres and has been one of the most popular tourist green spaces in Toronto, with a maximum number of tourists visiting it in a year set at 2.5 million. The place offers amazing views of Lake Ontario, outside fire pits, green spaces, and much more. The park also offers amazing vistas of Toronto and is one of the most cherished places in the city, despite a falling rate of visitors every year. 

toronto skyline view from Trillium Park

Tips and Tricks for Great Photos of the Toronto Skyline

Toronto is a huge city and there are many locations that you may want to consider when looking for the best place to take photos of it. Typically, sunrise and sunset are the best parts of the day to take photos, and the three different islands offer the best places to do that as well. If you are into photography, the views are amazing during different parts of the day, but you may want to consider your previous experience taking photos to ensure you get the best possible experience here. 

Best Time To Look At The City

The best time to look at the city and take great pictures is for many the sunrise. The interplay of shadows and illuminated surfaces is always interesting and it can help you make some of the best shots there are with elongated shadows that truly reflect the size of the skyscrapers. Likewise, the sunset and the golden hour right before it are also seen by many as a great time for city photography. Not only is the light perfect for photography, but you will also get some of the best shots of the city as it is living, and thriving, and it’s beautiful multicultural setting. 

Location And Its Perks

You should also consider the location and its perks. Being closer to the ground, for example, on one of the three different islands on the lake, will offer amazing vistas that are supposed to enhance the height of the downtown area and the massive structures that make it up. On the other hand, getting to the main observation deck on the CN tower will offer a birds-eye perspective that no other places can match, except maybe the Skypod. 

The tower could also be a great way to take photos of the nearby spots, such as an island or two, while the view could also be amazing during partly overcast days, as the interplay of light and shade is certain to add to the amazing skies above the city. Early mornings, with low fog and good visibility from the tower, could pose some challenges but also a good opportunity to isolate the skyscrapers from the rest of the city. Imagine these giants protruding from the fog below and you will know what we have on our mind. 

Here are some more tips on how to take the best possible Toronto skyline photos: 

  • Use a tripod – long exposure photos are very popular and they can help you accentuate the moving of the clouds, the traffic, and the airplanes above. However, you will need to use a tripod to do this. You will also need to ensure that there is not too much wind, as even minimal vibrations (unless you have optical stabilization) are certain to ruin what could be a very good shot 
  • Include reflections in the photos – even with long-term exposure, photos including reflections are certain to leave a lasting impression on all who would like to visit the city or your photo gallery. Lakes, rivers, and even glass surfaces can be used to make shots like this. Not only that but as water is a big part of the city, it will help you tell more of the story than meets the eye when you are in the downtown area
  • Play with the perspective – some memorable shots can be made by taking photos from very low or very high angles. While the higher angles can accentuate the streets and the flow of traffic, lower angles are often used to enhance the size of buildings and other structures in the area 
  • Play with the field depth and focus – landscape photography tries to use the universal focal point, where all the objects you are trying to take a photo of are in the focus of the camera. However, some interesting effects can be made by focusing your camera lens on a certain object and letting others be blurred out. This effect means that you will be able to secure a good focal point and let other objects in the photograph add up to the value of the object in focus. When everything is in the same focus, the buildings fight for their attention, leading to a skyline photo that we are all familiar with – and tired of. Try renting a boat or taking a water taxi to head to the islands and let them remain blurry on the photo to accentuate the city behind them 
  • Slow shutter speed or long-exposure photo – when it comes to this, you may want to consider taking photos like this during the darker periods of the day or even at night. These photos are certain to accentuate all the light sources in the pictures, and if you are very lucky and can take pictures like this after a very windy day, you will also get very clear air and a great shot including the clear night sky as well. Long-term exposure photos are also a great thing during the day – imagine taking a low-aperture, long-exposure photo of the harbour during the day – seeking all the giants move in a photo is certain to bring to focus the bustling life of the city
  • Using the three-by-three field division on your photos – now, this is general advice for any kind of photography, but it is important to notice that you can still benefit from it – placing the focal point of the photo on any of the imaginary lines you would get when diving the camera’s field of view into three-by-three squares (or rectangles), will ensure that the eye has to scan the photo for a longer time to better understand it – and this is a known trick in photography 
  • Use the golden hour – the golden hour, or the hour right before and after the sunset offers amazing opportunities for taking amazing photos. The yellowish light still casting from the sky and getting reflected off the clouds offers the closest experience to the diffused light that you can get in large outside spaces. The warm tones and partial shadows only add to the photo and are certain to evoke feelings of warmth and coziness in your audience
  • Use the blue hour – the blue hour is the hour after the golden hour in the evenings, or before the morning golden hour – this is the time of the day when the skies are still bluish, and the cold, almost Nordic tones are broken down by the lights of the city waking up – this is also the best time of the day for long-exposure photos of the traffic or the still-empty streets early in the morning 
  • Keep your ISO low – ISO aids in taking photos in low-light conditions, but it gives you photos that are washed out and likely to be neglected among a multitude of other photos taken when there was simply more light. To counteract getting photos that leave no one without breath, use a tripod and long exposure – even 2 seconds of exposure can compensate for low-light conditions and you will be left with a photo that has amazing colours, and effects, and is likely to be cherished by all who see it

Insider Tips for a Memorable Experience

Toronto has a lot to offer, and its skyline is only one of these things. There are millions of amazing photos, so if you are looking for ways to make your stay in the city more memorable, you should consider going for some more experiences than simple skyline photography. And as the 43.7 million tourists a year can testify, the city has a lot to offer. 

When visiting Toronto next time or simply taking a tour to see your city better, it is a great idea to have some insider tips. Although you may be an insider as well (if residing in the city for a longer time), you can still prosper by knowing all the best places that you can visit. Toronto offers a ton of things to do, and you can still consider making a tour even if you’ve been here for years or even longer. 

Toronto is known for its markets, amazing restaurants, and surprisingly developed cafe culture for a North American city. The food scene is also incredible with all the cultures making up the city clashing and ensuring that each cuisine is present. The CN tower is an amazing place to visit as well, but so are the small corner shops if you want to stay away from the globally-present brands in large shopping malls. 


Where Can I Take Pictures of The Toronto Skyline?

There are many places where you can take great photos of the Toronto skyline. Some of these are the Chester Hill Lookout, the Toronto Islands, the Humber Bay Parks, the Ireland Park, the Lake Crescent Park, the Riverdale Park, the Sheldon Lookout, the CN Tower, and the Trillium Park. Of course, you can explore your places as well and find the best possible place according to your preferences. 

Where is the Best View of The CN Tower?

The CN Tower is one of the icons of the city of Toronto. The best views of the tower can be seen from the Harbourfront center, the Riverdale Park East, the Trillium Park, Chotto Matte, Ireland Park, the University of Toronto, as well as from the Woodbine Beach Boardwalk. Standing 553 meters tall, the tower is, in itself, a great viewpoint, as it enables you to see the entire city from the bird’s perspective. 

Which Toronto Island Has the Best View?

The three islands all have their perks and amazing vistas. However, as most agree, Central Island is probably the best place to visit and take amazing shots of the city. Here, you can take great pictures of the CN Tower, the Rogers Centre, and the overall skyline of the city. 


Even if you live in Toronto, visiting some of its most iconic places for taking skyline photos is a great way to spend your day. When thinking about these, the lake offers amazing views and so do the islands. At the same time, the CN Tower offers a whole different perspective. Playing with the perspective, the angles, and the different periods of the day when taking photos, you can make sure that every shot you make is as unique as it gets.