Canada is a popular place for Irish people to move to and live abroad. In addition to its natural beauty, Canada has a high quality of life, good job markets, an outstanding education system,  and a universal health care program (Medicare).

Those from Ireland who want to immigrate to Canada can enter the Express Entry pool student visa or apply for a PNP. Express Entry is the most common and fastest way to obtain Canadian permanent status.

But the question is, How challenging is it to migrate from Ireland to Canada, and where should you begin? Irish citizens who immigrate to Canada will find that doing so opens up a world of possibilities for them. Let’s look at the best ways to submit an immigration application to Canada, our top choices, and some of the Irish immigrants’ most popular Canadian cities.

 Ways To Move to Canada From Ireland

Many Canadians have Irish heritage. There are several Canadian immigration options to select from, whether you wish to work, reside, or take a working holiday. Check out the stages outlined below if you want to learn more about the process.

Express Entry

Express Entry is the most popular way to become a Canadian permanent resident and is also usually the fastest. The Express Entry program gives each applicant a score based on several factors.

The Express Entry System is likely one of the most popular ways for people from Ireland who want to move to Canada in 2022. 

You could get Canadian PR in as little as six to eight months, depending on your work experience, skill level, and chosen program.

 One of the best things about these initiatives is that they don’t limit where you can move to. You also don’t have to have a valid job offer to be eligible. 

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

The PNP is the best choice for people who want to live in a particular province or city but don’t have a way to get there. Not only is there not as much competition as there used to be, but the application process is also moving quickly.

The PNP made it so that each participating province could meet its labour market needs and bring in workers from other countries to fill jobs left by a lack of workers in Canada. 

Since chefs are in high demand, most states and territories are looking for people with these skills.

Student Visa

Canada is a famous study abroad destination for Irish students. Canadian educational institutions are known for their large campuses, comprehensive courses, and solid infrastructure. 

If you intend to study in Canada for more than six months, you must apply for a Canadian Study Permit.

To acquire a study permit, you will need to go through the following steps:

  • Demonstrate to an official that you will leave Canada upon completion of your studies.
  • Have a letter from a school permitting you to attend.
  • Demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses for yourself and any accompanying family members for your stay in Canada.
  • Respect the law and have no history of lawbreaking.
  • Not pose a threat to the safety of Canada.

Be cheerful and healthy (do a medical checkup, if necessary). Note: 

You may need to present the officer any further documents he or she requests to confirm that you are eligible to enter.

Entrepreneur or Investor

  • Entrepreneur

Your talents, expertise, and net worth may qualify you for one of Canada’s immigrant investor programs that provide fast-tracked investor visas for contributions to the Canadian economy.

  • Federal Investor Program

This program has ended. This program won’t return. The Federal Commitment Immigrant Program allows immigrant investors to obtain Permanent Resident Status in Canada by making a five-year guaranteed investment.

  • Fed VC

You may qualify for the Federal Venture Capital Pilot Program if you have a personal net worth of $10 million or more.

  • Quebec Investor

Investors seeking to settle in Quebec can apply for a Quebec Investor Visa. The province has a $2 million net worth and managerial expertise in farming, commercial, industrial, or professional businesses. Investors must commit $1.2 million over five years.

  • Investor

By applying through their province’s Provincial Nominee Program investor stream, certain jurisdictions allow foreign investors to immigrate to Canada. 

Each province will develop its laws and standards based on its economy, possibilities, and market shortages. 

One can get a visa to immigrate to Canada based on financial investment if one wishes to settle in and make investments inside a single Canadian province through a provincial nomination process.

Family Sponsorship

Suppose you have a relative who is already a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. In that case, you may be eligible for the Family Sponsorship Program, which will make it simpler and quicker for you to join the country.

Because Canada offers so many different paths to immigration, it is now possible for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to reunify with family members and friends who live in other countries. 

This year, the federal government of Canada anticipates that it will be able to welcome 106,000 new permanent residents through various family sponsorship programs.

If either your spouse or one of your children or grandchildren is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may be able to receive sponsorship through your family.

The total cost of sponsoring a member of a person’s immediate family is CAD 1,135. Costs will rise over the initial estimate. If the sponsor presently resides in Quebec or has future relocation plans to the province.

How quickly your sponsorship application is processed will be directly proportional to the nature of the relationship between you and the relative who is providing it.

The processing times for applications for spouse sponsorship are typically around a year.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a permanent residence stream for those working in certain occupations in Canada. It’s made specifically for international students and recent grads who have worked in a field vital to Canada’s economy abroad.

The IRCC’s guiding papers include policies, procedures, norms, and regulations. As a favour to anyone who may be interested, a link gives to the appropriate division’s webpage.

Here, we’ll discuss how applications from people with Canadian work experience for permanent residency are handled (CEC).

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a pathway to permanent residence in Canada for foreign nationals with significant work experience in specialized occupations. It is mandatory for international students and recent graduates who have gained relevant job experience in Canada.

What Is a Working Holiday Visa?

Can you imagine what it would be like to live in Canada? You may have fantasized about living in the Sierras or working as a ski instructor. You might believe that working as a tour guide in Waterfalls would be a terrific chance to travel the world and meet fascinating people.

A Working Holiday Visa is a document issued by several nations that allow young people to work and travel temporarily (generally 12 months). In comparison, standard tourist visas often prohibit you from working while in the nation. 

With a Working Holiday Visa, you can do all these things and more (WHV). Those aged 18 to 35 can apply for a temporary work visa through this program, which could offer them work authorization for up to two years. 

It’s an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Canadian culture and natural beauty. It’s a significant win for Ireland that they can participate in this endeavor. The requirement for applicants to have a job offer is a new concept.

Following a year-long halt due to the COVID virus, the government is now accepting WHV applications again. Still, there is a catch. 

How To Move to Canada?

The people of Canada are held in high esteem for their welcoming nature, devotion to education, and availability of high-quality medical care. You will find a good quality of living everywhere you go in this country, city, or country. 

Since Canada has a reputation for accepting people from all walks of life, you shouldn’t have trouble moving there if you’re considering relocating there but unsure where to begin.

Learn in detail what steps you need to do to move to Canada, such as applying for a work visa and starting your search for new accommodation, by reading on.

Prerequisites for Relocating to Canada Legally

To begin planning your trip to Canada, you must first determine whether you will need a visa to enter the nation. Some people can enter the country with nothing more than an electronic pass, while others don’t need a visa at all. 

In Canada, you can choose from a wide range of immigration programs to find the one that is best for you. After determining which visa category best meets your requirements, you can apply for a Canadian visa. 

To apply for a visa to enter Canada, you must first register for an account on the Canadian government’s immigration website and complete a series of questions. Your email will give you visa application instructions, a list of required papers, and a unique reference number if you qualify. 

​​Verify Your Ability To Afford a Place To Reside in Canada

It’s essential to make sure your move doesn’t negatively impact your finances, even if it’s normal to experience culture shock when relocating to a new nation. That’s why it helps to have some background knowledge on living costs.

Below are some essential postulates that you need to look for before making a move to Canada:

  • Count the cost of living in the Canadian city or town you’re considering moving to. 
  • Do your best to bring as much cash as you can. 
  • At the Canadian border, you’ll need to report any cash or valuables worth more than $10,000. 
  • Avoid a hefty fine and the loss of your financial resources by coming clean.

Find Employment in Canada

​​The Canadian government’s immigration website is an excellent location to begin your research, helping Canadian job searches and acclimating to the workplace.

Job Bank,, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Eluta, Jobboom, and Glassdoor are excellent places to look for employment-related information and Canadian employer. 

The international job-seeker in Canada might contact international placement agencies like Robert Half Canada, Hays Recruitment Canada, and Global Hire Placement Services. 

Exploring the kind of employment in demand and the average wage of Canadian workers is another fruitful avenue to pursue.

Get a Place To Stay

Finding a place to live in Canada is the next step after investigating the immigration process and employment possibilities. Planning for temporary accommodation might save valuable time in finding a more permanent solution. 

Recent Irish immigrants to Canada are more likely to rent than to buy. There is a wealth of resources on this site for new Canadians to use as they settle into their new home, including maps, guides, and descriptions of the city’s various communities. 

Websites like,, and, as well as classifieds websites like, can be helpful while looking for a new place to look for accommodation.

​​Move Your Stuff

Moving across the world is a costly and time-consuming endeavour. The act of relocation is one example of such behaviour.

For example, Shipping your belongings from Ireland to Canada will cost between €3,500 (for sea cargo) and €9,000 (for air freight). 

And that’s assuming a modest two-bedroom house; a more prominent family will need considerably more space. The misconception that larger shipments might save money on shipping expenses is widespread in the international shipping industry. 

As a result, maybe now is a great time to cut back and get leaner. You could just carry the essentials and buy the rest once you get to Canada.

Organize Your Finances in Canada

A Canadian bank account can help you manage your money while you’re here, which can be beneficial in the first few weeks. It may be required to rent an apartment or obtain a Canadian visa.

Most of Canada’s central banks accept new client applications online. Royal Bank of Canada and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce are some examples of Canadian financial organizations (CIBC). 

You’ll need several documents to open a bank account in Canada, including your immigration and visa documents, a work permit, identification, and evidence of residence. You may need to wire money from Ireland to open a bank account in Canada. 

This is the rule for immigration and security deposits, among other things. Local banks may demand high fees and an unfavourable exchange rate while executing overseas wire transfers. That is a colossal waste of time.

Fiscal restraint saves money. It’s similar to a bank account, except the fees are lower, and the exchange rate is at the market average. A wide range of currencies, totalling more than fifty, can be safely stored.

Familiarize Oneself With the Healthcare System

Is it possible for someone from Ireland to access Canada’s free public healthcare system? Visa requirements and the laws of the state or province you now place will determine your eventual fate.

Without proof of permanent residency, Ontarians make you wait three months before you may use the province’s healthcare system. Medical expenses like checkups and prescriptions won’t come out of pocket if you have health insurance.

Best Cities to Live in Canada

Canada has a reputation for welcoming individuals from all walks of life, so you should feel at ease in practically any part of the country. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of Canada’s top five cities to settle down.

1. Vancouver

West Coast Seaport in Vancouver. Vancouver is a vibrant and diverse city. It is surrounded by thriving visual and performing arts centers. The Vancouver Art Gallery exhibits works by local artists, while the Museum of Anthropology houses First Nations collections. 

2. Toronto 

Toronto is on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario. The CN Tower dwarfs the majority of the city’s structures. The oval at Queen’s Park and the walkways, sports facilities, and zoo at High Park are examples of green areas in Toronto. 

3. Saskatchewan 

Saskatchewan is on the border with the United States. Up north, there are coniferous forests, rivers, lakes, and the Canadian Shield. In Regina, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum has exhibits on natural history and First Nations culture. 

4. Montreal

Montréal is the provincial capital of Québec. Mt. Royal is a three-peaked island in the Saint Lawrence River. Cities like Vieux-Montréal and Plateau are now part of Montreal, but they were previously independent municipalities.

5. Calgary

The oil industry is essentially to blame for Calgary’s tremendous growth. The city’s western heritage is on show at the Calgary Stampede rodeo and the festival in the middle of July.

Reasons to Move to Canada from Ireland

Ireland’s population formerly migrated north to Canada in search of a more reliable food supply. These days, people travel for various purposes, including school, work, and other pursuits. 

People in Ireland often express a wish to go to Canada for the following reasons:

Better and More Profitable Jobs

The need to make room for people with technical expertise has arisen in response to the quick pace at which technology is evolving. Canadians have access to a wealth of good employment opportunities. 

There are a plethora of opportunities to launch or grow a high-paying business in the information technology (IT), technology (tech), or internet (i.e., “internet of things”) sector.

Getting a Job Is Simpler

A skilled and experienced Irishman can find work quickly under the current status quo. Canadian job searchers might learn about available positions from internet job boards.

This aids Irish immigrants to Canada by verifying that their skillsets are a good match for available positions.

Economic Stability

Suppose you are Irish and are considering emigrating to Canada. In that case, you are Irish and are considering emigrating to Canada; you should be aware that you can count on earning a reasonable living salary and having a financially stable future in Canada.

This is fundamental if you wish to settle into a satisfying way of life in a new nation. Most Canadian firms offer attractive compensation and benefits packages.

Jobs Available to Irish Citizens in Canada

There are a variety of paths open to Irish persons who want to immigrate to Canada. Let’s examine the most promising subfields in terms of possible earnings.

IT & Tech Jobs

Canada is one of many nations preparing to strengthen its IT infrastructure. As such, it is actively recruiting skilled individuals from all around the world, particularly in Ireland, through the federal skilled worker program.

You may rest assured that you will find a rewarding job in this region due to the high quality of life, competitive wages, and low difficulty of doing business.

Irish immigrants to Canada can choose from a wide variety of well-paying positions in this industry.

  1. Computer programmers
  2. Data scientists for the business world
  3. Developers\sTechnicians
  4. Managers in the information technology sector
  5. Coders who work on the web
  6. Consultants
  7. Protective Services Personnel

Jobs in management and business development

Because so many skilled positions are accessible, Canada attracts many people from other countries because this industry appeals to them.

A good number of skilled managers are currently on standby in Ireland, and many of them are contemplating immigrating to Canada.

  • Those in charge of managing IT initiatives
  • Marketing experts specializing in a variety of subfields

Jobs in Finance & Accounting

Because of its growing economy, Canada is always looking for skilled labourers to fill its available positions.

Because of this, Irish accountants and financiers have historically had more success finding jobs in Canada. 

Accountants can work in the public or private sector once they have their chartered status. 

Due to the large pay packages offered in Canada, moving to Canada from Ireland, where the cost of living is reasonably high, can be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Jobs in Engineering

When a country’s population is overgrowing, it needs engineers more than ever to help improve the country for its citizens.

A severe lack of engineers with backgrounds in computer science, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and electrical engineering exists in Canada.

They could be helpful in many fields, from manufacturing to the energy sector, and help expand the national economy.

Canada is the place to go if you are an Irishman with skill and qualifications looking for increased opportunities and higher living standards.

It shouldn’t take too long to realize your dream because moving to Canada from Ireland is easy.

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Is It Cheaper to Live in Canada or the UK?

The average Canadian spends $1720 per year on necessities, whereas a British resident would need to add an extra $224 to their budget to keep up with the same standard of life. 

The cost of living in Canada is 13% lower than that in the UK. Also, some may argue that the beautiful way of life available to people in Canada is significantly superior to that in the UK.

Is Living in Canada Expensive?

Canada has one of the highest cost of living indexes and one of the highest median salaries in the world. At over $37,800, Canada’s median income is one of the highest in the world.

Canada is a great place to build a profession and settle down. Canada’s world-class universities, cultural diversity, and pleasant people attract international students. Canada is pricey, but the experience is worth it.

Do Irish Citizens Need a Work Permit for Canada?

The Canada Working Holiday Visa program permits Irish people to visit and work in Canada for two years. Anyone arriving in Canada on a working holiday visa must be issued an open work permit by an immigration officer.

With an open work permit, you can work in Canada in any capacity for up to two years. This authorization covers the entire country. A treaty between Canada and a few other nations, including Ireland, permits foreign nationals to study and work there.

What City Has the Most Irish?

Saint John, considered the most Irish city in all of Canada, has a history of over two centuries. Therefore, it began with the arrival of Irish American Loyalists in 1783. 

Globally, New York has the highest percentage of Irish individuals of any state, with 12.9% claiming Irish ancestry, compared to 11.1% overall. Meanwhile, Boston has the highest concentration of persons of Irish heritage of any city, with 20.4%.


Those raised in Ireland who decide to settle in Canada will be better off in more ways than one. It could be beneficial to talk with an immigration attorney if you want to increase the likelihood of being granted immigration.

You have a lot of different options for immigration, and our guide will help you manage them all.

Read on for tips on finding a new home in Canada, obtaining a work visa, and more.

I hope our guide will assist you during the migration process.