Is your child struggling in school? Are you new to Toronto and want to ensure a smooth academic transition? Whatever your reason for seeking tutoring, Toronto offers many excellent options. Too many options might be overwhelming so, we compiled the 10 best tutoring services in Toronto to help you find the perfect fit for your child.

10 Best Tutoring Services in Toronto

Considering that there are dozens of both in-person and online tutoring services in Toronto, it is good to understand that you may need to consider multiple solutions before settling for one. With this in mind, you should consider the types of classes that they provide, the different approaches and learning methods they employ, their online reviews, create personalized learning plans, and more. As this can all be very time-consuming (and we understand that you may be pressed for time), we did the hard work. Here are the top 10 best tutoring services in Toronto to help your search for effective tutoring sessions:

  • Bravo! Tutoring 
  • Teachers on Call 
  • SuprAcademy
  • AoPrep LSAT Tutoring 
  • Forest Hill Tutoring 
  • The Math Guru
  • Hack Your Course AP & IB Tutoring Service
  • Nick’s Method
  • Tall Guy Tutoring 
  • Tutorax Tutoring 

Bravo! Tutoring 

Bravo! Tutoring focuses on working with children. They provide a variety of classes and homework help to those who may need extra support during their curricular activities. The company offers a supportive work environment and has a lot of experience in teaching. All their tutors undergo detailed background checks and must have a face-to-face interview with the company before they are hired. The school also focuses on helping your child develop the best possible learning strategies, so that they are set for life when it comes to learning and self-improvement. 

Bravo! Tutoring services
  • Services Offered: Tutoring for children, in-home tutoring, online tutoring, homework help, learning strategies teaching, self-confidence teaching
  • Phone: +1 647-990-9876
  • Address: Kerr Rd, Toronto, ON M4L 1K5, Canada 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Work Hours: MON-SUN 9 AM-8 PM

Teachers on Call 

This award-winning tutoring company received the Consumer Choice Award in 2024. The company was established more than 30 years ago and what sets them apart are their highly personalized tutoring services. They provide both in-home and online tutoring in Toronto and the GTA area. Even if you are not from Toronto per se, the company has tutors all over Ontario and can help you get the school help your child deserves. 

Teachers on Call  tutoring
  • Services Offered: Literacy, Numeracy, Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Math, Calculus, Advanced Functions, Data Management, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Social Science, History, Essay Writing Support, French Core, French Extended, French Immersion, Spanish, Special Education, Study Strategies, Organizational Skills, Time Management
  • Phone: +1 416-519-8335
  • Address: 2 St Clair Ave W 18th Floor, Toronto, ON M4V 1L5, Canada 
  • Email: Contact Form
  • Website:
  • Work Hours: MON-FRI 9 AM-8 PM, SAT-SUN 10 AM-8 PM


SuprAcademy believes that simple additional instruction is not good enough to support any child in their formative years and to support their academic development enough. For this reason, the school offers special instruction for parents as well, where they can become more involved and ensure that the child has the most supportive environment it can have to prosper in school. The school focuses on exam preparation, including SSAT, EQAO, AP, IP, and general school help. 

SuprAcademy tutoring services
  • Services Offered: Exam preparation, homework, lesson review, concept review, SSAT, EQAO, AP, IP, general school help
  • Phone: +1 416-702-6908
  • Address: 720 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5S 2R4, Canada 
  • Email: Contact Form
  • Website:
  • Work Hours: 24/7

AoPrep LSAT Tutoring 

AoPrep LSAT Tutoring offers tutoring services for those who need extra help understanding their LSAT material. The tutors working in the school have over 3,000 hours of experience in tutoring students of different ages and scholarly needs. The school has a 3-step approach to preparing students for the LSAT – 1. Personalized diagnostics, 2. Specialized LSAT training, 3. Weekly accountability. 

AoPrep tutoring packages
  • Services Offered: LSAT-based services
  • Phone: +1 416-474-0177
  • Address: 5 Soudan Ave, Toronto, ON M4S 0B1, Canada 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Work Hours: N/A 

Forest Hill Tutoring 

Forest Hill Tutoring offers a comprehensive package of services that do not focus on specific school subjects but rather on specific school goals. The school does not offer in-home tutoring services, but rather online and in-office classes. This is a premium agency and they work in Midtown Toronto. One-on-one tutoring support, secondary school credit courses, and more are all available to your children. 

Forest Hill Tutoring  location
  • Services Offered: Private tutoring, private school entrance and SSAT prep, enrichment programs, secondary school credit courses, interview prep, application assistance, editing and writing support, credit course support, editing and writing support 
  • Phone: +1 416-483-6023
  • Address: 423 Spadina Rd, Toronto, ON M5P 2W3, Canada 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Work Hours: MON-THU 9 AM-9 PM, FRI-SUN 9 AM-6 PM

The Math Guru

The Math Guru Specializes in offering math-based courses for your child. They offer a plethora of courses for different grades and they always focus on the level that your child is on. Besides this, they offer science tutoring as well. When it comes to their ranking, they have a 5-star ranking on Google, based on more than 100 reviews, which is a very high ranking. 

the math guru services
  • Services Offered: Mathematics, Principles of Mathematics, Mathematics, Functions and Applications, Functions, Data Management, Calculus and Vectors, Advanced Functions, Science, Science, Chemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Physics, Biology, Biology, Earth and Space Science 
  • Phone: +1 647-362-1883
  • Address: 2541 Yonge St #3, Toronto, ON M4P 2H9, Canada 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Work Hours: MON-THU 9 AM-10 PM, SAT-SUN 10 AM-5 PM

Hack Your Course AP & IB Tutoring Service

Hack Your Course AP & IB Tutoring Service is a premium IB & AP institute. They operate in both Canada and the US. Their tutors are certified IB or AP teachers or exemplary students with a minimum of an MA degree. In Canada, they work in Toronto and Vancouver, and in the US, they have offices in Seattle. 

Hack Your Course AP & IB Tutoring Service Offers
  • Services Offered: Science and Math, English and Humanities, DP Grading, MYP Grading, IB, AP and College Admissions, IB VS AP Economics, tips for IB students, free IB resources for students, AP VS IB Economics, free AP resources for students, SAT tutoring, SSAT elementary level, SSAT middle level, SSAT upper level
  • Phone: +1 888-770-2533
  • Address: 99 Yorkville Ave Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5R 1C1, Canada 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Work Hours: MON-SUN 10 AM-10 PM

Nick’s Method

Nick’s Method offers regular tutoring in a variety of ways and for a variety of levels. The school offers tutoring in many school subjects. They work in private or in small-sized classrooms, offer diverse course selections, and provide long-lasting mentorship services. Their classes start as low as CAD35 an hour and you can get in-person or online classes, based on what you prefer. They also do not have a fixed schedule, but they rather provide classes around your schedule. 

Nick’s Method services

The school was founded in 2016 and has so far provided more than 50,000 classes to more than 1,000 students. They have a 5-star Google rating and plenty of good reviews on their website. The company allows you online contact and their website is full of useful information so that you can make your own decision about whether your child should attend the school even before you make the initial contact. 

  • Services Offered: elementary school tutoring, middle school tutoring, high school tutoring, university and college tutoring, English classes, French classes, Chinese Classes, Math classes, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, linear algebra, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, exam review, and more. 
  • Phone: +1 647-963-6168
  • Address: 550 Eglinton Ave E Unit B Upper, Toronto, ON M4P 1N9, Canada 
  • Email: Contact Form
  • Website:
  • Work Hours: MON&WED 12:30 PM-10:30 PM, TUE & THU 11 AM-10:30 PM, SAT 1:30 PM-9:30 PM, SUN 9;30 AM-10:30 PM

Tall Guy Tutoring 

Tall Guy Tutoring is a tutoring school help and organized by a single lover of school subjects. He has helped hundreds of students get up to two school grade levels above their starting level and has even managed to get them to pass exams that seemed unpassable before. Despite the small school size, the number of positive reviews on Google that are positive is incredibly high. 

Tall Guy Tutor services in toronto
  • Services Offered: all high school and first-year University courses
  • Phone: +1 604-655-5655
  • Address: 833 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1N9, Canada 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Work Hours: MON-SUN 9 AM-10 PM

Tutorax Tutoring 

Tutorax Tutoring offers academic help to students from diverse backgrounds and with diverse school needs. The company has so far worked with more than 10,000 students. They have also helped many of these students not only achieve but also surpass their school goals. At the same time, they offer you a choice of more than 1,000 qualified tutors. 99% of parents would recommend them further, and around 95% of their students see improvements in their grades. 

Tutorax Tutoring offers
  • Services Offered: Math, English, Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, French, homework help, test preparation, exam preparation, remedial support, summer courses, semi-private tutoring, online tutoring 
  • Phone: +1 647-560-7224
  • Address: 1 Yonge St #1801, Toronto, ON M5E 1W7, Canada 
  • Email: Contact Form
  • Website:
  • Work Hours: MON-THU 8:30 AM-6 PM, FRI 6;30 AM-6:30 PM, SAT-SUN 9 AM-5 PM 

Benefits of Hiring a Tutoring Service in Toronto

There are many benefits to joining one of the many private tutoring programs offered in Toronto. These additional classes can help you improve your or your child’s academic skills and more, and they can also help you improve your grades, keep up with the rest of the class and make you, in the long run, more competitive in the labour market. Tutors are professionals and they are mostly certified teachers working in Canada. 

With a good tutor, you will also be able to improve your confidence and motivation, especially as working 1-on-1 or in small groups will give you more talk time. Personalized learning and support are there to ensure that you receive the time and the dedication that you need, and the targeted assistance for specific subjects is sure to help you get the most value for your money – as you will be focusing only on the subject and the areas within subjects that you may need help. 

Questions To Ask for Potential Tutors

When looking for the perfect tutor for your child, it is not only necessary to find a tutor who can teach the subject of your interest, but also to know what kinds of questions you should ask to make sure that the tutor can provide what you are looking for. So, here are some questions you may want to ask your tutor even before your first class with them: 

  • What is your teaching style? – this pertains to the kind of classes that they provide, i.e. lecture-like, tutorials, speaking practice, coordinated, student-centered classes. Ideally, you should be looking for a lot of practice with natural sciences and more speaking time with humanities and social sciences 
  • What kind of education do you have? – having a BA or an MA will soffit in most cases
  • Do you have any references? – ask for phone numbers or emails of their ex-students who are willing to recommend their services 
  • What kind of classes do you offer and how large are the groups? 
  • How long have you been tutoring? – years of experience are excellent, but a single year of high-intensity work beats years upon years of 5 classes held a week
  • How can I help? – with younger students, parents’ help is necessary to help them establish good communication and a positive attitude toward the new school experience while giving older students more time alone, especially with accelerated learning, is likely to be the best solution

How Much Does a Tutor Cost in Toronto?

A tutor in Toronto will cost some CAD20 per hour and more. You will pay the lowest price for tutors who teach very general subjects, while those teaching more complex subjects (these particular subjects are often STEM and French) or homeschool tutoring with individualized learning plans will charge more – sometimes even CAD120 an hour. The price that you will pay also depends on the level that the subject is taught at, so lower elementary school grades will cost the least, while adult tutoring for University students will cost the most.

Final Thoughts

While Toronto offers many tutoring options, finding the right tutor is key. But beyond this list, you also need to look into the location and prioritize programs that emphasize early skills development, particularly in foundational subjects. A great tutor should also inspire students with a love for learning, equipping your child with strong study skills and creating a personalized learning environment that caters to their individual needs throughout the school year. By focusing on these qualities, you’ll find a Toronto tutoring program that fosters success throughout your child’s academic success.