Like any other big city, Toronto has so many internet options to choose from, a fact that makes the process of settling on the best option a bit complicated and demanding.

Mostly, you’ll run into a number of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable internet service providers offering irresistible offers, like high-speed internet plans at unbeatable prices without a contract.

As tempting as the offers may sound, it would be great not to make an instant decision until you’ve evaluated your needs. Ask yourself questions like “What do I plan to use the internet for?”, “How long will I want to stay connected?”, and so on.

What’s good is that most internet service providers (ISPs) have internet plans designed to meet our different needs, mainly for homes and businesses. Therefore, knowing your needs will help you narrow down the best internet in Toronto and also select a plan that satisfies your expectations.

Later on, we’ll be looking at some of the best internet options in this city. But before that, let’s learn more about how to choose one.

Internet Options Available In Toronto

In Toronto, ISPs deliver fast internet in several modes, namely:

  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) – DSL utilizes phone lines, and it’s relatively faster compared to conventional dial-up connections.
  • Cable Internet – Cable internet delivers faster internet speeds compared to DSL. What sets it apart from other connections is that the internet speed is shared with the rest of the connections in a neighbourhood.
  • Satellite Internet – This type of connection operates with the help of receiver satellites. It’s more effective in remote places. However, its main downside is that it’s quite expensive and less fast.
  • Fibre Optics – Fiber Optic internet operates over the optical network. Currently, it’s one of the fastest types of connection for homes, businesses, and institutions.

Selecting The Right Internet Service Provider

A number of things you will want to keep in mind while looking for the city’s best internet provider in 2018 include:

Contract Period

Even though the majority of ISPs don’t offer contracts, in the event you come across one that does, take time to read through the document carefully in order to understand what you are about to sign up for. Pay extra attention to the billing options, extra fees, and the like.

Buying Vs Renting The Router and Modeminternet providers toronto

If you don’t intend to use the internet for long, it might be better to rent the modem and router. Most companies offer the devices on a lease. This can actually help bring down the cost of your internet package. For those who plan to use the internet for a long period of time, leasing might not be a better option. Instead, you can just purchase the devices.


How you plan to transfer your data will decide the kind of speed you require. Upstream speed and downstream speed are the two types of speeds you should watch out for. The former has to do with how fast data can be sent, while the latter focuses on the rate at which you can download/receive data.

High download speeds fit most uses, but better upstream speeds matter, too, especially if you plan to transfer large files or carry out tasks like hosting a website, working with interactive tools, and so on.

Be Explicit About Your Needs

Before you approach any of the internet providers in Toronto, have a list of needs you expect to be met completely. Your scope of needs could include things like downloading and/or uploading huge files, the amount of traffic you expect to receive (if running a website, e-commerce sites, and the like), using social media, and so on.

Generally, your expectations will determine the kind of connection, amount of data, and speed that is right for you. For instance, if you would like to enjoy an uninterrupted connection 24/7, it would be great if you opted for unlimited internet plans.

Value Added Services

In addition to internet plans, some companies provide special services that can help you do things like reading and storing emails offline, hosting a website, and storing files offline, just to name but a few. Usually, it’s custom software that comes complete with security software as well. Thus, your search should determine who has the best internet deals in Toronto.

Best Internet Service Providers In Toronto

As promised earlier, here’s a brief look at some of the best internet options to consider:

1. TekSavvy

TekSavvy was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Chatham, Ontario. In Toronto, they have great internet coverage and a strong internet signal. But that aside, their unique and customer-centric approach has made them a viable internet option for most consumers.

For the most part, it is the fact that they are not out to lock you into a contract that has made them quite a popular option in Toronto, as most homes and businesses prefer this sort of flexibility.

TekSavvy believes in integrity, transparency, and offering good internet service. In addition to always trying to figure out if you like their internet service options, they will retain you not because you are locked into a contract but because their internet services are stellar.

Both businesses and homes stand to benefit from:

  • High-speed DSL
  • Cable Internet
  • Sky-Fi internet

By logging on to the TekSavvy website and choosing either of the above categories, the site will be able to inform you of suitable, affordable options in respect to your needs and geographical location in Toronto.

2. Acanac

Acanac was founded in 2004 at a time when there were numerous unsatisfied internet consumers in the market. The market needed an alternative provider that would provide a more customized service that is different from the giant tech companies.

In came Acanac to the rescue. Headquartered in Ontario and Québec, Toronto residents can be assured of unlimited high-speed internet.

Acanac presently has varied unlimited high-speed internet offers ranging from $19.95 for 15Mbps (1Mbps upload) to $89 for 250Mbps (20 Mbps Upload) and everything in between to suit every home and business at an affordable price.

3. Rogers Internet

Roger internet service provider is headquartered in Toronto and was founded in 1995. This company provides cable internet that is also branded as ‘hybrid fibre’. Although this indicates the use of a coaxial cable in your home, the frequency of the internet service is separate from the cable television service that they also provide.

Rogers has numerous wireless plans. Presently, for a limited time only, the company has a wireless internet sharing offer of 5GB data for $67.50 per month per line for 24 months. The offer comes includes two phones.

If your need is home or office internet, you can also consider their ‘ignite’ package that offers unlimited internet with a download speed of 150Mbps for $74.99 monthly. Note that the installation fee will be waived if you intend to self-install.

In addition to these three, you might want to check out Execulink Telecom, Bell, VMedia, Velcom Internet, and Beanfield, all of which have amazing offers and have gathered positive reviews among Torontonians. Whether you are looking for the best home internet provider in Toronto or one that will meet your office needs, either of these companies has what it takes to make it to your shortlist.


Considering that internet needs will vary from one individual or family to another and from one business to another, you will find the services of the above-mentioned ISPs worth your time and effort as they have extensive internet menus to select from. Chances are high; you will find a package that meets your situation.

In fact, here, the field has been narrowed enough for you to be able to find the best internet in Toronto with ease. And given that these companies seem to be quite flexible, affordable high-speed internet is a possibility you should expect.