Do you want to know about the city of Brampton in case of immigration to Canada? Moving to Canada is a significant decision. A new nation means a new way of living. One of the Canadian cities you might consider as a potential residence is Brampton (Ontario). Due to its diversified population, it is a popular place for new immigrants.

Millions of immigrants have made Brampton, Ontario, a varied, ethnic, and international city. It is one of the Canadian cities with the fastest population growth. The city is situated within the municipal region of Peel, which also encompasses the towns of Caledon, Brampton, and Mississauga. It is 40 km away from Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Before settling on a city to call home, it’s crucial to conduct research on respective relocation sites. Discover the employment possibilities, regional economy, and property market because these elements will impact your financial health and standard of living in Canada.

Keep reading; to learn something interesting about daily life in Brampton. Without dragging it, let’s come to the point.

About The City Of Brampton

A precise description of Brampton is given below:


Near Toronto Pearson International Airport and roughly 40km northwest of downtown Toronto is the city of Brampton. Brampton is a city located in the municipal region of Peel of Southeast Ontario, Canada. It is situated on Etobicoke Creek, west of Toronto. Brampton was established in 1830, and one of its founders, John Elliott, named the town after his English birthplace. 

As the city grew, horticulture, tanning, and paper manufacturing were important sectors of the local economy. The distribution of food and beverages, the production of bricks, the manufacture of vehicles, aeronautical technology, and telecommunication equipment are all examples of modern industry.

The inaugural year of the annual Brampton Fall Fair, held annually today, was 1853, the same year the village was formed. As Peel’s country’s seat starting in 1867, Brampton saw significant growth as the region’s commercial hub for the primarily agricultural surroundings.

Scottish immigrants established the town’s first significant industrial enterprise, the Haggert Brothers Manufacturing Company, which made agricultural tools. This was a great initiative for the city of Brampton and for its citizens.

Due to the international popularity of the Date Estate, the biggest cut-flower company in North America at one point, Brampton earned the nickname ‘Flower Town of Canada’ in the 19th century. In the process, several other greenhouse flower nurseries in the town were founded.


Everything is out of the norm in Brampton. One of the Canadian cities with the fastest growth in Brampton. With roughly 60,000 residents today, Brampton’s population has increased about three times more swiftly than that of Ontario since 2011.

Surprisingly, the 2016 census revealed that over 52% of people in Brampton were from outside of Canada. Following is a figure of immigrants who came from different countries or cities:

  • North and South America–6200 immigrants.
  • Africa–16,100 immigrants.
  • Europe–35,200 immigrants.
  • Asia–195,300 immigrants. 

One of the most diverse cities in Canada is now Brampton. The peel board of education established evening English as a Second Language (ESL) programs at high schools in response to a burgeoning multicultural population. The volunteers and professional teachers gave these sessions and courses.

According to the above data, Brampton ranks 6th nationally regarding the proportion of immigrants to the general population. Given that Brampton is one of the most varied communities in the nation, it is easy to see why many people think the quality of life there is so high.

Brampton has been developing since its foundation in every field. It is leading other cities in sports, business, economy, education, dining, and many more. Let’s investigate more about this city.

Living In Brampton City

First and foremost, Brampton is one of Ontario’s greatest areas to seek food you would not find elsewhere because of its rich and diverse population. International cuisine is popular in Brampton. As a result, the city is filled with eateries representing many cultures. 

Additionally, this city conducts an outdoor pool market from June to October. This offers guests the chance to buy from a wide selection of fresh fruit, baked products, prepared cuisine, and artisan crafts.

Brampton boasts a team or club dedicated to practically every sport under the sun, with over 100 sports institutes and a vibrant volunteer base. You may thus discover a sport that suits you or your family, whether you’re an avid fan of cricket or a basketball star hoping to be the next superstar.

Brampton has its own place in art and culture. The city is a wonderful destination to experience and participate in a broad range of musical, dramatic, and other cultural acts because of its world-class shows. Spectacular performances and other entertainment are shown at the biggest events. 

Numerous religions are practiced in this multicultural city, with Catholic and Protestant being the two largest. Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism are among the more faiths. The number of Hindus and Sikhs in the city is among the greatest in the nation.

In 2018, Brampton City Council introduced the ‘Ambitious Brampton 2040’ concept. The project ‘Brampton 2040’ presents a city with good prospects and will become even more integrated and inclusive in the upcoming years. It includes free public transport that circles the entire day and a vivid developed Newtown.

Education System In Brampton City

Have a look at the education system of Brampton:


If you are going to Brampton to get an education, then your decision is the best to choose this city. Brampton is a pool of many schools, whether they are primary or secondary, holding high standards. Peel District School Board serves nearly 1.5 lacs children in the regions of Brampton and the other two cities. 

The board serves about 220 active and creative schools.

There are also a variety of schools that offer French language instruction for families who prefer to teach their children the French language. Similarly, some independent school boards in Brampton are committed to teaching using a certain theological ideology. Following are some schools in Brampton:

  • Brampton High School.
  • Brampton Centennial Secondary School.
  • Turner Fenton Secondary School.
  • Sandalwood Heights Secondary School.

College And Universities

  • The Sheridan College (Davis Campus) provides many programs to transition from college diplomas to university degrees.
  • The Sheridan Institute– Canada’s top polytechnic university, is nearby Brampton. Sheridan’s classical music and computer animation applications are well-known worldwide.
  • Algoma university provides distinctive one-year degree programs in CS (Computer science), and bachelor’s in business. 

Brampton City’s Housing Property

If you opt to buy or rent a property in Brampton, you may spend far less than you would in downtown Toronto or one of the city’s fringes. Following are some facts about getting a house in Brampton:

  • For example, a one-bedroom apartment in Brampton’s city center may cost around $1600 per month, but more affordable options are still available. 
  • For example, plan to live as a single person or with someone else. A one-bedroom apartment outside the city may be available for roughly $1300 per month. 
  • A three-bedroom apartment downtown will cost you around $2400 per month if you migrate to Brampton with your family.
  • But if you are willing to relocate a little outside the city, you should be able to find a home for about $2100 a month. If you rent in Brampton, you can anticipate paying 40-45% less each month than you would if you choose to reside in downtown Toronto.

Despite the lower rental and property pricing in Brampton compared to Toronto, you may still have to commute if you want to work continuously in Toronto. Brampton’s citizens earn money here and enjoy the remote work atmosphere.

Transportation Services In Brampton City

Wherever you work in Canada, you will most likely drive or use public transportation to work. We are spitting some truths about transportation below:

  • If you reside in Brampton, a monthly transportation pass would cost you roughly $124.
  • If your workplace is Toronto, but your living place is Brampton, the train is the best option to move. The total travelling duration is 45 minutes from downtown to union station or vice versa.
  • The fare for covering this distance expecting to be $8.  
  • You can avail of an off-on fare if you use the card 36 times a month.

Population And Communities Of Immigrants In Brampton City

An overview of the population of Brampton is explained below:

  • The city of Brampton ranked third in Ontario and fourth in Canada for visible minority population–a survey 2016.
  • According to reports, there are 89 distinct languages spoken by 234 different racial or ethnic groups.
  • In the poll, 86.5% of the population had Canadian citizenship (< 93%–national and provincial), comparable to the region of Peel (86.9%).
  • Around 40,000 immigrants landed in Brampton from 2011 to 2016; India continues to be the country with the most births.
  • In 2016, the approximate percentage of outsiders was 52.5% in Canada (Brampton).
  • The percentage of visible minorities increased from 25.2% (in 2011) to 73.4% (in 2016), a huge rise from 87,000 to 433,230.
  • This increase in minorities made Brampton the fourth largest city in Canada after Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary concerning population. 
  • The top three visible minorities groups were 
  1. South Asians-261,710.
  2. Blacks-82,180.
  3. Filipinos-20,100.

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Is it Worth Buying a House in Brampton?

Suppose you choose to buy or rent a property in Brampton. In that case, you may anticipate paying far less than in Toronto’s financial district or one of the suburbs. More affordable apartments are also available. 

One of the top cities in the area of Toronto, Brampton, is one of the locations where the demand for townhouses has skyrocketed because they provide greater floor space and less volume at a comparatively lower price.

In many aspects, Brampton is a bustling city; it has a wonderful community, is diverse, and is a paradise for anyone who enjoys being outside. Although the city may be congested and your ideal career may not be available, the low accommodation cost makes it a distant worthful place to live.

Is Brampton a Big City?

Brampton’s population was only 500 in 1853 and increased to 656,500 in 2021. It makes Brampton the ninth-largest city in Canada, with 266.7 km square. This population increase shows the fastest growth in this city (90.5%) and lies in Canada’s top 25 fast-growing cities. 

Brampton ranks sixth nationally regarding the proportion of immigrants to the general population. Brampton is one of the most varied communities in the nation; it is easy to see why many people think the quality of life there is so high. 

The city provides better job opportunities and safe areas to live and work. Moreover, Its vast cultural activity offers many options for overseas. International citizens are involved in the rising of the economy of Brampton.

What Percent of Brampton is Indian?

There has always been an Indian population in several cities like Mississauga, Brampton, and Markham. Their population has been increasing for 40 years. In essence, in 2016, there were about 123,000 Indians in Brampton, and many more have been settling there since 2016. 

Many Indians are getting inspired by the lifestyle of Canada, and they are finding Brampton-a best option for settling here. So, the Indian population is increasing speedily. About 15% of east Indians live here in Brampton. 

What are the 3 Biggest Cities in Ontario?

There are 52 entire cities in the province of Ontario. As more immigrants choose Ontario as their place of residence to begin their new lives in Canada, the main and bigger cities of the province of Ontario continue to expand. Its population is increased to 15,007,816 recently.

Following are the biggest cities in Ontario:

Toronto – Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the fifth-most bigger city in population (2.732 million). With 49% of its residents born outside of Canada, the city is one of the most multicultural in the entire world.

Ottawa – The capital and fourth-largest city (934,340) in Canada is Ottawa. It ranks second in providing the best quality of life in Ontario.

Mississauga – Mississauga was originally intended to be a suburb of Toronto, but it eventually developed into a separate community with a population of 721,600. The city hall is home to the busiest airport in Canada and the major corporate offices for brands viz Microsoft, general electric, etc.

Brampton lies in the 4th position in Ontario, with a population of 593,650.

Final Thoughts 

The vibrant and diversified city is expanding quickly. It provides excellent conveniences for newcomers and a thriving employment market. Brampton is a good option if you want to study overseas to earn a degree from a prestigious university while being close to your culture. With your cultural difference alleviated, you’ll feel much more at home.

Half of the immigrants of Canada move to Ontario every year. This is because of its specific luxuries and its attraction toward immigrants. You will definitely prefer the person, thing, or place that provides ease and comfort from every angle. 

So, if you decide to relocate to Canada, choosing it will not be a bad idea. You might have enough data regarding the immigration, housing, and many other services of Brampton, but if you don’t get any points, click here for further details. Start packing if you have made up your mind to settle in Brampton. Have a good day here!