Are you planning to relocate to Vancouver from Toronto? Congrats! Vancouver is one of the best cities in Canada. Whether you want to move for employment, school, personal reasons, or the desire to experience something new, you won’t regret this decision. 

Moving is never simple, but moving to Vancouver is worth the effort. Vancouver is the most pleasant city in British Columbia. This big city offers everything, and ex-pats are aware of this fact. Neighbourhoods are lively and varied, nature is abundant, and the cuisine is truly out of this world.

The seaside of Vancouver provides you with a wealth of advantages. The city has an ocean with vast coastlines and beautiful scenery. Vancouver Island is heaven on earth. The two cities, Vancouver and Toronto, are similar in lifestyle, so you won’t miss much of your previous town after shifting.

Your relocation from Toronto to Vancouver should be an enjoyable experience, but before you begin packing, here is a complete guide to making this task easy! It’s time to read every piece of information covering relocation to Vancouver from Toronto. So, let’s start!

Why Should You Move To Vancouver From Toronto?

There are many similarities between the urban centers of Toronto and Vancouver. They provide a non-stop business with a vibrant city, beautiful locations, coastlines, and delectable restaurants. 

It can be a difficult decision to move from Toronto to Vancouver. But if it’s for the reason of work and career, then this difficulty can be converted into ease. The following are the reasons why you should relocate to Vancouver.

Expense Of Living

Vancouver is somewhat more costly than Toronto in terms of living expenses. Single-bedroom flats typically lease for $1900-$3500 per month. The cost of living is higher in downtown Toronto. Several locations offer services according to your budget. 

Considering your fiscal circumstances, you can choose between renting a home and buying real estate. If you want to purchase a single-bedroom flat costing $60,000, it will necessitate a sizable bank balance. A family house can be $1.6 million.

So you have to be mentally and financially prepared during planning to make a move from Toronto to Vancouver.

Opulent Fish Dishes

Fresh fish is a recognized specialty of Vancouver. Some are the best options are

  • Canadian Sablefish
  • Spot Prawns from British Columbia
  • Salmon
  • Halibut
  • Salmon Candy
  • Sushi
  • Curry

Native, Japanese, and Chinese dishes are very well-liked in Vancouver. This major city is renowned for its rich and flavorful coffee.

School System

Canada is well known for its education system worldwide. Vancouver is where several respected colleges are resent in the British Columbia region, and the education standards are much higher in this city.

If your top goal is to search for a suitable school for your kids, then moving to Vancouver can never be a bad option for you. The city has a diverse population. To afford the lifestyle and expenses of living in other Canadian communities has contracts with Vancouver, as it has become the best city in Canada.

Work Possibilities

Vancouver is also known for the job opportunities that it provides you. A lot of manufacturing and big brand offices are found here. These offices offer a wealth of employment options.

You might even launch your own company and find a devoted market among the sizable and diversified population. With the correct credentials, creating a career is simple. This is also why immigrants prefer Vancouver over Toronto or any other city.


As Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city, it should have a vibrant nightlife. Several activities are happening, and many pubs and eateries are opening around the clock. In summer, you can find out enjoyable activities easily.

Although not as severe as Toronto’s, the winters here are moderate. Post-event gatherings and skiing are pleasant here.  

Amenities And Shopping

Something fundamental, especially for females, can never be missed in a large city like Vancouver! There are many retail shops, supermarkets, and places to gather. You may also discover expert services here.

Banks, factories, hospitals, and transportation centers are the nearby amenities. Additionally, you can easily visit critical facilities by using public transportation. In this case of amenities and shopping, Vancouver is highly affordable for you compared to Toronto. 

So, females! Go and explore your favourite city.

The other basic facilities you can find here are

  • Golf game centers
  • Parks for skating
  • Gyms
  • Swimming pools

Tidy City

The terms and conditions regarding the environment are stringent here in Vancouver. That’s why it is the tidiest city in Canada. Citizens take this responsibility seriously to make their city beautiful and pollution accessible.

The weather of Vancouver is ideal for everyone as you may participate in several activities in winter and summer as well. Vancouver can never be a bad option if you search for a modern, urban city with thriving nightlife.


Vancouver usually gets minimal snow at all. You do not need any double-coated jacket to spend winter here. Because the weather is relatively moderate here, you better enjoy and feel the fresh air every season.

If you have been a resident of Calgary or Toronto before, then the winters of Vancouver are the chilly winters for you. The mercury here dips to about -20 degrees celsius here in winter. 

Rain, rain, and more rain! Vancouver receives more rain rather than snow. You can experience gloomy skies and enjoyable rain nearly daily throughout the winter. 

How Much Will It Cost To Move From Toronto To Vancouver?

Based on your particular shifting circumstances, the cost of your move from Toronto to Vancouver might be more than $5,000. This cost comprises the whole expense, including

  • A considerable distance
  • The weight that has to be carried to Vancouver from Toronto
  • The addition of workers
  • Weather comforts
  • Packing
  • Quantity of unique or fragile products
  • Car insurance 

Your final cost will depend on your particular relocation circumstances. The most accessible approach to determine your expenses is to have a phone call and a customer service desk to ask for a complete estimate.

Best Areas In Vancouver To Live

You must know that Vancouver combines recreational enjoyment and urban living. Finding a place to live in Vancouver might be difficult. Before arriving and exploring more about the city, try to avoid settling down permanently in one place. The rental house is readily available in Vancouver. 

This is entirely accurate, and you will see it in the list of most excellent neighbourhoods below:


Gastown is situated in downtown Vancouver in the northwest section. This place offers a diverse collection of 

  • Eateries
  • Stores
  • Boutiques for home furnishing
  • Nightlife
  • Styling
  • Premium residences
  • Audio studios
  • Art museums
  • Court offices
  • Professional offices for computer-based enterprises

We don’t think you might avoid this city in the form of the blockbuster package to live here. Gastown is now undergoing a comeback despite its closeness to impoverished neighbourhoods in the street of the East Hastings region.

Tourists swarm the city during the day because of its ancient allure. Vancouver provides relatively more affordable rental houses than Yaletown. Coal Harbour represents the residential sector of Gastown to the North.

Coal Harbour is one of Vancouver’s wealthiest neighbourhoods and is primarily populated by retired people and senior professionals. You can take a double-bedroom flat on rent for up to $2500 monthly. 

Main Street

Beginning in Gastown, Main Street travels South through Downtown Eastside, Chinatown, and Gastown. Along with being a diversified, reasonably priced location for shopping, dining, and cafes, it is a magnet for boutiques. 

These boutiques are specialized in fashion, styling, artwork, and creativity. Various fashion designers prefer this location in Vancouver. A unique section of clothing, cosmetics, and handcrafted goods may be found on Main Street.

Expensive eateries may also be found that may include cafes for families.

Olympic Village 

The Olympic Village is considered the greenest neighbourhood in Vancouver. It employs cutting-edge strategies to achieve goals such as solar systems and roof gardens.


In the 19th century, Yaletown, also known as the train depot, was located in the Southeast portion of Downtown. The railroad cargo platforms have been transformed into courtyards for restaurants and cafes.

Apartment houses have been created from warehouses. Yaletown is enriched with eateries, clothing shops, bars, and easy access to Harbour. In Yaletown, housing prices are high and might not be a good investment.

You have to pay to reside in any of Vancouver’s finest communities. The average monthly expense of double-bedroom apartments is about $2500.

Commercial Drive

Commercial Drive, or ‘The Drive,’ is a neighbourhood near Downtown. With reasonable rent, it has a feeling of a strong community. You can use public transportation easily via bus routes or SkyTrain station. 

This neighbourhood is well-known for having so many singers and musicians. Business and living areas co-exist here. There are a lot of residential units, companies, and eateries serving abroad and national food.

Many overseas who seek a place to call home in Vancouver settle here on Commercial Drive. Italians, Latin Americans, Asians, Africans, and East Asians reside here.

Commercial Drive is your best option if you want a bigger house. In this neighbourhood, sharing a flat is very common. So, we must suggest considering this factor while renting a home.

The monthly rent for only a single room ranges from $700 to $900, or sometimes you have to pay >$1000 in case of fancy homes.

North Vancouver

The desirability of North Vancouver among newcomers is rising. It is a city unto itself, much like Burnaby, particularly for families. Other reasons for its rise among newcomers are reasonable rentals and a hurdle-free approach to the mountains of the North.

This approach is actually for riding and skiing. Those people prefer North Vancouver, which usually has its workplaces nearby. Lonsdale Avenue is home to a wide variety of lodging options and businesses.

The SeaBus provides transportation into the city. Depending on the time of day, it departs towards Downtown every half an hour. You can also avail of other bus services in North Vancouver.

South Vancouver

South Vancouver, or ‘The Marpole,’ is farther south than 49th street. It has excellent access to public transportation via Oak and Granville street. South Vancouver provides affordable rental flats in Vancouver.

Compared to other communities in Vancouver, South Vancouver is a family-oriented city. That’s why there are fewer eateries and pubs. Here, you mostly face large houses with gardens specially designed for families. 

Furthermore, you can also select this neighbourhood if you have a group of people to live with. So that sharing might occur for bedrooms or expenses.

Moving from Toronto to Vancouver: How to Do It

Starting your journey from Toronto to Vancouver might be challenging if you don’t choose a reputable transport company. A distance of about 4300 kilometres separates these two cities. Getting into Vancouver requires traversing congested roads and populated areas.

Transport firms with expertise can adequately oversee and manage your transfer. Allied Van Lines has been offering professional and efficient transport services for local and long journeys. With more than 88 years of expertise, the firm excels in providing tailored services in Canada and America.

Many transport services in Canada may assist you in moving from Toronto to Vancouver, providing door to door facility. If you want to move for a business, you can also avail of office relocation services.

Moving to Vancouver from Toronto might offer you new chances and the thrill you will never miss in your life. You must be sure that the relocating firms you choose must ensure your safety, comfort, high-quality service, and cost. 

You can select any of these companies that handle both domestic and global relocations. For moving to Vancouver from Toronto, you may choose a by-road pathway. Following are some movers working in Canada:

  • Royal Canadian Van Lines
  • GetMovers
  • Raptor Movers
  • Let’s Get Moving
  • Augusta Movers
  • Interior Moving Services
  • Improve Canada
  • CA Movers
  • TransAlta’s Moving Services

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How Much Is The Rent In Vancouver?

Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada. The typical rent for a single bedroom has risen to a new record of $2500. It represents an increase of about 4% in monthly rent and approximately 20% annually.

Growing demands and limited availability are two factors that contribute to Vancouver’s high rental expenses. The cost of renting a property in Vancouver is well-known, but according to current data, you need to make roughly $1000,000 to feel at home.

Don’t remember, housing is considered accessible in Canada if the expense is <30% of the average gross earnings in front of taxes.

What Is The Cheapest City To Live In Canada?

Quebec province is the cheapest province in Canada. Its several cities offer less cost of living. 

Quebec City is also the least expensive city, with $1500 rent for a house per month. This is due mainly to Quebec’s power rates. These rates are significantly lower overall at 7.3 cents kWh
• Another cheapest city to live in, in Canada is Sherbrooke. It is located in Southern Quebec. The average rent is 45.30% lower in Sherbrook than in Montreal. Moreover, the cost of living is also lower by about 13%.

If we talk about the least expensive city, it would be Prince George in British Columbia. Average monthly rent for single-bedroom costs about $1070 only. While for a family flat, it goes up to $1514.

Here is a list of the 10 least expensive cities in Canada:

City  Monthly Cost
Prince George, British Columbia $1,100
Surrey, British Columbia $1,200
Winnipeg, Manitoba $1,440
London, Ontario $1,450
Quebec City, Quebec $1,500
Saint Johns, Newfoundland $1,800
Montreal, Quebec $1,800
Hamilton, Ontario $1,850
Edmonton, Alberta $1,850
Halifax, Nova Scotia $1,900

What Is The Happiest City In Canada?

Saint John, New Brunswick. A literal dose of good news! Statistics Canada has released their most recent life survey results, which dissolve satisfaction levels by province and gender.

The survey used data from Statistics Canada to measure the satisfaction of people across the country with their relationships, finances, physical health, and community involvement. It also looked at how often people feel stressed, sad, or anxious and how often they feel satisfied with their lives.

Is Calgary Better Than Vancouver?

The lifestyle in Calgary is speedy and entertaining. You may meet new people. Although Vancouver is a sizable multicultural city, it is also distinguished by its traditions and vibrant vibes. On the other hand, Vancouver is enriched with the west coast, bright playgrounds, and thriving cultural scenes.

Moreover, you can only enjoy moderate temperatures in winter and summer in Vancouver. While in Calgary, the winters are very extreme, with snow and rain, and the summers are also at their peak. But still, Calgary is better than Vancouver in terms of the cost of living. 

You will only plan to move to a city if you can afford the lifestyle of that city. The attractions and vibrant places for hangouts are the secondary things. So, immigrants prefer Calgary over Vancour, so they may not feel burdensome.  

Final Thoughts

Moving from Toronto to Vancouver can be a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be. With the proper planning, you can make the transition as easy as possible for yourself and your family.

We hope this guide has been informative and given you a better understanding of what to expect while relocating to Vancouver. Even though the move might be difficult and expensive, it will be well worth it after you’ve moved in, and you can enjoy daily views of the beach and mountains. 

We hope that you have picked all these points for moving to Vancouver. Feel free to discuss with us, share some recent research regarding transit systems at OnTheMoveCanada, or any other issue which needs to be solved.