If you’ve recently moved to Toronto, it may be time to look for a naturopathic doctor of your choice. There are many of them, and choosing the best one may take more time than you would like to dedicate or you may simply not have enough time for this. When it comes to choosing the best of the best, we did the hard work for you, so that you do not have to. 

We investigated different naturopathic doctors and we found those that are ranked the best, offer the widest variety of services, and have good online reviews. In doing so, we also took a look at their testimonials and what they have to say about their approach to health concerns and naturopathic medicine approach. With this in mind, let’s go and learn together. 

First things first, a naturopathic doctor is the one who believes that many of the modern illnesses, be they acute or chronic, stem from the way we live and the diet that we consume. When it comes to these, it is important to say that many illnesses that we face stem from unhealthy lifestyle choices and that this has been proven by science. 

Top Naturopathic Doctors in Toronto

So, naturopathic doctors do not take into consideration pills and other forms of medicine to treat these conditions. What they rather do is work on you and your lifestyle. In doing so, they incorporate notions from traditional medicine and seek natural solutions, such as dietary needs, physical activity, and changes to your sleep pattern that could aid in making you feel better and getting your health back on track in no time. 

Although some may frown at this take on medicine, naturopathy gives good results. It is not a one-solution-fits-all type of medicine, but it rather takes an individualized approach. After all, people who have issues with their sleep patterns often have cravings for carbohydrates during the day and overeat themselves. This, in turn, causes stomach lining issues, blood sugar peaks, and reduced levels of energy and libido throughout the day. 

A regular doctor would approach the issue by giving you medicine to better control your sugar levels, and your appetite and may even suggest testosterone supplements. A naturopathic doctor, on the other hand, would tackle issues in your sleep patterns and resolve the same issues. The second approach is more natural and it relies on small tweaks to your diet, lifestyle, and sleep to resolve a lot of issues that modern medicine struggles with, and therein lies the beauty: you do not need a lot of medication to bring your life in order. 

However, finding a good Toronto naturopathic doctor is not so easy. For this reason, we took a look at dozens of them and have chosen the top ten Toronto naturopathic clinic options for you: 

  • Dr. Morgan Winton
  • The Clara Clinic 
  • FZN Naturopathic Medicine 
  • The Dempster Clinic 
  • Dr. Tracy Malone 
  • Mahaya Forest Hill
  • Family Naturopathy
  • Dr. Maria pevac-Djuec 
  • Dr. Makoto Trotter 
  • Dr. Kim Abog 

Morgan Winton, ND

Dr. Morgan Winton, ND, believes that naturopathic medicine is not all about expensive supplements. On the other hand, she also does not believe that completely changing your diet is the answer to a healthy body and dignified aging. When it comes to appointments, you can choose both virtual and in-person appointments and you can also contact the doctor over email, if this is what suits you the best. 

  • Services Offered: Nutrition, herbs and vitamins, acupuncture, lifestyle, bioidentical hormones
  • Phone: +14165469199 
  • Address: 110 Yonge St Suite 905, Toronto, ON M5C 1T4, Canada 
  • Email: drmorganwinton@gmail.com
  • Website: http://www.morganwinton.com/
  • Work Hours: MON-FRI 7 AM-6 PM 

The Clara Clinic

The Clara Clinic does not focus on the symptoms of a disease that you may have, but it rather seeks the cause of the disease in the first place. The NDs employed here look at the whole picture and help you better understand the causes of your illness, and they focus on your diet, the stress you may be exposed to, your sleep pattern, lifestyle habits, and your mood to ensure that you get to the root of the issues and address your problems there. 

  • Services Offered: Abdominal Pain, Acne, Adrenal Support, Aftercare & Long-Term Support, Anxiety, Autoimmunity, Bloating, Cancer Prevention, Celiac Disease, Chemotherapy Support, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Constipation or Diarrhea, Crohn’s Disease, Depression, Digestive Support, Disordered Eating, Eczema, Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, Food Sensitivities, GERD (Heartburn), Hair Loss, Hormone Restoration, IBS, Immune Support, Infertility, Injury Recovery, Insomnia, Lupus, Menopause, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Pain & Fatigue, PCOS, Period Irregularities, Psoriasis, Radiation Support, Recovery, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma, Sleep & Mood, Thyroid Concerns, Thyroid Concerns, Ulcerative Colitis, Weight Loss Resistance 
  • Phone: +16479541639 
  • Address: 623 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1Y2, Canada 
  • Email: info@theclaraclinic.com
  • Website: https://theclaraclinic.com/
  • Work Hours: MON-THU 9 AM-7 PM, FRI 9 AM-6 PM, SAT 9 AM-3 PM 

FZN Naturopathic Medicine & Wellness Clinic

FZN Naturopathic Medicine & Wellness Clinic focuses on providing the best possible care for their clients. They help your body reach its full potential. In doing so, they take a holistic approach and help you understand how your environment can help shape your health. They offer only a personalized approach because they understand that everyone’s journey and starting health basis are different and that our goals may be different as well. 

  • Services Offered: naturopathic consultations, herbal medicine, nutritional counselling, acupuncture, environmental medicine, mind-body medicine, diagnostic testing, functional medicine testing, nutrigenomics, gut health, lab testing, hormone regulation, nutritional support, botanical medicine, pain management, weight loss, sport nutrition
  • Phone: +14374313877 
  • Address: 269 Richmond St W Unit 102, Toronto, ON M5V 1X1, Canada 
  • Email: info@myfzn.com
  • Website: https://www.myfzn.com
  • Work Hours: MON-FRI 8 AM-8 PM, SAT 11 AM-4 PM 

The Dempster Clinic – Center for Functional Medicine

The Dempster Clinic – Center for Functional Medicine focuses on the body as a complex mechanism takes a multi-faceted approach and ensures that you receive the care you need. When it comes to their basic services, the clinic offers diagnostics and guides you on the way to a healthier body. They use the principles of naturopathic medicine to ensure you get only the best treatments you can. 

  • Services Offered: blood work, discovering sources of inflammation, detoxification regimens, weight loss, athletic performance assistance, injury rehabilitation, optimizing hormones, nutritional analysis, metabolic processes, IV Vitamin Therapy, Heavy Metal Tests, Gastric Health assistance, food allergy tests 
  • Phone: +16473721634 
  • Address: 97 Scollard St, Toronto, ON M5R 1G4, Canada 
  • Email: admin@thedempsterclinic.com
  • Website: https://thedempsterclinic.com/
  • Work Hours: MON 11 AM-8 PM, TUE 10 AM-7 PM, WED & THU 8 AM-5 PM, FRI 9 AM-1 PM 

Take A Look At The Dempster Clinic:

Tracy Malone ND

Dr. Tracy Malone ND offers infertility treatments. In doing so, she provides a combination of naturopathic and conventional methods for the quickest result. She provides treatments for hormonal disruption as well. She provides services for couples that would like to conceive but are not sure they will be successful, and in doing so, she provides a number of methods for you to follow and ensure that your body is in the best possible condition for conceiving. 

  • Services Offered: Services provided by the Conceive Health Clinic
  • Phone: +14163642236
  • Address: 655 Bay St. 18th Floor, Toronto, ON M5G 2K4, Canada 
  • Email: info@conceivehealth.com
  • Website: https://conceivehealth.com/our-team/dr-tracy-malone-nd/
  • Work Hours: MON-FRI 7:30 AM-3: PM, SAT-SUN 8 AM-12 PM 

Mahaya Forest Hill

Mahaya Forest Hill is made up of a diverse talent in naturopathic medicine. These doctors provide a range of services and they can treat many conditions, starting from acne, and ending with Diabetes and other metabolic conditions. What sets this clinic apart is that they truly serve patients with hundreds of varied health issues, all with the same holistic approach and your well-being on their mind. 

  • Services Offered: Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Psychotherapy, Lab Testing, Physical examination, Natural Pharmacy, Acne and Skin Treatments, Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Lung diseases, blood sugar, brain health, fertility, high blood pressure, hormones, liver health, abdominal pain, indigestion, low energy, menopause, prostate, sexual health, libido treatments, thyroid health
  • Phone: +14167924400
  • Address: 73 Warren Rd #203, Toronto, ON M4V 2R9, Canada 
  • Email: info@mahayaforesthill.com
  • Website: https://www.mahayaforesthill.com/
  • Work Hours: MON-SAT 8 AM-8 PM 

Family Naturopathy 

Dr. Dori welcomes all in his inclusive clinic and ensures that your common-day symptoms are gone. When it comes to their approach, it relies on naturopathic medicine, but what you can also get is a Doula, for those planning to expand their family. The Doctor addresses the root cause of the illness and avoids relying heavily on medication. 

  • Services Offered: clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, stress management, lifestyle counselling, insect bite treatments, gastritis, colds, flu, fever, UTI treatments, sinus infections, skin conditions, digestive concerns, respiratory ailments, pediatric concerns, women’s health, metabolic syndrome, food allergies, headaches, additions, adrenal dysfunction, low energy, autoimmune disorders, thyroid conditions, diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, insomnia, depression, anxiety, menopause, pregnancy, fertility, nutrition, food introduction, dignified aging, weight treatments, surgical preparation, surgical post-op care, child wellness check-ups
  • Phone: +14168871400
  • Address: 1560 Yonge St Suite 210, Toronto, ON M4T 2S9, Canada 
  • Email: doctor.dori.nd@gmail.com
  • Website: http://www.familynaturopathy.ca/
  • Work Hours: TUE 9 AM-8 PM, WED & FRI 8 AM-8 PM 

Marija Pevac-Djukic M.D. (Europe) N.D.

Dr. Marija Pevac-Djukic ND believes that the best way to approach a disease or an ailment is to be constructive about it, analytic about the symptoms, and take an approach that will seek the root of the disease while at the same time treating the symptoms. She works on making you feel better, speeding up recuperation from injuries. 

  • Services Offered: acne, acne rosacea, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, arteriosclerosis, Arthritis, Asthma, athletic injuries, autism, autoimmune conditions (rheumatoid arthritis, basal cell carcinoma (BCC), BPH, carpal tunnel syndrome, Celiac disease, Chron’s disease, Constipation, COPD, depression, Dermatological system: Eczema, diarrhea, fertility issues, food intolerances, fractures, gastritis, gout, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, heartburn, hemorrhoids, High cholesterol, hot flashes, hypertension, indigestion, irregular heartbeat, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, menstrual migraines, OCD, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, painful periods, Parkinson’s, perimenopause/ menopausal health concerns, PMS, Pneumonia, post-herpetic neuralgia, prostatitis, psoriasis, Respiratory tract infections, sciatica, Scleroderma), Seasonal and food-related allergies, side effects from miscarriages, sprains, squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), strains, ulcerous colitis, urinary tract infections, vaginal dysplasia, vaginitis, varicose veins
  • Phone: +14169096197
  • Address: 2425 Bloor St W #203, Toronto, ON M6S 4W4, Canada
  • Email: Not Available 
  • Website: http://www.torontonaturopathicdoctor.com/
  • Work Hours: MON 10 AM-7 PM, TUE & WED 7:30 AM-9 PM, THU 10 AM-7 PM, FRI 10 AM-4 PM 

Makoto Trotter ND

Dr. Makoto Trotter, ND, at Zentai Wellness Centre, offers multidisciplinary naturopathic services as complementary healthcare. The clinic includes more doctors besides himself, and you are certain to find a treatment that is right for your ailment here. Besides complementary naturopathic methods, the clinic also provides full-scale naturopathic care. 

  • Services Offered: Telehealth appointments, clear your skin program, calm your gut program, naturopathic medicine, pediatrics, acupuncture, bio-identical hormones, TCM cupping, detoxification, cleansing, diet, nutrition plans, herbal medicine, lifestyle counselling, registered massage therapy, reiki, vitamin B12 injectionsPhone: +16474366271 
  • Address: 120 Carlton St. #302, Toronto, ON M5A 4K2, Canada 
  • Email: info@mytorontonaturopath.com
  • Website: https://www.mytorontonaturopath.com/
  • Work Hours: TUE 9:30 AM-2:45 PM, WED-THU 12 PM-5:30 PM, FRI 9:30 AM-2:45 PM, SAT 8:30 AM-3 PM

Kim Abog, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Kim Abog, ND, works primarily with women who have reproductive health issues or simply want to feel their best. On top of this, the doctor provides family counselling and services for a happier, more functional family. When it comes to the areas of life this doctor can tackle, they include lifestyle, habits, nutritional support, and others. 

  • Services Offered: Period and Fertility Services and Family Support
  • Phone: +19052013420 
  • Address: Tripod Fertility Atria III, 2225 Sheppard Ave E Suite 901, Toronto, ON M2J 5C2 
  • Email: Contact Page
  • Website: http://kimabog.com/
  • Work Hours: MON 8 AM-11 AM, TUE-WED 8 AM-4 PM, THU-FRI 8 AM-11 AM 

Of course, even among these doctors, you will still need to find the best doctor for you. Who the best naturopathic doctor in Toronto is for you will depend on a number of factors, including your immune system, chronic pain (if you have any), digestive issues, health goals, unique health characteristics, and more, including the best place to receive the treatment and much more. When it comes to these, it is good to consider several doctors, contact them, and maybe even schedule an initial consultation, while comparing the different options that are offered to you. 

Qualities of the Best Naturopathic Doctor

The best naturopath doctor will be clinically trained and will be able to recognize the different nuances in your health condition that may be of medical importance. They will also be able to suggest the quickest possible fix for your health and should even be able to offer you visits in their practice, different treatments for a weakened immune system, and for injuries that you may have sustained. Although we do not recommend paying them a visit for each and every issue you may have (sometimes, you simply need antibiotics), this is a great complementary branch that you can learn a lot about. 

Besides this, they should be: 

  • Knowledgeable – they should be able to have a lot of insights into the newest developments in the field, and findings about different medical conditions and they should know details about you – just like a family doctor would 
  • They need to be validating – a good naturopath knows that a lot of the healing starts from the mind itself, and they should work to restore the peace you’ve once had, as you cannot heal physically if your body and the mind do not have proper nourishment. With this in mind, it is clear that you do not need a doctor that is dismissive of your issues or your attitudes, but rather the one that can make your opinion and emotions valid 
  • They should be communicative – a lot in naturopathic medicine relies on good communication skills and good listening skills. When it comes to these, it is important to note that you will need to consider these as integral qualities of a doctor and do not pay attention to doctors that turn you into a number – you need a good rapport with any doctor who is about to treat you in any way
  • They should be accessible – doctors that never reply to their phone, do not have good office etiquette or even a good appointment system should not be taken into consideration. When it comes to their patient satisfaction rate, every doctor knows that being timely and respective is important – and they will make themselves available during their work hours

Take A Look At Working with a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto:

How to Choose the Right Naturopathic Doctor

If you have unique health needs and would like to find a good Toronto naturopathic doctor, you should consider several factors about them and the way they conduct their business before actually commuting to any one of them. Your overall health, what you perceive as optimal health, the possibility of direct billing and the best health practices that they recommend can provide some guidance in choosing the doctor you would like to work with for possibly several years in the future. 

However, as taking all of these into consideration at the same time is not easy, here is what we managed to break down into more manageable steps. Here are the factors to consider when choosing the best naturopathic doctor to treat you and help improve your life comfort: 

  • Naturopathic treatment approaches 
  • Reviews and testimonials 
  • Cost of naturopathic care in their clinic 
  • The services that they offer 

Naturopathic Treatment Approaches

Naturopathic medicine is not a well-established branch yet, although it does give amazing results. In doing so, naturopathic doctors pay special attention to their patients and take special precautions to make sure that the treatment is not harmful to the patient. One of the biggest benefits of this approach to medicine is that there are no side effects to your daily life, unlike traditional drugs, which can be damaging to the stomach lining, and the kidneys, or antibiotics, which cannot distinguish between the bacteria that are pathogenic and beneficial. 

With these approaches, you should be able to see the benefits in more areas of life than one. A naturopathic approach may mean that the doctor works on your: 

  • Dietary habits – by changing your food, the eating patterns and avoiding the food that you are not tolerant of, you can resolve a lot of health issues in your life 
  • Lifestyle changes – avoiding alcohol, smoking and going to bed earlier can help improve your weight, hormonal fluctuations, and general mood throughout the day and can reduce your stress and cravings for sweets or carbohydrates in general 
  • Stress reduction – by taking a different approach to your work, through massages, meditation, and better food choices, you can work on stress reduction
  • Herbs and dietary supplements – naturopathy treats its patients through different herbs and other alternative medicine supplements – this is way better than synthetic supplements or fortified food choices 
  • Homeopathy – sometimes, microdoses of medication can be administered, but never the full dose. Once the microdose is in your system, it helps the body mimic its mechanism and start its own. We do not recommend using this approach with antibiotics, as this could cause more harm than good. Other homeopathic approaches give results that have been proven, but many doctors avoid them, as more testing is needed 
  • Manipulative therapies – therapies that manipulate or change your behaviour or the way you relate to different issues in your life can give good results, especially in the field of psychosomatic conditions, where it is usually suggested that naturopathic medicine be coupled with private or personal psychotherapy 
  • Exercise therapy – a lot of cardiovascular issues can be mended by exercise. Exercise has beneficial effects on muscles, thermoregulation in your body, your joints, and how well the body can lubricate them, the digestive system, sleep patterns, and more. On top of this, exercise can also help you better establish your daily routine and give you more energy for your daily activities 
  • Practitioner-guided detoxification – although all the detoxification in your body is done by the liver, sometimes this organ needs help as well. If you consume a lot of alcohol, have a very bad diet, and have low physical activity levels, it is useful to know that you need to consider naturopathic medicine as a means to cleanse your body and especially your digestive system of the toxins that have been piling up for decades that your body simply cannot process
  • Psychotherapy – often, psychotherapy is also included in the naturopathic approach to medicine. When it comes to this combination, it is used to discover the roots of bad habits, auto-destructive behaviour or to simply help alter some life habits that may not be deal, to say the least 

Reviews and Testimonials

When looking for the best naturopathic doctor in Toronto, you should check out their online ranking, reviews, and testimonials. These should be taken with a grain of salt, as not all of them have to be truthful, and you should generally avoid practices with very few reviews. In general, you will need practices with good running, ow number of low grades, and plenty of reviews which should point to the rich experience and many years in the field. 

All in all, when looking at testimonials that you can find on the doctor’s website, you should also be aware of these. Although most of them are true, do not forget that doctors choose what to publish on their websites and that this may not be an outright lie, but it may point in the desired direction. Always seek specific comments and make sure you understand that you need to read and compare, not just skim through. 

Costs of Naturopathic Care in Toronto

There are different prices that naturopathic doctors can charge you. For this reason, you need to make sure you know their prices outright, as the budget you have to dedicate to the doctor’s practice can vary from one person to the next and can influence the scope of services that you will be receiving. 

When it comes to the prices you are expected to pay, you should consider that a lot of doctors charge very different prices, depending on the length of the visit and the treatment there is. In general, you can expect to pay CAD100-CAD350 for consultations, while treatment can cost even more. Personalized diet plans, etc. are charged separately in general. 

Services Offered by Naturopathic Doctors

There are many services that naturopathic doctors can offer. They range from massages and diet plans to psychotherapy and exercises. Each of these services has its own target clientele and each has its own pricing. Always check, as you will need a wide range of services so that you can get as much work done in a single clinic. 


How Do I Choose a Good Naturopath?

When choosing a good neuropath, you should consider their online ranking, their reviews and testimonials, as well as their expertise and experience. When it comes to these, you should also consider the services that they offer and their areas of specialization. While some work with patients with high blood pressure and high blood sugar, some specialize in diets and special food regimens. 

Are Naturopathic Doctors Covered by OHIP?

OHIP does not cover the cost of naturopathic doctors. However, some extended plans do cover some of the costs of the lab work and some other insurance houses may cover some of the costs of naturopathic visits. When it comes to these, you will have to check with your insurance house before scheduling the first visit, although you can pay for the sessions on your own as well. 

How Much Does It Cost to See a Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario?

The cost of consultations with a naturopathic doctor can vary from CAD100 to CAD350 for a single session of consultations. Different treatments come at different prices. Checkups generally cost CAD35 to CAD100, while regular follow-up visits generally cost CAD80-90. 

Can Naturopaths in Ontario Order Blood Tests?

Yes, naturopathic doctors can order blood tests in Ontario. However, healthcare insurance will not cover them in most cases. However, if you had blood work done recently that was ordered by another doctor, you can take this lab work to your next appointment with the naturopathic doctor. 

Final Considerations

With this article, we aim to guide those who are considering paying a visit to a naturopathic doctor in Toronto. When it comes to this, it is important to know how to recognize a good doctor from a bad one and to understand what good service looks like. As there are dozens of naturopathic doctors working in Toronto, we have taken it upon ourselves to check their rankings, reviews, and testimonials and we can present to you the list of top ten naturopathic doctors in Toronto.