Just a two-hour drive to the north of Vancouver lies Whistler’s resort town, located in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. This iconic resort is a mountain village that has maintained its charm and is an international destination for mountain sports—skiers from all around the world flock to Whistler every year.

The whistling sound emitted by marmots in this area inspired Whistler’s name. Skiing publications and guidebooks unanimously name it the best ski area in North America. The skiable area and the number of vertical feet are more significant here than at any other North American ski resort. It boasts over 200 designated routes.

If you’re a person who thrives in the great outdoors and deeply appreciates mountains and the natural world, you may never want to leave. Read on to find out more about this stunning area.

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Benefits of Living in Whistler

It is up to each individual to determine whether the positives of living in Whistler outweigh the drawbacks. It is a utopia for extroverted individuals who thrive in nature.  Let’s break down all the reasons why you should move to Whistler.

You’ll Experience Daily Vacation-like Feelings

Whistler is a breathtaking mountain community that offers something for every traveller. From endless hiking trails and scenic views to world-class skiing and snowboarding, you’re sure to find your new favourite activity in Whistler. 

But what makes Whistler unique is that it’s not just a place for tourists—it’s home to many residents who enjoy the same activities as their visitors. Whether you’re coming here for a day or an entire season, you’ll always experience vacation-like feelings when visiting this mountain town.

Your New Backyard Is the Mountains

The beauty of Whistler is undeniable. You will wake up to views of the valley and surrounding mountains daily, including Grouse Mountain and Whistler Mountain. Wouldn’t it be great to start your day this way?

The mountains hold an incredible amount of natural beauty, from hiking trails to pristine lakes. And they’re close at hand—you can be in the mountains within minutes of leaving your home.

The summer months are perfect for hiking or biking in Whistler’s backcountry. Winter brings skiing and snowboarding on some of North America’s best slopes.

Whistler Locals Excel

Whistler offers everything you need and desire, but people determine a place’s quality. Whistler has a small-town atmosphere with big-city enthusiasm. Whistlerites are a friendly, cooperative group. Everyone’s gone from home, living the mountain dream. You may browse Facebook groups set up to aid with housing, jobs, and buy-sell sites.

Operation of Garbage Cans Requires Opposable Thumbs

The operation of garbage cans in Whistler requires opposable thumbs to make them bear-proof. Bears often hunt for food around sunrise and sunset throughout the summer. 

They wait out the season during colder months by hibernating in bear dens. A wide range of beautiful wildlife is found in this region.

Whistler Is a Festival and Event in Mecca

Whistler is a central ski resort town that attracts many visitors annually. Festivals and events of international calibre are not uncommon in Whistler. The Whistler Village Beer Festival is the largest in British Columbia, and the Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival is the largest in North America, bringing in some very cool professional mountain bikers.

It Is Not That Far from Vancouver

The downtown area of Vancouver is about 121 kilometres away from this region. When travelling by car, the trip from the airport to Whistler typically takes about two hours. Take a bus from downtown Vancouver or the airport if you’d rather not drive. Everything is walkable when you arrive. It’s crucial, as there aren’t many ski areas close to major cities.

30 Centimeters of New Snow Fell the Previous Night? To Be Late for Work Is Acceptable

Businesses and high schools in Whistler often have a policy of letting employees come in late or even cancelling classes if there has been a snowfall overnight.

In several North American ski resorts, their bosses give employees an outstanding amount of flexibility. A standard rule of thumb is that you can take the day off if it snows at least 30 centimetres.

Home Properties in Whistler

Finding affordable housing in Whistler might be challenging due to the town’s small size. The resort’s three main areas are Whistler, Blackcomb Mountain, and Creekside. Finding a place to live can be hectic in this region, especially in the winter, due to insufficient supply and excessive tourist demand. 


Even if you locate accommodation, it’s not permanent. Due to the winter tourist rush, Whistler landlords may raise rents. Your summer lease may extend until October, after which you must find a new house or agree to stay in the same one at much higher costs.

Summer leases start in May and end in October, whereas in cooler months, leases begin in October and conclude in May or June.


The most cost-effective alternative for seasonal employees is a shared flat. Summer shared rooms are $750 to $1,500, while single rooms cost $1,000-$1,500. Living with like-minded people can be interesting. Whistler winters are costly.

Private rooms cost $3k/mo, while shared rooms cost $1200 to $1600/mo. Find out if utilities are included before setting aside rent money. 

Staff Housing

If you’ve landed that dream job in the mountains with one of the larger companies, the company may cover housing in Whistler for you. Unfortunately, it’s first come, first served. If you decide to quit the employment that provides you with a place to live, you should know that you might end up without any place to live. 

Best Places To Live In Whistler

If you could not find any housing in Whistler, you could try your luck at other places nearby. Despite the inconvenient nature of the travel, many people make the trek from further out daily. Having stunning mountains to gaze at makes the experience more bearable.

Some of the best areas to live and work in terms of accessibility and feasibility include Squamish and Pemberton.


Only around 32 kilometres north of Whistler, Pemberton is home to a tiny but thriving community of about 3,000. Most individuals who go to Whistler do so from Pemberton since it is the most convenient choice.

You can get cheaper hotel rooms than at Whistler, but remember that you’ll need a vehicle if you want to save money on transportation.


The beautiful mountain town of Squamish is halfway between Whistler and Vancouver. It’s about 60 kilometres from Whistler. People who want to live outside Whistler and are willing to commute to their jobs in Whistler but also want to be close to Vancouver often choose Squamish. Squamish is the nearest big town to Whistler.

You need a car to get between Squamish and Whistler unless you’re okay with ridesharing. There isn’t much public transportation available between the two towns, and it can make the commute difficult.

Finding a Job in Whistler

A work permit is required to live and work in Canada for the season unless you already have a Canadian passport. You need to come to Whistler with a positive, can-do mindset if you want to find gainful employment here.

With this mentality, you’ll happily go the extra mile for your clients. Working on a mountaintop during the winter may make for long, hard days.

If you arrived in Whistler to pursue your passion, whether learning a new skill or spending more time in nature, it’s essential to find a job that will allow you to do both. Also, if you’re applying for a job that requires you to ski, don’t lie about how much experience you have.

The most convenient way to find a job is to look in the newspaper, on the internet, and attend job fairs. Large companies in cities across Canada host them twice yearly.

You may find out about them through local advertisements, but you’ll need to sign up in advance. In Whistler, having a second job is a norm. It’s an expensive city, so you must work harder to meet ends.

Getting to Whistler

Because of Whistler’s isolation, foreign visitors will likely need to switch planes. Luckily, there are several airports within easy reach. Drive time to the nearest major airport, Vancouver International, is two hours, while trips to Bellingham International Airport and Seattle-Tacoma take three and five hours, respectively.

Bellingham and Seattle-Tacoma airports are in the United States, so make sure to account for time spent crossing the border. Therefore, Flying directly into Canada is the most time-efficient option. From there, you can travel by road down the beautiful Highway 99.

How to Visit Around the City of Whistler?

The Village Stroll is a secure, pedestrian-only path that connects the stores, restaurants, and hotels in Whistler Village. Most of Whistler’s attractions are within walking distance or are readily accessible by the free Whistler Shuttle. 

There are also various vehicle rental agencies in Whistler. Numerous services are readily accessible. Thus travelling within the city is rarely a problem.

On Foot

The Village Stroll is a pedestrian-friendly and well-lit path that runs through Whistler Village, making it an excellent place for strolling. Walking through the beautiful sceneries of Whistler, you are forced to remind yourself to take it easy, relax, and breathe.

Through Valley Trail

Because of its importance in linking Whistler’s communities, lakes, and other areas of interest, the Valley Trail is included in every travel guide. This car-free boardwalk network spans over 40 kilometres of the city and parks. You may jog, bike, skate, or rollerblade on paved routes from Function Junction to Emerald and back.

Using Taxi

There are taxis available for hire if you’d rather not wait for the bus and instead go at your own pace. They provide a wide variety of vehicles, from small cars to large trucks.

Using a Car or a Motorcycle

You can rent a car from any of the rental agencies readily available in the city, or you can rent a motorcycle if you are one of those people who enjoy a motorcycle ride through the landscapes.

Through Bus

Whistler’s convenient public transportation system makes getting about the town a breeze. When in season, complimentary shuttles complement the excellent bus service and make life easier for vacationers. The one-way price is $2.50.

Renting a Bike

A bike is the ideal mode of transportation for those who like to explore residential areas while feeling the fresh cold air on their faces. It’s the quickest method to move from one place to another in the city. Cross-country bikes, dual suspension racers, and smooth wheels are all available to suit a variety of skiable terrain. 

What Are the Things You Can Do When in Whistler?

Although skiing and snowboarders take up the lion’s share of visitors’ time in Whistler, the area has much more to offer than just those sports. Whistler’s adventures delight all senses. Their boutique shops, museums, restaurants, galleries, events, and festivals provide year-round cultural, educational, and entertainment opportunities.

Every Snowy Thing

Whistler and Blackcomb mountains have plenty of snow for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. If you like winter activities, you really must visit Whistler Blackcomb.

If you don’t feel like racing down the slopes on wooden strips, you have many other options. Snowshoe hikes, snowmobile rides, and sleigh rides are some of the many activities you could enjoy.

Enjoy the Stunning Views

You can enjoy some of the most stunning views in Whistler Blackcomb. If you go to Whistler in the summer, the one thing you shouldn’t forget is your camera. Whistler Valley has a lot of cool places to take that “Instagram-worthy” photo, but the best view of the beautiful Coast Mountains is from higher ground.

Between Whistler and Blackcomb, the world’s longest and tallest lift rises to reveal a thick cedar carpet that has been painted a pristine white.

For 11 minutes, those who aren’t frightened of heights may take in the scenery from a specialized gondola with a glass bottom. The Gondola was designed with skiers’ and snowboarders’ convenience and pure sightseeing in mind.

Take a Tour of Food Tasting

Skai Dalziel and Joe Facciolo started Whistler Tasting Tours. After all, eating at a local restaurant highlights every trip. 

Your knowledgeable and passionate guides will show you the most excellent restaurants in town, whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a fancy dessert.  You’ll chat with the owners and chefs of several eateries and get the inside scoop.

Enjoy Culture and Art

Beyond the beautiful snow peaks, you can find a lot of art and history in Whistler. The Audain Art Museum, which has a world-class collection of Canadian and First Nations art, may be where Whistler’s Cultural Renaissance is most exciting. Still, it’s not the only place to experience the art, culture, and inspiration that drive Whistler’s wild side.

Joffre Lakes Day Trip

The breathtaking Joffre Lakes is located only a short distance north of Pemberton. Lower Joffre Lakes welcomes you with a shallow shimmer of blue. 

The Joffre Lakes climb will lead you to two other glacier lakes hidden among spruce trees and sloping slopes. In the quiet, you can hear the rumble of ice falling from the top of the Matier Glacier.

Take the Slopes Off

Whistler, British Columbia, is home to a wide variety of challenging activities that may be enjoyed all year round, from hiking through ancient forests to competing in Canada’s diverse winter sports scene.

Retreat in Luxury

Don’t just sweat it out in the cold when you can enjoy a steamy sauna instead. The woodsy aroma of cedar helps set the mood for relaxation. Take a break inside for a few massages and a little meal. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, the Scandinave Spa is your best bet.

Enjoy Après-Ski

The après-ski scene in Whistler is the life of the party and a big part of the skiing culture in the town. Many places, from fancy restaurants and beer bars to cozy cafes and coffee shops, have specials in the late afternoon. These businesses aim to draw in people who are still out and about.

When Is the Best Time to To Ski in Whistler?

Aussies, Brits, and even Chinese skiers flock to Whistler after seeing it in a snapshot or ski video. People enjoy this site. Therefore they come often. The months of December through February are peak ski season in Whistler.

However, if you’re hoping to dodge the hordes of tourists, November or December are good months to go. You’ll find fewer people on the slopes.

If you know when to go, you can avoid Whistler’s crowd. Whistler’s early season, before Christmas, is more reliable than at many mountains. In mid-December, the resort is still tired, and cooler temperatures keep the rain off the base area, which may happen in the spring.

Summer Activities in Whistler

If you want to enjoy water activities, mountain biking, and beautiful hiking, the best time to visit is during the warmer months. Picnics and outdoor celebrations are at their best in April and May.

 Lost Lake Park is a great place to spend the summer days at the beach or participate in water sports, and the surrounding mountains are great for bicycling and hiking.

Many people prefer Whistler in summer because it’s less crowdy, and the average temperature is a pleasant 20 degrees Celsius.

There is a wider variety of things to do in the summer than at any other time. Most notably, there are 70 bike routes at the world-famous Whistler Bike Park, several beautiful lakes ideal for swimming in, and the best hiking between May and August.

Best Hotels To Stay In Whistler

Before putting your name down on a booking page and making your transaction in Whistler, there is a lot to think about, given that the area is a resort and hotel paradise. Pick a place to stay that’s just right for you, whether you’re looking for a cozy getaway for two or a spacious refuge for a large party.

Hotel for Couples

The serene Four Seasons Resort Whistler is tucked away in the thick forest of Whistler’s Upper Village. Couples can stay in and enjoy the view of the Blackcomb Mountains or venture out to the whistler Blackcomb ski resort, which is only a few minutes away on foot.

Comfort and ease are ensured by the availability of heated outdoor pools, fireplace lounges, and complimentary shuttle services.

Hotel for Groups

Reserve Powderhorn by Outpost Whistler for those much-anticipated get-togethers with loved ones. This four-bedroom condo is conveniently located at the foot of Whistler and Blackcomb mountain, which features a private terrace where you can rest after a day of snow sports.

Luxury Hotel

Fairmont Château Whistler is the cherry on top of an already excellent experience. It is farther from Whistler Village, yet it is perched like a castle amid the thick trees at the foot of Blackcomb Mountain. Nonetheless, there is much to do here, such as getting a massage at Vida Spa or taking some yoga classes.

Hotel in Whistler Village

You can walk to the Whistler Village Gondola from the Executive Inn Whistler, located right in the heart of Whistler Village. Not only are the rooms large, but they also include a balcony and a fireplace to give you that extra cozy feeling.

Hotel for Ski-In Ski-Out

A spa and wellness center awaits you at the luxurious Westin Resort & Spa. Envision yourself relaxing in an outdoor tub, warming yourself by your private fireplace, and taking in the breathtaking scenery from any of your many windows.

Pet-Friendly Hotel

If you’re planning on walking a long distance from your house but would rather not be apart from your beloved pet, you’re in luck. The Adara Hotel has all the charm of a small inn, with a charming stone front, comfortable rooms, and a prime position in the city’s heart.

Best Whistler Restaurants

Whistler has a surprising and booming restaurant culture. There is a restaurant in Whistler that serves everything you’re in the mood for, from traditional comfort cuisine to five-course gourmet meals. Here we list some of the top restaurants in Whistler for your consideration.

  • Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar – shellfish, oysters, and a wine list, emphasizing local and sustainable sources.
  • Bar Oso – For those with a penchant for wine and tapas.
  • Crepe Montagne – pleasing clients with both savoury and sweet crepes since 1997.
  • Grill & Vine – you can get some bistro-style American standards here.
  • Il Caminetto – Lots of homey dishes, including meatballs, risotto, and spaghetti.
  • La Cantina – A restaurant with an industrial vibe and a menu that pushes the envelope further.
  • Pasta Lupino – Young travellers love this place since it’s cheap and has lots of fresh pasta.
  • Peaked Pies – One of the best pie stores globally, with a buttery crust and homely filling.
  • Purebread – For any of your baking requirements.
  • Rimrock Café -Rimrock Café combines lodge ambiance and excellent dining with fish and beef.
  • Sachi Sushi – Sachi Sushi is a pleasant and genuine seaside pleasure.
  • Sidecut – Veranda seating, giant fireplaces, and mountain views make Sidecut a great grill and bar.

Recommendations for Whistler Travelers

Following are some critical highlights that should be kept in mind while travelling to Whistler: 

  • Find suitable lodging. Whistler Village is tempting, but families may prefer Creekside or Upper Village.
  • Get better hotel deals with the secret code. Ask for the “Advance Purchase” pricing to save up to 15% off the advertised price.
  • Buy tickets for ski lifts in advance or with a vacation package to save money.
  • Set aside cash for tips, or you’ll overpay. Tipp between 15% and 20% unless the service was exceptionally awful.
  • Peak 2 Peak Gondola connects Whistler and Blackcomb.
  • Whistler has year-round activities. Summer brings hiking routes, lakes, and mountains. There’s also golf and a farmer’s market.

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How much is the Rent in Whistler?

Whistler rental prices vary. Whistler village studios start at $2000 per month and one-bedrooms at $2200. Whistler-Pemberton commuters may rent a one-bedroom for $1500 per month. Squamish, 45 minutes from Whistler by vehicle, has $1600/month one-bedroom apartments.

Rental prices are similar to those in Vancouver and Toronto, but accommodation is much more expensive in Whistler than in either of those cities. The cost of housing in Whistler has been increasing steadily since 2011 and shows no signs of slowing down.

How Many Days does it Rain in Whistler?

The weather in Whistler is known for being variable and unpredictable. Weather Channel reports that Whistler receives most of its rainfall between November and March. January in Whistler, Canada, is the wettest month of the year.

Every year, a total of 191 days are classified as rainy. The average rainfall in Whistler is 202.2 millimetres, equal to about 8 inches, but it can rain on any day of the year. The driest time of year is generally between July and September, when only an average of 2 days of rainfall per month.

However, this doesn’t mean you should avoid visiting in this period as it’s still a great time to visit due to lower prices and fewer crowds!

 Do you Need a Passport to go to Whistler?

Yes, you need a passport to visit Canada. Whistler is part of British Columbia, and as such, it is a Canadian province. A valid passport is required for entry into Canada by all foreign nationals. Foreign nationals must have one of the following documents: a passport, a permanent resident card, or a trusted traveller card such as NEXUS or FAST.

If you’re visiting Canada from the United States and are a citizen of both countries, you don’t need a Canadian passport. Instead, you may use your U.S. passport with proof of citizenship, such as your birth certificate and photo ID. However, if you’re not a U.S. citizen but want to visit Canada as a tourist or on business and bring your family, then yes.

Is Whistler Expensive to Ski?

Yes, it’s expensive to ski in Whistler. The cost of skiing in Whistler is higher than the average cost of skiing in North America.

The Whistler Blackcomb Pass is the most expensive in the country. However, it’s also Canada’s best and most flexible ski pass. It’s worth the extra cost if you plan on skiing often at Whistler Blackcomb.

The good news is that there are ways to reduce costs, especially if you plan. Staying informed and taking advantage of any offer that comes your way is crucial. You can get a discount if you’re staying at a hotel or condo or if you plan on skiing only once during your trip. If you want to go more than once, buy a multi-day pass instead of individual tickets.

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t just limit yourself to the slopes. Make sure you arrange enough time to check out the other resort facilities. Plan your trip during one of the shoulder seasons, such as fall or spring, to have more flexibility to explore these natural surroundings at your own pace and without as many people.

If you are the type of person who finds their greatest joy in being outside and has a profound respect for things like mountains and the natural world, travelling to Whistler will be a fantastic experience for you.