Whether you’re settling into a new home or breathing new life into your existing one, a fresh coat of paint can work. But, finding the right painter can be a taxing task. Fear not, Toronto residents! We have listed top 10 picks for the best painter services in the city. From interior transformations to exterior touch-ups, these experts will help you achieve the perfect look for your space.

10 Best Painter Services in Toronto

Some of them can even help you remodel your home. Drywall installation, drywall repair, and other similar services are not uncommon with painters in Toronto. All this being said, you should consider the work that you would like to have done first and then continue your research to make sure you are hiring the right company for your job. When it comes to research like this, we did a part of it, and can present to you the top 10 best painter services in Toronto: 

  • Paint My Condo | Toronto Condo Painters
  • WOW 1 DAY PAINTING Toronto
  • Dependable Painting & Decorating
  • All Painting Toronto
  • Picture Perfect Painters
  • Top Shelf Painting & Staining Inc.
  • Divine Painters Toronto
  • Essential Painting | Interior Painting | Exterior Painting | Commercial Painting
  • Binaj Painting
  • Premier Painting Services

Paint My Condo | Toronto Condo Painters

Paint My Condo offers free online quotes and a variety of basic painting services that you may want to consider for your next redecoration. When it comes to the services, they offer a fast, 24-hour, condo painting service. They are industry leaders and transparent in their standardized pricing. They can also paint a portion of your home or the apartment, so you are not obligated to redo the entire place at once. 

They use drop sheets in all project areas and clean up the site daily if you have a bigger site that you would like to work on. They also leave your site tidy, without too many tools lying around. They also offer full site clean-up at the end of the work. They offer commercial liability insurance, up to CAD5,000,000, and all their painters are trained in working at heights and offer a 3-year warranty on any condo paint job they do. 

  • Services Offered: 1-Day Condo Painting Services, Refresh, Colour Change
  • Phone: +1 877-720-6999
  • Address: 21 Vulcan St, Toronto, ON M9W 1L3, Canada 
  • Email: ales@paintmycondo.com
  • Website: https://www.paintmycondo.com/
  • Work Hours: SAT-MON 8:30 AM-6:30 PM 


WOW 1 DAY PAINTING Toronto offers both speed and quality. They employ friendly painters and offer quality work with minimal disruption. At the same time, they offer great communication and offer 1-day painting services. You can schedule free consultations on their website, and they even allow you to open a franchise to run a business of your own, if this is what you are looking for. 

  • Services Offered: Basement Painting Services, Brick Painting, Cabinet Painting, Commercial Painting, Crown Molding & Trim Painting, Deck Painting, Door Painting Services, Drywall Repair, Exterior Painting, Fence Painting, Garaging Painting Services, Interior Painting, Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Wallpaper Removal
  • Phone: +1 437-703-2702
  • Address: 25 Coronet Rd, Toronto, ON M8Z 2L8, Canada
  • Email: Contact Form
  • Website: https://www.wow1day.com/
  • Work Hours: MON-SUN 7 AM-12 AM

Dependable Painting & Decorating

Dependable Painting & Decorating offers its services in the GTA area. The company boasts of offering top-quality painting, staining, and decorating services. They have reasonable pricing and comply with all the regulations and advice on COVID-19 protocols. Dependable Painting & Decorating offers their services to both residential and commercial sectors and they are likely to be the best choice you can make. 

Besides the regular scope of services, they also provide epoxy floor painting, wall crack repairs, general home improvement, wall plastering, sheetrock installation, and power washing of exterior spaces. The company also offers colour consultation and full prep work, free estimates, and a 100% satisfaction rate. They offer their services in Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Kleinburg, Etobicoke, Bolton, Toronto, King City, Autota, Milton, Mississauga, and Newmarket. 

  • Services Offered: Condo painting, residential painting, commercial painting, drywall repair, exterior painting and more
  • Phone: +1 416-829-0006
  • Address: 21 Balmuto St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1W4, Canada 
  • Email: Contact Form
  • Website: http://www.dependablepainting.ca/
  • Work Hours: MON-SUN 8 AM-11 PM

All Painting Toronto

All Painting Toronto offers professional painting services in Toronto. Their services offer a range of possibilities for you to repaint and redo your living space. They offer colour consulting and can even free quotes online. They work with both residential and commercial sectors and both interior and exterior jobs. 

All Painting Toronto services are affordable and they use top-notch materials and paints in their work. The quotes they provide are very detailed and they include a breakdown of all the associated costs so that you are sure that you are paying for the service given to you. When it comes to the company, their work is committed to sustainability. They use safe, eco-friendly paints low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and eco-friendly. 

  • Services Offered: Interior residential painting, condominium painting, kitchen cabinet painting, drywall repairs, staircase painting and staining, wallpaper installation, wallpaper removal, house painting, exterior residential painting, aluminum siding painting, exterior bring painting, deck fence staining, exterior front door refinishing and commercial services
  • Phone: +1 416-710-4224
  • Address: 18 King St E Suite #1400, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, Canada 
  • Email: info@allpainting.ca
  • Website: https://allpainting.ca/
  • Work Hours: MON-SAT 8:30 AM-5 PM

Picture Perfect Painters

Picture Perfect Painters offers certified painters with fully active WSIB Clearance. They also have an MOL Safety Awareness certificate and have insurance policies on all their work for up to CAD5,000,000. They serve the GRA area, Georgian Triangle, and Muskoka Region. Besides this, the company also works to provide a variety of services for all possible customers. They have extensive experience in the industry and even offer handyman services so that you do not need to seek multiple quotes and companies when redoing your home

  • Services Offered: painting, staining, decorative work, architectural work, wallcovering, exterior works, home improvements 
  • Phone: +1 647-971-9202
  • Address: 3219 Yonge St Suite 229, Toronto, ON M4N 3S1, Canada 
  • Email: info@pictureperfectpainters.ca
  • Website: http://www.pictureperfectpainters.ca/
  • Work Hours: MON-FRI 8 AM-6 PM, SAT 9 AM-12 PM

Top Shelf Painting & Staining Inc.

Top Shelf Painting & Staining Inc. offers you a comprehensive set of services for both interior and exterior remodelling. They offer free estimates and quotes and have a star score of 96%. At the same time, they also have a wide coverage, serving different places in the GTA area. 

Here are the areas Top Shelf Painting and Staining services: Toronto, The Junction, Roncesvalles, High Park, Swansea, Bloor West Village, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Leaside, Moore Park, Rosedale, Chaplin Estates, Summerhill, Forest Hill, Lawrence Park, Bedford Park, York, North York, ​East York, The Danforth, The Beaches, Leslieville, Scarborough 

  • Services Offered: interior painting, exterior painting, exterior wood staining, oiling exterior wood, front door staining, cabinet painting, staircase painting, wallpaper installation, wallpaper removal, commercial painting 
  • Phone: +1 437-772-4190
  • Address: 8 Gladstone Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 0B3, Canada 
  • Email: adam@topshelfhomes.ca
  • Website: https://www.topshelfhomes.ca/
  • Work Hours: MON-FRI 7:30 AM-8 PM, SAT 9 AM-6 PM, SUN 9 AM-8 PM 

Divine Painters Toronto

Divine Painters Toronto offers top-notch painting services for all types of facilities. They offer a call-back service as well so that you can avoid unnecessary problems with imprecise quotes and get a detailed quote with the details being discussed over the phone. Divine Painters Toronto also offers residential and commercial services and has a 100% satisfaction rate. With more than 50 years of experience, they are one of the best companies that you can hire for any repainting job. 

  • Services Offered: condominium painting, drywall repair, drywall replacement, plaster repair, plaster replacement, handyman services, kitchen cabinet spraying and refinishing, professional colour consultant, residential painting, stucco repair and re-spraying, wallpaper removal, wallpaper installation, exterior services, institutional painting, office painting 
  • Phone: +1 416-662-8108
  • Address: 2479b Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M3K 1N7, Canada 
  • Email: Contact Form and info@divinepainters.com
  • Website: http://www.divinepainters.com/
  • Work Hours: MON-SAT 9 AM-6 PM

Take A Look At Looking For Condo Painter in Toronto.

Essential Painting | Interior Painting | Exterior Painting | Commercial Painting

Essential Painting offers painting services in the following parts of GTA: Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, North York, East York, Oakville, and Burlington. The company offers both residential and commercial painting services and enables you to pick and choose the colours, the style, and the time that is right for you to do the painting of your home. 

  • Services Offered: Custom Home Painting, Condo Painting, Kitchen Cabinet Painting, Exterior Painting, Front Door Painting, Deck Staining/Painting, Aluminum Siding Painting, Commercial Painting 
  • Phone: +1 905-431-1904
  • Address: 1235 Bay St, Toronto, On, M5R 3K4
  • Email: info@essentialpaintingpro.ca
  • Website: https://essentialpaintingpro.ca/
  • Work Hours: MON-SAT 8 AM-9 PM & SUN 10 AM-4 PM

Binaj Painting

Binaj Painting is a small, family-owned company. They offer project planning and are known for their fast service and a ton of good online reviews. They use environmentally friendly paints and solutions. 

Premier Painting Services

Premier Painting Services works in Toronto and Mississauga. They deliver high-quality work and are there to ensure that you get the best possible service at a reasonable price and with transparency in both project coordination and pricing itself. The company has over 17,000 projects done and certified expertise with 124 employees. 100% satisfaction guarantee and furniture and object painting are there to ensure that you receive the best possible service on the widest possible array of jobs. 

  • Services Offered: interior painting, exterior painting, commercial painting, residential painting, condo painting 
  • Phone: +1 647-694-8015
  • Address: N/A 
  • Email: info@premierpainting.ca
  • Website: https://premierpainting.ca/
  • Work Hours: MON-SAT 8 AM-8 PM

Finding the Right Painting Contractor

Now, finding the right painting contractor is not an easy job. It took hours just to compile the above list and there is still some work that you need to do until your walls finally start being painted. Painters in Toronto are many, and they can be painfully difficult to sift through. So, here are some factors to consider when selecting a painting contractor and also some questions that you may want to ask them before actually hiring them. 

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Painting Contractor

As always, there are multiple factors to consider when hiring a painting contractor. Besides the obvious pricing, you should also consider their expertise, their reviews, and testimonials. The different painting practices and materials that they use, schedule flexibility, and the scope of services that they use should also not be forgotten. Let’s consider these in more detail. 

Check Out How to Choose a Painting Contractor:

Pricing and Packages 

Professional painters in Toronto offer a variety of services which are often offered as a ‘package’ and sold at a reasonable price. This does not mean that every painting company has uniform prices, but rather that they all offer services and products at a range of prices, depending on their expertise, the materials used, and how well organized they are. 

In general, you should always go for mid-range prices. Low-range prices may indicate lower quality of work, as well as cutting corners or even doing a bad job straightforwardly. Prices that are too high may not be justified, as doubling the prices does not always come with doubling the quality of the work itself. 

Furthermore, choosing packages of services (for example combining drywall installation with interior painting job) may result in lower prices per service than if you were to purchase the services separately. Full-service painting company will also listen to your ideas and be able to propose a resolution that is both reasonably priced and of high quality enough to ensure you get what you asked for. 

Expertise and Experience 

When it comes to their experience and expertise, professional painters in Toronto have some standards to satisfy. You should also be looking for a balance between innovation and experience, as younger companies lack experience but may offer lower prices and older companies may have a set-in-their-ways management that refuses to optimize which results in delays with the project. In general, you are better off with a company that has 30 years of experience than one. 

Online Reviews and Testimonials 

On top of this, when looking for the best painters in Toronto, you should also consider the online reviews that each painting company has. Interior and exterior painting, popcorn ceiling removal, and more are just some ideas of the keywords that you may be looking for within hundreds of reviews. In short, pay attention to the reviews that contain the words on services that you need. Be careful with very positive or negative reviews, as they may not always be genuine. 

Testimonials, on the other hand, can often be found on the website of the painting company itself. They are usually in a longer form than reviews and contain more details – read into this, and see if the company has negative reviews on their website as well – these will pinpoint the problems that the company has had when painting residential and commercial properties. Exceptional service also means exceptional customer service and call center, so read about these as well. 

Eco-friendly Painting Practices and Materials 

In recent years, the painting market has seen a lot of changes. Considering that this is a saturated market, many companies are quick to adapt to these changes and provide the best possible service that the money can get. Among these are eco-friendly paints and other materials. If you love nature and would like to have a green home, we recommend using these. They may cost more (a phenomenon called the green tax or the green premium), but they are very likely to be worth it. 

Schedule Flexibility 

As we all have busy lives, schedule flexibility with companies like this is necessary. Many house painters try to work around your schedule to make sure that the residential and commercial properties are painted at the convenience of their owners. In addition to this, some homeowners simply prefer to be around when the time to repaint the house comes. Professional home painters can schedule work days or even weeks in advance, so you should be able to keep your schedule intact and have someone do the work for you. Some works, like exterior brick staining, deck painting, and deck staining can be done even without your presence, and if you asked for cabinet spray painting, they will most likely be taken out of your home for spraying purposes. 

Services Provided

The overall scope of services that a company like this can provide should also be a good indicator of how well the company works. They should all have at least the most basic painting services available, although many painting companies try to accommodate all your painting needs. City painters, therefore, offer popcorn ceiling removal, and interior and exterior painting, they offer commercial painting services, and they do a fantastic job. Experienced painters can do way more than they place on their websites, so if a few painting companies draw your attention, make sure to contact them with more details on the work that you need to have done. 

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painting Service

Once you are done considering the above factors, you will be left with probably 2-3 painting companies that you need to further choose from. To do so, you need to ask them a few questions. Here they are: 

  • Warranty & Insurance: Do you offer a warranty and do you have liability insurance?
  • Experience & Reputation: How many years of experience do you have, and can you provide references? Do you have a portfolio of the work you have done so far? – in most cases, it will already be available on their website
  • Project Details: What kind of prep work will be included and what materials will you be using? How long will the job take? How much will the project cost? Are there any hidden fees we should know about?
  • Cleanliness & Communication: How do you handle workplace dust/debris, and packaging during the project? Do you have a project manager/overseer?

Types of Painting Services Offered

Besides this, you will also need to know what kind of painting job you need. Ceiling painting and exterior wall painting are different jobs, each with its price and peculiarities. Other services that you may need will also influence the painting project length and price, and colour consultations may be offered for free by some companies, while some other companies may charge. 

On top of this, you should consider if the work to be done is on residential and commercial properties or both (if you need multiple buildings repainted at the same time). You may also need to negotiate the work to be done to get more reasonable prices. Here are some common kinds of interior and exterior painting: 

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting 
  • Residential painting services 
  • Commercial painting services

Interior Painting Services

Interior painting services include all inside spaces, in both residential and commercial properties. These services include painting the walls and the ceiling and possibly repainting the furniture and more. Paints used in the interior need to be resistant to water and moisture, with the possibility of cleaning them and they need to be non-toxic, fast-drying, and easy to spread on the walls and the ceiling. Some people may paint their floors as well, but we do not recommend this in basement settings where you may have concrete floors. 

Exterior Painting Services

Exterior painting services include all the outside surfaces in both residential and commercial properties. These services usually cost the same as the interior services, if not even slightly above, despite the job being much easier and much faster. This is because exterior facade paints are more expensive, as they should be resistant to water and moisture (just as the interior colours), but they should also be UV-stabilized, resistant to frost, somewhat flexible after drying (to accommodate for thermal expansion), and easy to clean up (usually with water only). So, large and even surfaces are easier to paint, but the overall job may not be cheaper than the inside job. 

Residential Painting Services

Residential painting services are all the painting services offered to the residential sector. This includes people who live in their homes, in their flats/condos, and in their houses. These services also include repainting the doors and windows, furniture and cabinets, and more. The paints used are not as durable and long-lasting as those used in commercial painting, but this is because they do not need to be – there is much less wear and tear here than in a commercial setting. 

Commercial Painting Services

Commercial painting services, on the other hand, demand colours that are much more durable and can withstand the wear and tear that is years long, in different conditions. Paints used in a mechanic’s shop, for example, need to withstand a lot of oil being dropped, gasoline, and more, without getting damaged and without showing fast signs of weathering. On the other hand, paints used in hospitals need to be able to withstand years of being treated with bleach each day and they also need to make sure that they are UV-resistant, as some rooms in hospitals are sanitized using strong UV lamps. 

Ensuring Quality and Satisfaction

To ensure quality and satisfaction, you may need to look for a certificate of some kind for your painter. Home painters in Ontario may have but do not have to have trade certification. In the entire Canada, only Quebec has made trade certification obligatory. To ensure quality and satisfaction, rely on online reviews and references. 

Cost Considerations and Budgeting

Whatever kind of paint job you may need, Toronto painting companies charge between CAD2.25-3 per square foot of the area that is to be painted. Yes, that includes walls and ceiling. When it comes to the overall price of the project itself, you can count on spending some CAD7,000-9,000 for an average home. Please bear in mind that you also need to count in HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) which, in Ontario, is set at 13% and 15% in all other provinces and territories. 


What Is the Hourly Rate for A House Painter in Ontario?

The hourly rate for a house painter in Ontario is around CAD16.5. This is an average, so some may be aid as low as CAD9.9, while some as high as CAD25 per hour. Needless to say, this is not the price you pay, but rather the price they get paid, unless they are painting contractors. 

How Much Should a Painter Cost Per Day?

Hiring a painter per day is probably a good idea. They usually cost CAD25-75 per hour, multiplied by the number of hours that need to be spent on repainting your home. This way, an average day will probably cost somewhere between CAD200-600. These prices are comparable to those in the US. 

Final Thoughts

Hiring a painter to help with your painting job is a necessity in Canada. Whether your painting project is residential or commercial and whether you have other services that you need will influence the cost of the total painting job. In reality, these prices are not very high and you should consider hiring a professional to do the repainting for you, as not doing so may result in a mess that is difficult to repair and can cost you more down the road than paying professionals right away.