Once you move to Toronto, you may want to switch places or even build your own home. Considering how expensive homes are in the Ontario region, many now turn to home builders in Toronto as a cheaper alternative to getting an already-built place. When it comes to custom home builders, not all of them are on the list of the best home builders in Toronto, so being able to find professionals with outstanding customer service can be a bit of a headache and demand real skills. 

To help you with this, we’ve reviewed builders working in the area. In doing so, we’ve looked at their construction services, project management skills, customer service, and how the entire process is handled. Therefore, we can present to you a list of the best home builders working in Toronto. 

Needless to say, your dream home may still be difficult to make, or too expensive. The thing is that housebuilders working in the area have their blueprints and experience. And while this may be perfect for some, you may still need to do your research to ensure that you get what you are paying for. Seeking a good project manager or overseer can also take a lot of your time, so we would suggest either seeking a company that already has a project manager or hiring somebody you can trust. 

List of Top Home Builders in Toronto

As not many of us know trusted custom builders, it is probably best to simply ask around. Do you have neighbours who recently got their home built and are likely to recommend their services? Do you know someone who got a custom house built or had serious custom home renovations? Do you know of any home builders in Toronto already? 

The odds are that you can reply affirmatively to at least one of the above questions. If that is the case, feel free to add that builder to our list and then contact them all, to compare their services and their quotes for the work that you would like to have done. Now, with no further ado, here is a list of the best home builders in Toronto: 

  • ALBO Custom Home Builders
  • Blue Heron Custom Homes
  • Grand Design Build
  • Greening Homes Ltd.
  • KingsGate Luxury Homes Inc.
  • Laureden Homes
  • Nicks Developments
  • Ocean Breeze Homes
  • Sealan Homes
  • Wellcore Corporation

ALBO Custom Home Builders

ALBO Custom Home Builders does exactly what the company says they do. When it comes to this custom home builder, you will be offered consultations, based on which, a 3D rendered model of your dream home will be made. You can make changes to your model so that you are sure you get what you are paying for – a custom-made home. When it comes to the additional services this builder provides, they include home addition services, renovation, a whole catalogue of existing projects to choose from, and even home-building consultations. 

Here are the services that the ALBO Custom Home Builders offers: 

  1. Custom home building 
  2. Custom home design / architectural phase 
  3. Custom home 3D rendering 
  4. Home addition services
  5. Home Renovation
  6. Pre-designed home building 
  7. Home building consultation 

And here is the ALBO Custom Home Builders contact information: 

Blue Heron Custom Homes

Blue Heron Custom Homes offers a number of services in sustainable building and home design. They are very good at their job and offer three basic types of services: community home design, custom home design, and interior design or remodelling. All the work is done after detailed consultations with you, so that you will be able to specify your exact needs and hopes for the home, and this is what will be realized. 

Here are the services that the Blue Heron Custom Homes offers: 

  1. Community homes design
  2. Custom home design 
  3. Interior design 

And here is the Blue Heron Custom Homes contact information: 

Grand Design Build

Grand Design Build specializes in both residential home building and commercial buildings. This is a rare occurrence among the best home builders in Toronto. They offer customer home design and building, architectural plans, 3D rendering with all their plans, home upgrades, additions, and remodelling. They also offer project management and in-law suite homes, as well as laneway homes. 

Here are the services that the Grand Design Build offers: 

  1. Custom home design
  2. Custom home building 
  3. Architectural phase
  4. Custom home upgrades, additions, and remodelling 
  5. Project management 
  6. Laneway Homes
  7. In-law Suite Homes

And here is the Grand Design Build contact information: 

Greening Homes Ltd.

Greening Homes Ltd. offers a number of services for residential properties in the Toronto area. This custom home builder offers renovations of entire homes and specific rooms, such as kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodelling. They also specialize in passive home building and design and are one of the rare companies in the area that offers this type of service. Although there are other green and eco custom house solutions, they offer passive houses, at the very top of the industry. Their top-notch customer service gets only positive feedback and the very few hiccups in the customer service are negligible. 

Here are the services that the Greening Homes Ltd. offers: 

  1. Home Renovation
  2. Home addition
  3. Kitchen Renovation
  4. Bathroom Renovation
  5. Basement Renovation
  6. Landscaping
  7. Specialty projects
  8. Passive house design
  9. Passive house consultations 
  10. Architectural phase

And here is the Greening Homes Ltd. contact information: 

KingsGate Luxury Homes Inc.

KingsGate Luxury Homes Inc. specializes in luxury home building and design. They also specialize in large-scale projects. Although their services come at higher prices, it is still important to note that the meticulous design and execution are well worth it. They also offer assistance in choosing the best neighborhood and community for you, based on your lifestyle choices and your personal preferences. 

They keep the clients in touch with the entire process itself. The company only accepts limited projects per year, as there is a lot of work to be done behind the higher price tag. They are involved in custom home building and property development, they can secure a plot of land for your needs, and they also do interior design and construction management. 

Here are the services that the KingsGate Luxury Home Inc. offers: 

  1. Custom build
  2. Property development
  3. Home renovation & remodelling
  4. Interior design consultation
  5. Construction management

And here is the KingsGate Luxury Home Inc. contact information: 

Laureden Homes

Laureden Homes offers an entire package of services from design and custom home construction to monitoring project completion and interior design. The construction process is very transparent, and they offer both full-home building and home addition services. They can also help with some paperwork, such as OMB applications, budgeting, Committee of Adjustments applications, 3D rendering of your design, and visual design projects. 

Here are the services that Sealan Homes offers: 

  1. Custom home design
  2. Custom home building 
  3. Home renovations
  4. Home additions
  5. Architectural phase
  6. Construction management
  7. Red-tape help – building permits
  8. Interior design

And here is the Sealan Homes contact information: 

Nicks Developments

Nicks Developments only takes on a limited number of projects every year. This is to ensure the quality of both design and building. It is for this reason that they have only taken (and realized) some 50 projects in more than 10 years of being in the business. When it comes to the company itself, it offers a number of services, all of which are meant to make your home as custom and individualized as possible. 

Besides standard design and architectural phase projects, they also do remodelling, planning, and design, and they offer renovation consultations. Not only that, but they also offer in-home consultations with each project and 3D rendering of the desired space, so that you know that the project is unfolding even before it has begun. This also allows you to make any corrections you need. Their pricing is fixed and transparent so that you will know what your exact needs in a project like this are and how much it will cost. 

Here are the services that Nicks Developments offers: 

  1. Custom home design
  2. Commercial Construction
  3. Home addition, renovation, and remodelling
  4. Kitchen Remodeling 
  5. Architectural planning and design
  6. Renovation consultations

And here are the Nicks Developments contact information: 

Ocean Breeze Homes

Ocean Breeze Homes offers highly individualized home design and construction that revolves around functionality. The homes they built are very modern and luxurious, and their highly personalized building process means that you will always be satisfied with the outcome. Their remodeling services are also top-notch and all the services they provide are subject to quality inspections to ensure that everything from construction services to home renovations are made to last. 

Here are the services that Ocean Breeze Homes offers: 

  1. Custom home design
  2. Custom home building 
  3. Custom home planning
  4. Addition planning
  5. Architectural phase project realization

And here are the Ocean Breeze Homes contact information: 

Sealan Homes

Sealan Homes offers the most comprehensive and complete service there is. They can help you design and build your custom home, find a place where you will be staying for the duration of the construction of your new home, and even sell your old home if this is the scope of the service that you need. They can also help you get building permits and other legal aspects, and they also offer project management services for all services, from bathroom renovations to the building process itself. The company also specializes in custom home design, so that you are sure you can enjoy having a fully-customized home that you will love. 

Here are the services that Sealan Homes offers: 

  1. Custom home design
  2. Legal aspect consultations and help
  3. Building permits
  4. Project management 

And here is the Sealan Homes contact information: 

Wellcore Corporation

Wellcore Corporation will work with you in making your dream home. The company is a custom home builder and one of the best builders in the Toronto area. The company deals with patient support on your way to your new home. Home addition, architectural drawings, building permits, interior design, and full-home renovation are just some of the services that they offer. Kitchen renovations and home construction are another. Custom design-focused company, this is a perfect builder for your family home and an industry leader in the field. 

Here are the services that the Wellcore Corporation offers: 

  1. Home addition
  2. Custom home design
  3. Architectural drawings
  4. Building permits
  5. Interior design
  6. Full home renovation
  7. Duplex and triplex design 

And here is the Wellcore Corporation contact information: 

Importance of Choosing the Right Home Builder in Toronto

There are many construction companies in the Toronto and greater Ontario area and checking them all out is going to be a time-consuming endeavor. For this reason, we’ve come up with the above list and we would like you to use it as a reference, rather than a definite list of companies to consider. These companies have years of experience in the field and this was one of the most important factors that we have considered. 

However, it should be mentioned that you may have specific needs and expectations that these companies simply cannot fulfill. This is perfectly normal and even expected to an extent, and these years the company has operated business in the area may simply not be important for you. However, a good relationship with the customers, on the other hand, maybe. Here are some factors to consider to better understand just how important it is to choose the right builder for your building needs: 

Quality of The Work Done

Some companies simply prefer profits and a high turnover rate, so quantity over quality. These companies can do a good job, and, although everybody is in it for the profits, can still provide a decent quality building. The secret is that the same project was built over and over again, and even the workers are well-accustomed to the projects. However, it is necessary to consider that custom projects will be best carried out by companies that specialize in – custom projects.

Availability of Different Customizations

The availability of these customizations will signal that the company has a decent number of employees and experts who can make sure the customizations are done in line with the codes and regulations in the industry – this is a big plus for every construction company.

Transparency of The Price

The transparency of the price is also important – even with modifications and other customizations that you may want to implement. This can also save you money in the long run, although their prices may be higher than with some other companies.

Budget Helps and The Payment Terms

There are a lot of costs associated with building a home, and for you, as someone who may not know the first thing about home building, this may come as a surprise. When it comes to a company offering help with this kind of budgeting and financial planning, this is a big plus. A company offering financial advice and helping you with the paperwork receives one more.

Experience in The Construction Field

The years of experience in the construction field are also important. Needless to say, companies with more years in the field will be better at doing their job. However, it is also clear that you may want to consider that the companies that have been in the field for a longer time also have more online traces, testimonials, etc., and that this could be a big plus as well.

Reputation the Company Has

While online, checking out the reputation of the company is a must. BBB.org can help you here, and so can a number of other websites in Canada.

Homeowner Warranty Availability

The homeowner warranty is a big plus in Canada, and you may need to consider this as a part of your design process. On top of this, you should also consider home insurance (in Canada called fire insurance) costs and operating or running and maintenance costs of your home. This is another important aspect to consider as a part of the budgeting that needs to be done before a home is built.

Ability to Save Money in The Long Run

Some construction materials and solutions that a company may offer may make your house more expensive in the construction phase. However, these solutions can help you a lot later on, by saving you a lot of money, helping you pay off for the house itself and even reducing your expenses and energy use to the point that you could be living in a green or a passive house.

Communication During the Design and The Construction Phase

Some companies offer 3D rendering of the space you want, while others offer simple blueprints. While it is clear that the home you are after will need a lot of considerations, it is important not to fall for the fancy gimmicks – a 3D rendering is a great thing to have, but use it as a single reference point, not the reason you chose company A over company B to build your home.

Flexibility of The Company Toward Your Needs

In any home building, there should be very few hiccups. When it comes to these, beware of companies that promise that just about anything can be done. Some of your ideas may be difficult to realize, and some may be very uptight about their standard. Seek balance and make sure you are in line with what is agreed

Expertise of Their Employee

The expertise of the employees of a company should also be considered. Does the company website show who works for them and who will be in charge of designing and building your home? Does it show their credentials and experience in the field? This is all useful to know before investing your money in them.

Value You Will Receive for Your Money

The value you receive for the money you invest in a new home is very personal and subjective. When it comes to this, it is important to consider that while the price per square foot or meter is the best indicator for some, help with the paperwork, or offering finished solutions is the biggest reference point for others. Decide what is important for you and go with the flow.

Connections that The Company Has with Subcontractors

Connections that the company has with subcontractors and how hiring them may be a con – hiring subcontractors may be very profitable for a company, but occasionally we can see that this is done to avoid responsibility for a certain type of work that may not have been done the best way. When it comes to this, it is clear that it is best to consider the work done all by a single company as better than work where multiple companies are included. Besides the already mentioned reasons, having to manage and synchronize the work of multiple companies may also increase the construction time needed, and this will be both less comfortable and costlier than if a single company does all the work.

Take A Look At Finding The Right Home Builder:

Licenses and The Credentials that The Company Has

The licenses and the credentials that the company has – companies working in Ontario will need to have their licensed by the HCRA – Home Construction Regulatory Authority. When it comes to this licensing, it is important because it guarantees that the builder has enough knowledge and expertise to actually do the work.

Key Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Home Builder

There are many key factors to consider in choosing your custom home builder. Although many claim to be the best home builders in Toronto, it is a fact that only a few of these can actually be considered eligible for the title. Professional execution, the ability to build a custom design, years of experts who operated the business, fixed pricing, family-owned businesses, the assistance provided and many more can be added to the list of factors to consider when deciding who is the best. 

Still, as this is a very individual decision, it should not be made easily and in a rush. Your building process may start months and even years before the foundation stone for your new house is placed, as many really do take years simply to consider what they want in their new home. For this reason, and to avoid any unexpected challenges, you should really consider the company that will start construction carefully and with caution. Here are some more factors to consider before the design and building process starts: 

  • Location and Accessibility
  • Budget and Cost Estimates
  • Reputation and Reviews
  • Experience and Expertise
  • Customization Options
  • Sustainability and Green Building Practices

Location and Accessibility

The location of the company is very important, as choosing a company that is too far will result in fixed pricing, but usually higher pricing than it would normally be the case. When it comes to the architectural design itself, anyone can do it, even companies abroad, but we recommend a collaborative approach with a trusted Canadian company that will result in home additions that are legal, and a home design that is specific to the area you want to live in. 

Likewise, the location of your new house is also important as the construction on rock is different from the construction on softer soils, and may cost more, depending on the home design you have chosen. Furthermore, building in more densely populated areas, or areas of high traffic will also result in higher prices than usual as beating the traffic day in and day out will demand time, the priciest of the commodities we have. In addition to this, we should also consider that the location will influence the price of the land, as the closer you are to urban centers or natural beauties, the costlier it will be to purchase land and build there. 

Budget and Cost Estimates

When it comes to the costs, many builders will give an estimate. However, you will really need a home that has both project managers and budget professionals to help you both with budgeting and professional execution of the paperwork and your understanding of the expenses that are included in the process itself. 

When it comes to the downtown Toronto area, even if you do find some land there, it will be very costly, and this is where most of your budget will be going. For this reason, even the most beautiful renovation will not simply be an issue of an aesthetic nature, but you will need professionals to help you better understand how different works and materials will influence the end cost of the project you hope to achieve. When it comes to projects like this, they should be made to last, so be ready to invest, but do not overspend to the point that you cannot pay off the project. 

Reputation and Reviews

Checking out the reputation and reviews of your construction company is also going to be a part of the design-build process. A good company specializes in 1-2 different types of homes, as a jack of all the trades in the field is really a master of none. For this reason, check out the online reputation that a builder has and make sure you get to check out their project managers as well. When it comes to a great team, they should be professionals, rather than simply family members. 

Although having a family run a business is a nice and romantic idea, having work done in a timely manner by professionals also has its charms. Material defects and other construction issues should be avoided, rather than masked, and it is only deep research on your side that can help you make sure you get the best of the best. Likewise, a company that insists on the latest trends and touch-ups may not be a good company – for these trends last a short time. 

Experience and Expertise

Connecting to the idea of expertise outlined above is the experience a construction company has. Building a house is not something that is easy to do, and you should always be on the lookout for companies that have been in the business for a long time. And while expertise is important, so is the time spent in the field – and good companies will have been present on the market for a considerable time. 

Customization Options

As this is going to be a house made for you, you should have many customization options. When it comes to Toronto home builder companies that simply form premade home plans, this may signal that they really lack architects and engineers who have enough expertise to ensure that your custom plan is carried out the way it should be. For this reason, clear communication is a must, as your house should be a result of expertise and experience, rather than a simple plan, unless, of course, it is within one of the blueprints that you have found a perfect home for your next stage in life. 

Sustainability and Green Building Practices

Rising energy prices and continuing pressure on homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint also mean that you will need a home that has been sustainably made or a home that uses very little energy. Although simply popping solar panels and solar collectors on the rooftop is a simple solution to the problem, implementing green energy solutions and sustainable principles in the design and construction phase itself will result in much higher efficiency of your home and will reduce the overall cost of operating or running your household. 

One such school in home construction is the Passive-Haus (passive house, German, translated), a school of home construction that focuses on building homes that consume very little energy, and in some cases can even produce more energy than they consume. When it comes to homes like this, it is clear that you can enjoy all the benefits that low energy and water bills have to offer. 

In fact, passive homes, ecological homes and green homes will all consume much less energy than usual homes. When it comes to these, they include architectural solutions that are difficult to add once a home is built. Thermal envelope, thermal mass in the vicinity of high windows and rain water storage in the building basement or on the property are just some of the solutions that you should consider. They do increase the construction phase costs, but will save you a lot of money down the road – as an average home is designed to last a minimum of 80 years. 

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Of course, there are issues that you should be aware of and try to avoid. First of all, not all proposals are the same. Learn to read through them and make sure you do not fall down for decorative language. Watch the proposals and quotes you receive through the lens of numbers and dates, but do not opt for the lowest price or the shortest date. The construction companies are influenced by a number of factors, one of which is the weather which can be hard to predict. 

Furthermore, choosing the lowest price may be the best way to get the lowest quality. On the other hand, overly high, inflated prices may not bring the additional value you will be paying for. In any case, make sure you get the balance in pricing and a balance in what is promised to you. Asking for references is another important aspect of doing business like this, as it will help you estimate how truthful the company is to its own promises. 


What Company Is Best for Building a House?

In the Toronto area, there are many homebuilder services that you should consider to make sure you choose the best of the best. When it comes to the company you choose, this should be a reflection of your interests and needs. And while some may consider green building and sustainable solutions their top priority, some may consider decades in the industry as a tell-tale sign of what is the best company for them. 

What Does It Cost to Build a House in Toronto?

Building a home in the Toronto area is not cheap. In general, the prices start at about CAD400 per square foot or approximately CAD4,000 per square meter. Although this may seem like a lot, putting a simple, 1,500 sq. foot home in the CAD600,000 bracket, is a standard price. On top of these costs, you should also consider furnishing your home, as well as the cost of land, permits, and utilities. 

Who Are the Largest Home Builders in Toronto?

Mattamy Homes is the largest home builder in Toronto. The company is international, working in the US as well as in Canada and has more than 45 years of experience in the field. Mattamy Homes is one of the 25 largest companies in the building sector in the US and the largest in Canada. 

Final Thoughts

Buying your dream home is an aspiration for many, but building your own maybe even better. With a lot of customization options, and being able to implement sustainability measures from the very beginning, building your own home is an experience like no other. For this reason, we did a bit of research and have come up with the best builders in the Toronto area that can help you bring your ideas to blueprints and further on – to an actual home that you can move in within months.