Finding work as soon as possible after arriving in Canada is a top aim for most immigrants. Applying for a job needs your resume and cover letter. Is your resume all set to apply for a job, but you are still seeking some valuable tips to make a cover letter? You can steal these tips from here.

You can make your cover letter by adjusting your Canadian templates and formats. Add your name, address, phone number, and email in the heading. Don’t forget to mention a formal greeting to the recruiter. Introduce yourself, your skills, and your experience. Be confident about getting an interview call. Moreover, add a goodbye at the end of your cover letter.

Your job application may not be chosen due to the wrong email address, ridiculous font sizes, incorrect language, and typos in your cover letter and resume. So, there are some guidelines that you might find helpful to avoid these mistakes in your cover letter.

Let’s cover some tips for writing an effective cover letter.

What Is A Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a piece of writing often included with a job application that summarizes your qualifications and enthusiasm for the post. A cover letter is sometimes one of two documents given to a hiring manager. Therefore, its quality may determine your eligibility for an interview call.

A strong cover letter introduces you well and enhances a resume by elaborating on essential points of the position. Essentially, it is a sales technique outlining why the candidate is the most qualified for the job. Professionals encourage job searchers to individually tailor cover letters for specific opportunities rather than sending out a mass mailing.

Even though it takes more work, it may be beneficial in helping a candidate differentiate themselves from others. It tells the hiring manager more about your experience and personality. It comprises your:

  • Interests
  • Objectives for your career
  • Information
  • Skills you have acquired over time
  • Accomplishments
  • Ambitions
  • Goals

It must be a one-page document explaining in plain English why you are a strong fit for a particular post. It would be best if you highlighted your intellectual; compatibility as well.

Importance Of A Cover Letter

Your first and last chance to impress a potential employer is in the cover letter. It is a crucial business strategy to get the company to overview your resume. Consider it as the “fish” to catch the reader.

Don’t forget that the recruiting managers at law firms are always looking for an excuse to reject your application. So don’t ever give them a chance to do so by giving them a clumsy, badly written cover letter full of errors and grammar mistakes.

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You pair your cover letter with your resume to secure an interview call. It is also attached to convey the intellectual assets which are harder to understand from your resume. It must be written in an enthusiastic, straightforward, yet modest style.

Necessary Information on a Cover Letter

It’s crucial to keep in mind that success may be achieved by following the strategy while writing a cover letter. Your introduction should include information about the position and yourself. 

Secondly, be very certain about your skills and abilities that must correspond with the demands specified in the job ad. Lastly, explain why you are the best candidate for a certain job, but avoid being impatient.

Now, take a deeper look at the strategy below:

  • Make sure you leave a strong first impression by doing your homework on the business and firm and demonstrating it in your letter. Could you not assume it to be true? Do not be cocky about your knowledge, but do emphasize it
  • In Canada, a cover letter shouldn’t be solely about you. Make sure you discuss everything about the firm, its recent initiatives, corporate values, and company news. This information must hold about 30% of your letter. You’ll increase your chances of getting an interview invitation if you make the employer feel unique
  • Concentrate on demonstrating your qualifications for the position that suits the post. In this way, you’ll be successful in explaining that you have much knowledge about the post and firm

How To Write A Cover Letter In Canada?

Sometimes, recruiters list all the requirements for a cover letter in the job description. Hence, you have to create your letter according to those requirements. They may set a word restriction or ask candidates to respond to specific queries. Following these guidelines is crucial since it shows how well-versed and obedient the candidate is. 

If there are no requirements from the company, a normal cover letter with one page containing a salutation, your contact details, and direct links to your portfolio. In case of no requirements, you must put your qualifications and draw attention to your unique abilities.

By presenting a strong cover letter, you can impress an employer. If your resume needs certain qualities that a recruiter is looking for, an attractive cover letter may help you look different from others in competition for a certain job.

Moreover, there is a limit on the length of your cover letter and the amount of information you may include. Most letters submitted to companies are given a cursory read, so a lengthy essay may finish at the end of the sack.

You may present yourself in the best possible light by outlining your talents and abilities in a few concise phrases, along with why you choose that particular job. 


Following are the documents you need for a cover letter:

Resume Builder: Using your working experience, abilities, and hobbies, you may generate a uniquely designed CV using a program called a resume builder.

Letter Of Recommendation: It is a written evaluation of your employment or academic study qualifications.

A Formal Letter Of Resignation: You must take this letter from your employer and inform him that you are quitting the position. 

Check the following tutorial for writing a cover letter for a resume in Canada:

Canada Cover Letter Format

Tired of creating formats and templates for a winning cover letter? Don’t worry! We’ll provide you all the formatting guidelines for cover letters that you must adhere to while creating your ideal cover letter:

  • Use margins of 1 inch
  • The line spacing should be 1.15 or a little more
  • There must be double spaces between paragraphs
  • Alignment should be left
  • You may select fonts among Arial, Calibri, Verdana, and Helvetica
  • The size of the font should be 10 to 12
  • The number of pages should be one or only half of a page
  • Your resume and a well written cover letter must be submitted in a PDF file or any other asked via the job description
  • Your PDF file name should be like this: JobTitle_Your Name_CoverLetter.pdf

Stick to the precise layout of your templates for every section of your job application.

Canada Cover Letter Template

A perfect template should comprise the following:

  • Header with your complete name, postal address, contact information, and email
  • It should contain the date of publication
  • You should also mention the address of the recruiter
  • Add some greetings
  • It must contain at least three to 4 paragraphs
  • Add your signature at the end


Sometimes, things are straightforward. We are delighted since being straightforward is the purpose of the cover letter heading. The heading contains brief details about you. Make sure these details are entirely accurate.

If you are unlikely to receive a callback, you shouldn’t be glued to your phone. Do you want your chance at a prosperous career taken by someone else? No? Then do not skip the detailed info about what to add in your cover letter heading.

The heading template should look like the following:

  • Your full name
  • Mailing or postal Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Feel free to emphasize your name if that’s what you like. Adjust the maximum text size to 14 to get the recruiter’s undivided concentration.

Addressing the Recruiter

It would be best if you knew the recruiter’s name and address. If you mention “to whom it may concern” or “ Dear sir/madam,” you will undoubtedly lose the opportunity of being a candidate chosen for an interview call.

Furthermore, no one owns communications or paperwork without any name. Thus regardless of what justification you accept, both weaken the argument. You are correct in seeing that the address doubles as a greeting.

Always use Mr. or Mrs. with the recruiter’s name. If you couldn’t discover the recruiter’s name, write “dear hiring manager” in the salutation. 

Introducing Yourself

You must now perform to the very best of your ability. You may land a job because of the opening paragraph of your cover letter. Its fascinating quality is what keeps the reader turning the pages.

You may control it by turning your character, accomplishments, or shared ideas into commanding statements. You may use the following tips to ensure that you produce a strong introduction for your cover letter:

  • Cite your commitments and goals
  • Discuss the recent activities of the firm
  • Omit names
  • Be a problem-solver for the business
  • Express your excitement and enthusiasm
  • Demonstrate the value of hiring you
  • Mention one of your largest and most relevant accomplishments to the company

Talk About Relevant Skills & Experience

The second paragraph of your cover letter serves your prior experiences and skills regarding a particular job post. Do well on the work at hand to be given a seat. This paragraph should be something other than a google spreadsheet of the things you already own or can offer.

It should be a list of accomplishments that explains how the outcomes relate to the past work your company expects of you. Discuss your pertinent abilities and how they contribute to the job post.

However, provide three to four bullet points with the achievements that correspond to the skills or characteristics of the job posting lists as essential. 

Proving Your Motivation to Join

The recruiters and hiring manager have finished chatting now about you. Now it’s your turn. Use the 3rd paragraph to elaborate on why you picked the particular firm. Again, this is your time to express how motivated and keen you are to join this firm.

However, since you can demonstrate your passion doesn’t imply that you can entirely ignore the opportunity to make the most of the cover letter. You may really pick one of the approaches and really push it for the introductory paragraph by reading the job description.

Asking For An Interview

Write “I am interested in getting a call from you” to show your confidence. Keep your composure till the end and generate a response from the reader. For example, you can write, “Let’s have a coffee date and discuss how I can be a good fit for your company.”

Leaving A Formal Sign-Off

You can end your cover letter on a formal note by saying something like:

  • Best or Warmest regards
  • Please accept my deepest thanks and best wishes
  • Regards

Lastly, include your real name as a signature, or you may also add a scanned signature over your name.

Check Out Canadian Cover Letter Format – How To Write A Cover Letter For a Job Application

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Tips For Creating Cover Letters In Canada

It might appear to be a headache to write a cover letter, but it does not need to be. The following are some easy suggestions you might need to take into account while writing your cover letter:

Conduct Research

Before drafting a letter, you must know the job criteria, corporate culture, goals and objectives, and the most recent market trends. You may definitely benefit from customizing your letter and showcasing your enthusiasm in the post by learning more about the role, business, and firm.

Adapt To The Chosen Format

Although a cover letter is in a specific format, you may alter it according to the particular job you are interested in. it must include the following information:

  • Your desired position and why it intrigues you
  • Talents and work history that are relevant
  • Your work for the firm
  • Requesting an interview

Create A Unique Letter For Each Position

Only send a cover letter that is basic and exciting. This implies that you must create a new letter for every job post. Add your accomplishments and qualifications and elaborate on the reason for your best fit for a job.

Adapt Your Header To The Format Of Your Application

Your headings of the cover letter and resume must be in accordance if you submit them online. You do not need to add your name, address, and phone number in the header, as this information is already on your application. If you are attaching a cover letter separately with your Canadian style resume, it is necessary to provide your contact details on the letter. 

Use An Appropriate Greeting

If the recruiter’s name is missing from the job advertisement, contact the firm or look it up online. Adding the recruiter’s name to the cover letter offers a formal hello and demonstrates your efforts. Otherwise, start with “Hey, Hiring Manager.” 

If you need help making your welcome professional, obtaining a sense of the workplace mission is crucial. “Hello” and “Hi there” salutations are typically too informal for a cover letter.

Make Your Letter Simpler

Be concise and straightforward while communicating. By using difficult phrases and sentences, you may fail to communicate your goals to the organization, and the reader will leave the remaining letter unread.

Be Specific And Short

Concentrate on the information most crucial for the position when deciding the length of your letter. Always overview the job description carefully to find the finest opportunity to highlight your skills.

Do not restate your resume! For example, elaborate on your marketing expertise in the letter by stating that you boosted your income to $15,000 while bringing in 250 more clients monthly. This might help you stand out from those that provide unclear personal details. 

Add Relevant Details

There are 3, 4, or even 5 paragraphs in the body of a cover letter. Following are some suggestions for each paragraph’s content:

  • Initial And First Paragraph

As well as explaining the reason for writing a cover letter, this section must urge the reader to continue reading throughout the letter. Don’t forget to mention the job you are applying for. 

  • Second Paragraph

Include extra details about your educational history and job-relevant abilities in this section. Avoid repeating information from your resume. Instead, elaborate more on anything that wasn’t adequately covered by the brief words on your resume.

Give more details about your unique achievements. Explain the relation between your achievements and the job post and how these achievements can benefit the organization.

  • Third Paragraph

The third paragraph allows you to demonstrate your business and sector expertise. Describe your reasons for wanting a job for the firm and how you may help it succeed.

You might also emphasize why you believe you would fit within the company’s ideas and goals. Employers sometimes state soft talents and personality attributes in the job description. To demonstrate how you suit the listed soft abilities, choose a narrative from your experiences.

  • Final Paragraph

To complete your tale, connect and link your ending to your beginning. Thank the firm for choosing you. Include information about your next plan. You can make a call for further information.

It will also be fantastic to let the recruiters know you are open to a response. Your letter should be signed with a formal closure like “sincerely” to seal it. If you are submitting your job application online, your name will be worked as your signature.

Embrace Keywords

When submitting your resume online, be careful to include pertinent keywords. A candidate monitoring system is frequently used by recruiters to identify your resume and cover letters that most closely match the job specifications.


Before sending it, go through your letter numerous times. Overview of vocabulary, grammatical, or punctuation mistakes. You can spot problematic wording or sentences by reading them in a louder voice.

Moreover, ask the other person to read it once so that you may correct the mistakes according to his mindset. If your welcome has your recruiter’s name, be sure about its spelling

 Cover Letter Sample

Let’s have a look at an effective cover letter sample:

Dear recruitment team at (company’s Name),

Dear Hiring Manager (try to add the real Name of the HR manager),

I have 7 years of experience working full-time as a programmer. I mostly use Groovy together with the Web Application and REACT. I also have practical design expertise, primarily working with front-end projects and designing phone apps.

 I’m now looking for a new task where I can work directly with your fast team of product developers on fascinating, cutting-edge Business-to-Customer products similar to what your company is doing.

It would be great to hear from you.

Warm wishes (Your Name)

What makes it good? This sample expresses all the necessary tips that it must contain. Moreover, add your name, mailing address, and contact number as required in the heading section. Follow all the steps described above to write a whole letter according to a certain job description. 


How Do You Sell Yourself In A Cover Letter With No Experience?

Submitting a cover letter with your expertly crafted resume demonstrates to companies that you need help to create your application. But what if you have never done a job before? Not to worry. 

A cover letter can still be effective even if you have never written one before. Here are some pointers to help you create your cover letter without any experience:

Add your contact details.
– Call the recruiter manager’s name.
– Create a compelling beginning sentence
– Explain your skills and the reason you are the best fit for a job effectively so that it
may overcome the fear of being an un-experienced entity
– Add your top achievements.
– Add relative material and then the best closing of your cover letter.

What Is The Best Opening Line For A Cover Letter?

Your cover letter’s introductory paragraph should be no longer than one paragraph. You can fill the crucial opening with one of the following compelling materials:

Be Direct: Clearly state the post for which you are applying. Your objective should be clear by identifying the business or organization and job title. Because recruiters frequently deal with applicants who are applying for numerous open opportunities.

Express Passion: Display some excitement and passion for the position, the business, the goods, and the products it offers. It is one of the greatest methods to get started because it frequently results in devoted and productive workers. 
Moreover, it gives the recruiters a boost of energy and makes them want to read your remaining letter.

Mention Your Connections And Contacts: If the position was referred to you, make sure to bring that up right away. Social proof and a powerful method of argument rely heavily on recommendations. 

Grab Them With Outstanding Achievements: Write a statement highlighting a noteworthy career achievement. Make it tangible with data and demonstrate how you would be a true asset to the company if recruiters hire you.

Put Your Beliefs In Writing: You can use a belief assertation rather than an achievement statement. Demonstrate that your aims and beliefs align with the organization and the job. Please do not write the company’s purpose statement. Instead, make it seem genuine.

Demonstrate Your Understanding Of News And Current Affairs: Finding out more about the business is a proven approach to impress hiring managers. Look for a guide or magazine on the corporate website.

Apply Keywords: Whatever method you use to begin your letter, keywords are essential. 90% of large businesses scan your job applications via ATS. These tools go through applications for keywords and disqualify those who do not use them.

How Do You Introduce Yourself in a Resume?

A professional pitch is a brief and impactful technique to make a great introduction. It is also known as a thirty-second ad, your intro, an elevator pitch etc. Moreover, you can utilize your own identity at an interview or live session.

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You should outline your professional background in your introduction. Add the name of your present employer. It rapidly lets the reader know how much working experience you have. Your resume introduction should contain an illustration of a professional achievement that exemplifies those abilities. 

The aim of your resume should be apparent in your introduction. These might be both short-term and long-term aims. 

What Is The Best Greeting For A Cover Letter?

“Dear” is the most formal greeting for a cover letter. 

The best cover letter greeting is “hello” or “dear” with the names of recruiters. You can find their name in a job description or search for it from the particular firm you are applying for.

Moreover, if you know the gender of your recruiter, then use “Dear Mr/Mrs.” But if you don’t know the gender, saying this lessens the chance of mistakenly addressing someone as the wrong gender.

If you have done your homework and need help identifying a single candidate to hire, the business has probably put together a team to handle the hiring duties. Determine which division or unit the position belongs to before addressing a letter.


So, do you now know how to make a cover letter for a resume in Canada? A resume is a marketing device that can only be used to request an interview. On the other hand, a cover letter exposes you to a hiring manager together with your resume. It is also your first impression as the recruiters read it first.

Moreover, it enables the company to learn more about you and your qualifications for the post. We hope you are familiar with the Canadian cover letter formats via this guide. Getting familiar with the resume format is compulsory as it can be your first encounter with Canadian companies.

Do not feel hesitation if you have any queries regarding this guide. Feel free to ask us on OnTheMoveCanada. Have a good day!