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Planning to visit Toronto or other parts in Canada? Do you anticipate receiving friends or family members from outside Canada? Well, one thing you need to know is that the Canadian provincial health insurance plans do not cover them.

In the unfortunate event of an accident or illness, you could end up being forced to foot the entire bill from your own pocket. Indeed, one of the Visa requirements when traveling to Canada is having a private medical insurance cover from a Canadian firm.

This post is a comprehensive guide on travel insurance coverage to help you understand how it works in Canada. It also answers the main question that those traveling to Canada always ask: “What are the available types of travel insurance for Toronto?”

What Exactly is Travel Insurance Coverage?

When people set off traveling away from home, the term ‘travel cover’ is primarily associated with medical-related costs. But this is just one of the costs. A travel insurance policy is responsible for all your costs when traveling outside your home country. Those unexpected costs that might result from cancelled flights, holidays ending unexpectedly or accidents are all catered for.

But some people might still ask: “What are the specific benefits of taking travel insurance when traveling to Ontario in Canada?” Here are some of the reasons why the cover is so crucial:

  • An accident can occur when it is least expected during your trip to Canada. In such a case, the cover will meet all the expenses.
  • You have the peace of mind to enjoy every moment knowing that all the costs are catered for.
  • It serves as a special hand waiting to offer help in the event that an unfortunate event befalls you when traveling away from home.
  • You are sure of operating within your budget. You do not have to incur additional costs for delays or medical costs because the travel insurance for Canada will meet them for you.
  • It helps to protect personal items when traveling away from home.

The Main Types of Travel Insurance for Toronto

When traveling to Toronto, Canada, you need to have the right cover to protect you from unexpected costs. Here are some of these insurance covers that you can go for:

Travel Medical Insurance Canada

Whenever you travel outside your home country to Canada, this is a must-have cover because the Canadian medical insurance schemes provide little or no coverage for visitors. Medical expenses in Ontario can be expensive and you need to be prepared appropriately.

Travel health insurance is designed to cover all your emergency medical requirements, including the following:

  • Ambulance related costs.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Hospitalization costs.
  • Emergency room fees.
  • The insurance could also include the costs of taking you back home for advanced treatment.

It is important to appreciate that no matter the number of days that you will be staying in Toronto, you need travel medical insurance because it is impossible to tell when a problem will come knocking.

Interruptions/ Cancellation Of Your Travel Schedule

If you travel often to major destinations such as Ontario, you will appreciate that most trips are paid for in advance. These services include hotels, the fee to attraction sites, and even airfares. These payments are not refundable.

If forced to cancel flights at the last minute because of an unavoidable situation or to cut short a trip that is underway, the chances of losing the items you had paid for are high. Besides, you might also be required to pay for additional travel costs because you had probably booked a return ticket in two weeks but the holiday got cut short after three days.

Interruption travel insurance helps to meet associated costs so that you do not have to pay more than anticipated. The insurance acts as a backup plan that swings into action to shield you when unexpected interruptions arise.

Travel Life Insurance

Though many people rarely want to think about the possibility of death when on holiday, it is a probability that always looms when travelling. Travel life insurance provides an additional advantage to the life insurance you have back at home.

If the worst happens and you die when abroad, the travel life insurance will help to meet the cost of returning the body back home for burial. The good thing with the policy is that it can be drawn faster than the standard life insurance you have back at home.

It is important to appreciate that the travel life insurance is not designed to work as a full-time cover. Rather, it only covers you during the trip. In Toronto, the policy is combined with other covers such as travel accident insurance.  

Flight Cancellation, Delay, And Lost Luggage Cover

Many flight companies do not have a provision to compensate travelers when flights are delayed or canceled because of poor weather. Think of a situation when your flight is delayed for a day or two. It implies that you will incur additional costs to be put up in a hotel and eat during the entire period of the delay. This is not all.

If you have booked another facility and you are late because of the cancelled flight, an additional fee might be required when you finally get there. The flight cancellation cover helps to meet the additional expenses so that you do not have to dig deeper into your pocket for an unavoidable problem.

This cover also includes the payment for lost luggage. If you lose personal items on a flight, the cover will replace them. Cases of people losing their luggage are reported every day, and it is, therefore, crucial to have an appropriate cover to protect your luggage.

Important Tips to Use When Buying Travel Insurance Covertravel medical insurance canda

Now that you appreciate the crucial role played by travel insurance policies, it is time to purchase one before traveling to Canada. Travel insurance is sold as a package that combines the popular plans to help travelers save money and make the process of buying easy. Here are some useful tips to guide you when buying the cover:

  • Look for the Cover Plan that Factors All the Members in the Travelling Team

If you are traveling with a spouse or your entire family, look for the plan that covers all of the members. It will be cheaper and more convenient instead of buying a plan for each of them.

  • Know Your Personal Medical History

Most insurance covers require that applicants disclose their medical conditions when filling out for the travel policies. The best way to go about this is visiting a healthcare provider prior to filling in the insurance firms and providing the right info about your medical history.

Even if you have some medical condition/s, it does not mean that you will be denied cover. Well, it is true that some companies might decline your request. However, you can search for companies that provide coverage to people with similar conditions.

  • Only Buy the Cover From An Insurance Firm with Responsive Support

A good insurance firm should have reliable lines of communication so that you can easily seek help in case of a problem. For example, in case of a delayed flight, lost luggage or unexpected expenses, the insurance firm should be just a call away. Make sure to test the insurance responsiveness to avoid getting stranded in Toronto.

  • Go For Insurance Cover From Firms With Good Reputation  

Taking travel insurance cover should not be a hasty undertaking. To know where to purchase travel insurance, you need to carefully review the firms offering the covers and only go for the one that is trustworthy. How can you know this?

The first thing is to visit their website to read the mission, vision, policy statement, and whether they are members of the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada. You should also read through past travelers’ feedback. Try to establish whether they were satisfied or not. It is also a good idea to read through expert reviews and see whether they recommend the insurance firm or not.

  • Ask a Lot of Questions and Note the Answers

When you take travel cover, it means that your resources are being channelled to the selected plan for personal protection. Therefore, you should put forward every disturbing question about the firm, the policy, and its commitment. Do not feel naive about questions that might look embarrassing; go ahead and ask. For example, ask the firm about the last time it paid its client and the reasons that could make them fail to pay a traveller.


Travel insurance is an important component that you cannot overlook when traveling to Canada. It helps to cater for all your unexpected costs when traveling in Toronto so that your stay is free from stress. Having a travelling insurance cover is the best way to enjoy the thrills of Toronto.

  • The travel insurance cover helps to meet all unexpected expenses that might arise from events such as flight delays and illness when traveling to Toronto.
  • It is important to carefully select the travel insurance cover package to ensure that most of the risks are catered for.
  • To  make the process of getting help is prompt and reliable, ensure only to pick insurance cover from a trusted insurance firm.