When moving to Toronto, you will need to move your utilities as well. Some of the best cable providers in Toronto are there to help you relax after a stressful day, and this is also one of the services that you should consider when moving. In fact, this is an often overlooked option, but we recommend you give it a thought well before moving to the city – as this will help you find the best and the cheapest option there is for you.

In fact, there are dozens of cable providers in the city. With an offer this rich, you will be able to choose among many different plans and discover what suits your needs the best. Far from a simple search of their internet service and comparing the download speed offered when looking at different Internet packages, you will need to consider what channels you actually like watching and what TV Shows you cannot live without. VMedia, Cogeco Connexion, Ignite TV by Rogers, Zazeen TotalTV, and Beanfield Metroconnect are generally named as some of the best cable providers out there, but let’s consider what the best service for YOU is.

Needless to say, in the technology era, there have been a lot of developments of the technology. From an actual cable that ran to your home a few decades ago, cable now stands for a variety of technologies used to deliver the TV signal to your home. In fact, there is the standard cable, the Internet cable, satellite TV, fibre optics, and the digital TV signal (available to all, generally not considered a cable, but a useful option to consider).

Overview of Best Cable Provider in Toronto

There are many cable providers in Canada overall. Not all of them work in every province, so moving from one place to another may bring an entirely different service. Plan extras with cable Internet plans may include a set of popular channels and plan options in one province, while in Ontario, the extra channels may differ and your favourite channels may come with an entirely different plan price. The affordable TV packages in one area may include only the Low-Cost “Skinny” TV Plan, while in other provinces they may include a more popular TV package. For this reason, let’s consider some of the best plans there are in Toronto and some of the best service providers in the area.

Spotlight on Major Providers and Their Services

Each independent service provider in Toronto has an offer that is unique to them. And while the vast majority of channels are the same, over a dozen Internet service providers and cable providers make exclusive contracts with different TV stations for exclusive rights to stream their content. This means that no two service providers will have exactly the same offer. Still, you should only choose one of them, as purchasing multiple packages may be counterproductive and cost more than the benefits you receive by having more than one cable option. Let’s now go and consider 9 most popular Ontario Canada-based TV providers:


VMedia offers several services, including VMedia TV, Premium Flex packages, Grand Premium Package, a number of apps that support streaming using this service, and two languages for streaming to choose from – English and French. The company is a pioneer in live TV programs and IPTV streaming. It offers over 200 channels and allows you to build your own TV offer, based on the channels and the type of content you like to watch. You will need to have their Internet service to be able to access cable television. Their bundle deals are low-cost and offer good, flat rates with a contract.

TekSavvy TV

TekSavvy TV offers television services and Internet services. They have over 20 years of experience, 24/7 customer service, good rates, and no hidden fees and they also serve rural areas if you plan on moving close to Toronto, but not to the city itself. Their TV services are available only to their Internet users.

Cogeco Connexion

Cogeco Connexion offers television, phone service, and Internet services to both residential and small business customers in Canada. It has a two-way broadcasting network, meaning that a lot of additional services are available to you. The company has been in the business for over 65 years and has more than 1.6 million customers in Quebec and Ontario only. The company has also managed to expand to the US, testifying to the quality of its service.

Epico by Cogeco TV

Epico by CogecoTV covers a wide area, which includes Milton, Hamilton, Oakville, Kingston, Windsor, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, and Burlington, all in Ontario. The service is expanded each year so that more areas will be covered. You get unlimited content with them, and access to over 1,000 channels. You can also stream through several supported apps and can rewind their program for up to 72 hours. The platform also enables you to record in HD and 4K (selected channels), and you also get a remote with voice commands.

Ignite TV by Rogers

Ignite TV by Rogers offers a variety of services and channels to TV lovers in the province. The company uses two-way broadcasting, meaning that on-demand services and on-demand streaming are also available. When it comes to the additional services you get with the Ignite TV, you have series info, movie info, trending programs as well as content from both live and broadcast TV, as well as some Netflix content.


SimplTV is offered by Coextro. To get their TV service, you will also need to have an Internet connection, but most of the devices out there are supported, including different streaming apps and Android and Apple devices. They offer the ability to pause broadcast programs and watch at your convenience, and their Skinny Basic TV service offers only 17 channels – perfect for those who do not watch too much TV or simply do not like browsing through over 100 channels to find the best movie.

Zazeen TotalTV

Zazeen TotalTV is an IPTV streaming service available in Ontario. The company is privately owned and is a 100% Canadian company. To access their basic subscription package, you will need to have their Internet connection, or Internet Connection from one of the companies in the same family of brands. When it comes to the company itself, it was rebranded as TotalTV, and the old name was Zazeen TV.

Beanfield Metroconnect

Beanfield Metroconnect is dedicated to good customer experience, and they provide services to both residential and business customers in the Toronto area. The company offers Internet services, home phone services and TV services. The TV service itself is carried out through several TV packages, starting at just CAD20 a month (for 37 channels).

Take A Look At Beanfield – Connecting Toronto:

Virgin Plus

Virgin Plus offers free modem rentals and has a good customer service app. The service has a good cable connection and faster connection than many of its competitors. Their Internet packages offer unlimited Internet for entire households, and they allow you to bundle Internet and cell phone services for a lower price. The TV packages are also available (tech-limited, depending on your connection type, although a good Internet connection will always allow IPTV to be streamed). If you sign up for a package with a minimum duration of 6 months, you will receive a free Google Chromecast.

Pricing and Plans of Top Providers

Canada TV providers work hard to provide you with excellent service and to ensure that you get what you need. In the table below, you will see the offers that some of the most popular TV services have made for you alongside the pricing of their different packages. Please beware that some (such as Virgin Plus) demand you be a registered customer to even see the offer they have, so the table may be somewhat incomplete.

Company NameBasic Package ChannelsBasic Package Price in CADPremium Package ChannelsPremium Package Price in CAD“A-la-carte” TV Channels“A-la-carte” TV Channels – Price per Channel in CADAdditional Services
VMedia3119.95100+74.95YesN/AInternet, Home Phone, Home Security
TekSavvy TV4025N/AN/AYes, up to 4045.00 totalInternet
Cogeco Connexion30Location-based60Location-basedAvailable with all packagesN/AInternet and Home Phone
Epico by Cogeco TV30Location-based60Location-basedAvailable with all packagesN/AInternet
Ignite TV by Rogers40114.99116149.99116169.99Mobile, Internet, Home Security
SimplTV33157035Yes, 6 packages5-20Internet, Mobile Phone, Home Phone
Zazeen Total TV30+25110100N/AN/AN/A
Beanfield Metroconnect37209845Yes, 8 packages2-18Internet and Home Phone
Virgin PlusN/A35 with InternetN/AN/AN/AN/APhones and Internet

Exploring Independent Providers and Their Unique Offers

While looking for the best plans and packages for you, you may notice that many small broadcasters or TV service providers are working in Toronto. When it comes to these smaller companies, they are usually regionally available and may not have exactly the offer that some larger companies do. When it comes to smaller companies, it is always important to keep in mind that many of them are young and will try to attract as many customers with limited-time offers, lower prices, premium channels in basic or skinny packages, and free equipment. This could be your chance to secure a good TV offer while getting settled in Canada.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cable Provider

Even the cheapest cable TV Toronto service will still provide you with a decent number of channels and a service that is of a certain level of quality. However, it is often all the other factors that go into providing a service that will influence how satisfied you are with the package offered to you and how likely you are to have a worry-free service delivered to your home. Some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a cable provider in Toronto include:

  • Excellent customer service – friendly customer service is an important aspect of any service that is offered to you. The network reliability and other important factors are usually automated and there is little difference in the technological aspect of providing a service between different providers, but knowing that there is a human on the other side of genuine customer service can be a good starting point when working with any company. For this reason, check out the service providers in your area, and do your research – see what the consumer service offerings they have, how friendly they are, and stay away from overly positive or negative comments
  • The ease and availability of access. When it comes to the access itself, the innovative TV services offer access on demand, which is a need that has arisen with the advent of Internet technologies. This could be something important to consider, especially if you are not always at home. Some cable providers will allow you to rewind their channels for up to a week or sometimes even more, but will not allow watching programs before the premiere
  • Channel selection – the ease of navigation of the service and the User Interface and the selection of channels are also very important. We will look into this a bit later
  • On-Demand services – On-Demand services are very important today, as you may need to watch your TV shows only once back from a holiday. Purchasing a DVD is not an option anymore for most people, so you may need to consider on-demand streaming an essential offer for you to consider a service provider
  • The ease of switching plans – some of the best services include the fastest speeds (in Internet-based packages, or IPTV packages), and the ease of switching between packages. The way it works is that you will be able to choose a package for a while and then move to another package if you see that the service offered is not good enough. When it comes to switching from one package to the next, beware that switching from lower-cost packages to those that are priced higher is usually free. However, vice-versa does not have to hold, so if you think you’re overpaying for the service you’re not using, switching to a more affordable service may come with an extra cost. Ask about this (we recommend over an email, so you have it in writing) when considering a provider
  • Bundling offered – a modern home needs a lot of popular services – cable, TV, phone services, and even security services. Most of these can be purchased from a single provider. If this is the case, you should consider all the services as separate services (for example internet service options by one provider and then cable from another provider) and you will need to compare these prices to bundles that may be offered. Bundles are groups of different services, where purchasing a bundle may come at a much lower price than purchasing services individually. The range of service bundles offered is also high so consider spending some time browsing through the options offered in your area
  • HD service – unlimited Internet packages and a high-speed service are easy to quantify, but with cable, it may be different. HD channels are rising in popularity as TV sets are becoming more advanced, so consider how many are included. Beware that the older cable technologies may not support HD streaming, and that IPTV-based TV service as well as fiber networks may be the best option – and they are offered by major TV service companies in Toronto

Comparing Pricing and Packages

Even the best TV provider Ontario will offer a number of services at different prices. For this reason, we recommend you make your own spreadsheet for ease of choosing and to reduce the headaches that come with the selection itself. Canadian-based customer service is a big plus, but so is a low price and a lot of channels offered. When comparing prices and packages, simply choosing the fastest plan and the most channels may not work anymore – consider what types of services and what channels are important for you and eliminate all the packages that do not have them right away. Up to two dozen services should be considered, as more will be too much to choose from.

Assessing Service Quality and Customer Support

Service quality can be a bit difficult to estimate as one thing can be quality service for you, while something entirely else for another customer. In general, a good-quality service should include popular channels with the basic plans, the ability to bundle with internet plans, cheap plans overall (beware that the cheapest Internet plan may not always be the best, especially if you need it for work), and good customer support.

Good customer support will need to be able to resolve your issues and provide all the information you need. Professional customer service and a passion for customer service that is timely and can be accessed without too much of a waiting time are also on the list. The base customer service center should be in Canada, while technical support can be elsewhere. Commitment to customer experience can easily be reviewed online, on BBB.org (they work both in Canada and the US), and similar services.

Make A List Of Must-Have Channels

Last, but not least, you should also consider what channels you like watching. The primary channels that come included in cheaper packages are usually not that popular, and the excellent HD channels may cost a bit more to access. For this reason, make a list of your favourite channels you like to watch – they may include your favourite family channel or multicultural channels if you are immigrating to Canada. Popular specialty channels (such as 24Kitchen and similar) should also be considered and the channel lineup on the menu itself (the EPG) needs to be considered too. As everyone has their own mix of favourite channels and features they would consider important, we leave it to you to choose what you need in your bundle.

Examine The Available Options

So, TV service providers in Toronto offer a variety of technologies that you can use to access TV services in Canada. You can choose one or more, but always beware that choosing more than one such service will quickly increase your monthly utilities, as these do come cheap, but add up quickly. Let’s consider the pros and cons of each of these technologies.

Standard Cable

First of all, there is the standard cable. This is the service that first comes to mind when you think of the old-style service. It is one of the most affordable services out there, and the odds are that your new Toronto home already has a connection to it. What is left to do is see what providers work in the area and simply choose one to connect to. The streaming is available 24/7 and there is unlimited usage with every independent TV provider offering this service. You may need to install some additional equipment to access the service, but the equipment is usually delivered for free and you have to return it once you choose to end the contract services or switch to another provider.

Internet Cable

The Internet cable is offered by Internet providers. Internet service providers have been offering streaming app services and special equipment that you can connect to your smart TV or regular TV to get access to the service. When it comes to the speeds that you will need to choose to ensure a reliable service, some of the fastest services a decade ago are standard services today, so you will have a wide range to choose from. You will pay more every month for Internet service, and there will also be more than one package to choose from. This service can also be costly, depending on the package that you choose, but you will get streaming-on-demand, rewind services, reruns on demand, etc. as added services you can expect. This is the best option for those who have a busy lifestyle but want to have access to TV services on demand.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV is a whole different technology. It is not exactly on the list of the most affordable TV services, and with the advent of Internet technologies, it has been on the decline. Satellite TV offers consistent service and allows you to choose among thousands of TV programs from all over the world. Satellite TV also offers Internet services at times, although the speeds are not as high as with land-based technologies and the service may be patchy at times, depending on the weather conditions. We generally do not recommend this type of service.

Fibre Service/Optics

Fibre optics (or fibre service) is a state-of-the-art technology for delivering digital signals to your home. It works on similar principles to the ADSL and VDSL technology (both used to deliver Internet traffic to your home) but uses light pulses to deliver the information to your devices. This allows much higher speeds and no interruptions when more than one TV is on in the home, and your child wants to stream their favourite YouTuber at the same time. We recommend you consider this a viable option if the technology is available in your area.

Digital TV

The digital TV is a simple step up from the old analogue signal that was used to deliver the TV signal to your home. Digitalization has allowed many more TV channels to be streamed simultaneously within the same bandwidth and has increased both the quality and the availability of the streaming service. When it comes to this service, it is important to consider the availability in your area – although the technology is not new, there are still patches of Ontario where it may not work the best. As establishing new infrastructure can be more difficult than with other technologies, we would recommend you ask around the neighbourhood first – see what their experience is like and then choose what you think works the best for you.

Technological Advancements in Cable Services

As we’ve mentioned before, technology is constantly being improved, and this improvement has brought about a significant change in the way that the TV signal is brought to your home. The cable TV that we once knew is dying out and is being replaced with other services that we got to call ‘cable’. When it comes to these, they have been explained above in more detail, so let’s just focus on the pros that new technologies have brought to your TV set:

  • more channels – as digital technologies allow more information to be streamed through the same bandwidth, it is clear that this means you can enjoy more channels
  • TV on demand, or on-demand-streaming, is another useful function that allows you to wrap your TV experience around your schedule, rather than vice-versa
  • TV rewind – allows you to watch channels and their content up to a week after they are broadcasted
  • Live TV pause – advanced technology also allows you to pause live TV and continue watching when ready to do so
  • TV recording – if you are on a long holiday but do not want to miss any of your favourite TV shows, you can easily set up recording and they will wait for you to return and watch them later. The number of hours of TV you can record is very limited
  • Two-Way Broadcasting – this is the technology that is used as a basis for all other services and it enables you to interact with the user interface on IPTV and similar services, unlike the old TV, which was a passive experience – the signal would be broadcast for available devices to pick up and present on the screen, but the returning signal had to wait more than 6 decades to be invented
  • High-definition television – the old television had a maximum resolution of 640×480. The resolution itself was not a thing back then, but this is a rough estimate. Today, the television signal is broadcast up to 4K of parallel lines (the vertical line resolution) and allows for a higher quality picture and a more engaging viewer experience. The same trend can be seen in the audio layer as well, where some streaming services allow even 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound to be streamed to your home device

As technology keeps evolving, so will the possibilities that TV technology has to offer. 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound is already a reality in some experimental streaming services, and 8K is being slowly ushered into the market. More vibrant colours and deeper picture definitions are also there to overtake the market and so are more engaging, personalized experiences that you can enjoy for a relatively low price. Artificial intelligence is already capable of creating some content, and it is only a matter of time before you will be able to stream movies and TV shows made for you, beyond the current experience of personalized recommendations that we see with many streaming services.

Bundling Options and Additional Services

Some of the best cell phone plans in Toronto can be seen as a bundle addition to your TV or TV and Internet package. To increase the utilization rate of their equipment and to offer an ecosystem of products to their users, many cable and TV providers now offer cost-effective rates which are a good deal for households just moving into the Toronto area. You should check these out, as these bundles usually include unlimited internet for an additional CAD20-50 on top of your cable package. When it comes to the content streaming on some other services, you will need to check these out as well.

Mobile phones, home phones, and home security are all provided by the same houses and they are likely to cost much less than when purchased as separate services. Of course, this does not mean that you have to buy a whole package, especially as you may not need a service. So, if you do not use a home phone, there is no reason to pay for it, and if you only need 2 cell phone plans, there is simply no need to include a package with 4 of them to secure a lower price on your cable. Always be smart with your choices, and choose only what you actually need and will use.

Internet TV Providers in Toronto

As we can see in the table above, many companies offer bundles including Internet and TV services. Some companies also only allow access to their TV service if you already have their Internet services as a part of your package. Some companies even base their business models on selling packages or bundles of services, and offer these at lower prices than you would otherwise have to pay. Although the emerging generations prefer to simply have an Internet connection and pay for streaming services (Netflix, HBO, Disney+, and others), some still prefer the old-style TV to the streaming platforms. Here are five companies working in Toronto that sell Internet TV bundles:

  • Cogeco Connexion
  • Zazeen TotalTV
  • Beanfield Metroconnect
  • Ignite TV by Rogers
  • VMedia

Smart Consumer Strategies

So far, if you’ve followed our recommendations, you have a list or a spreadsheet with some cable providers in your area who offer the channels you like at prices you find affordable. Bear in mind that the most expensive packages and bundles may not be suited for all, as a small family may only need one Internet speed, and not the highest one. Also, if you only watch TV every now and then, there is no need for a Premium Flex package and 200+ channels. With this in mind, it may be possible to negotiate the price in some cases, and never forget to refer to customer insights to estimate what is the best deal for you.

Look Out For Deals And Negotiate

Every now and then, most of the providers will offer some of their services at discounted prices, or they will provide you with some perks that can reduce the price you pay in the end. These may include a free period when you do not have to pay for the services, and they can also include freebies, such as free equipment, credit, or a similar offer.

Likewise, some providers may offer free services for a while if you switch to them from another provider or if they are your first provider in the area. Likewise, you can also call and negotiate the price, especially if you are their customer already. If you manage to find a similar or the same service with another provider at a lower price, call your current provider and see if they can match the price first, before switching to another company.


What Is the Best TV Provider in Ontario?

Many vote that Virgin Plus is their favourite TV provider in Ontario. The company is not very transparent about their pricing on the website, but the fast Internet speeds and good TV bundles make many satisfied by the company. Virgin Plus also offers a state-of-the-art app and a lot of functionality that some competitors do not. The biggest con is that some services can only be purchased through a bundle.

What is the Average Cable Bill in Canada?

The average Canadian cable bill is CAD52. This is despite many offers starting from CAD15 a month. For this reason, it is clear that you need to be careful when choosing the company that delivers this important service to your home. After all, CAD37 saved is not much, but this is CAD450 a year for just one of maybe a dozen bills you have to pay every month. When it comes to these, it is clear that choosing smart can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Who is the Cheapest Cable TV Provider in Toronto?

SimplTV offers their basic TV bundle for just CAD15 a month. When it comes to the service, this is the lowest that we could find. The package includes 33 channels and is almost 8 times cheaper than a similar offer by IgniteTV (CAD114 for 40 channels).

Final Considerations

Getting a cable in Canada can be very cheap, with packages starting at just CAD15. Considering that the most expensive basic package we could find was starting from CAD114, it is clear that this offer is very affordable. If you are just now moving to Canada or Toronto, you need to consider multiple companies and the bundles they offer to ensure that you get the best possible service for the lowest possible price. For this reason, we’ve come up with this guide, to help you navigate a new TV field in your new home.