You’ve just moved to Toronto, maybe from another country or area within Canada. Settling down was a laborious process, but you finally did it, and now you are wondering, “What’s the best way to go looking for a job?”

Well, it all begins with gathering all the important information you need and being well-prepared for what’s to come. In brief, understand that in order to work in Toronto, you need a work permit and social number. If unsure how to go about this, take time to familiarize yourself with the requirements to move to Canada, then get to know more about work permits.  

Next, work on your résumé/CV. Make sure it’s able to meet Canadian Standards. You also have to improve your mastery of the English or French language as these two are the most commonly used languages of communication in Toronto.

In the next sections, we’ll explore more about how to find a job in Toronto, starting with resumes then Toronto’s labor market, platforms/job boards you should watch out for, and a lot more.

How Can I Upgrade My Résumé To Improve My Chances Of Finding A Job In Toronto?

While Toronto has plenty of job opportunities, it would be great to bear in mind that there are professionals like you also looking for the same jobs. To stand out and increase your chances, your résumé has to be persuasive.

After every work milestone, change of responsibilities, work promotion, or new certification, it mostly works to your advantage if your update your résumé. Likewise, if you’ve gained new skills or seen a project to completion, this should be featured in this document.

Unfortunately, some Toronto recruiters will be eager to see some sort of experience working in Canada on your résumé before you are considered for roles, especially those above entry-level positions.

One way to navigate such a situation is to start out temporarily. After some months, your employer is likely to hire you if they are impressed by your potential. Besides, you’ll have gained some local work experience.

If you need more help, get in touch with Toronto’s reputable résumé writing service experts.

What You Need To Know About Toronto’s Labor Market

Late last year, Canada’s unemployment rate fell to its lowest in nearly nine years. In Ontario alone, employment rose by over 137,900 net new jobs. What’s more, for over two years, Ontario’s unemployment rate has remained below the country’s national average.

That, combined with the fact that Toronto is the country’s economic hub means there are a variety of economy sectors currently doing well in Toronto and from which you are likely to get a job. A huge percentage of the available jobs are full-time and in sectors that pay above-average rates.

Some of these thriving sectors include:

  • Finance industry
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Food and Drinks
  • Life sciences

Early this year, the following were listed as some of the most demanding jobs across Canada, according to Global News Canada:

  • General laborer
  • Sales representative
  • Accountant
  • Engineering project manager
  • Business analyst
  • Customer service representative
  • IT project manager
  • Account manager
  • Software engineer
  • Forklift operators

Something else you might be interested in knowing is the general minimum wage rate. In Ontario, it’s 14.00 CAD per hour. However, students, home workers, fishing and hunting guides, and waiters in businesses that sell alcohol have a different minimum wage rate.

Even though Toronto’s labor market looks promising, don’t forget that it’s pretty competitive as well. So, see to it that you are well-prepared before making your first move.

Where Do I Find Job Postings?finding a job

Before making your application for a work visa, you’ll have to find a couple of companies in your sector and communicate with them about any available positions.

To increase your chances of being considered for a position, maximize your networking skills and try to establish solid professional links with your prospective employer. Strive to find ways to make them know that you have plans to relocate to Canada and that you have a passion for the opportunity that awaits.

One of the ways to find your potential employer is to go through the popular online job boards in Canada.

Job Boards

Examples include:

  • JobBank – JobBank is Canada’s government official job board. On the website, you’ll find detailed information about the requirements for each available position, outlooks, career trends, and so on.
  • Indeed – Indeed is popular in Toronto just as it’s popular in other cities around the world. Hundreds of available jobs are added on the website every week.
  • Monster – Monster is a comprehensive website in which you’ll find career advice, resources, and get to post your CV as you wait for potential recruiters to find you.

Others include:

Community Organizations And Social Services

Another way to refine your job search is to link up with community organizations and social services based in Toronto that are dedicated to helping newcomers. Here, you will not only participate in workshops related to the labor market and life in Toronto but also meet and learn new skills from other professionals.

Career Cards

In order to help foreign skilled workers searching for job opportunities In Toronto, the government of Ontario has partnered with regulation organizations to come up with career cards. On these cards, you’ll find information about the registration process, language requirements, status of the labor market, and a lot more on how to get a job in Toronto. To learn more, visit the Ontario immigration website.

Consortium of Agencies Serving Internationally Trained Professionals (CASIP)

CASIP provides language courses, workshops, and other forms of help to newcomers seeking a job in Toronto and surrounding areas. These programs cover multiple sectors, from accounting, finance, and sales to engineering, business management, human resources, and many others. Besides gaining knowledge on how to look for a job in Toronto, you’ll also have an opportunity to network.

In Conclusion

Consider this article a brief guide on every important thing you’ve ever wanted to know about how about how to find a job in Toronto. To sum up, familiarize yourself with the immigration requirements, understand the labor market, and then work on your résumé. Once it’s ready, begin your search. If possible, maximize all the available platforms we’ve mentioned. Don’t forget to employ your best networking skills as well. Above everything else, find ways to stand out in order to survive the tough competition.