Tired or not too happy with where you live, or maybe you have other reasons that make you want to move to another country? If so, Canada can be a great place to move to.

Maybe you are among those who know less about Canada or have experienced, read, or heard a few things about this country, some good, some quite discouraging; and the question you can’t seem to get enough answers to is, ”Should I move to Canada?”.

In the rest of the article, we’ll be discussing special things about Canada that also double up as reasons why you may want to relocate to the country, from its livable cities, spectacular sceneries, and economic stability to its cultural diversity, friendliness to newcomers, and abundance of job opportunities.

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Why Should You Move To Canada?

As promised, below are the unique and motivating reasons that draw many to Canada:

It’s An Immigrant Friendly Country

Of the over thirty-five million people in Canada today, an estimated 20% are foreign-born. This abundance of different cultures makes it one of the most multicultural countries in the world.  In fact, not too long ago, the Expat Insider Survey ranked Canada among the 10 most-friendly countries for newcomers.

In cities like Toronto, which is Canada’s largest, nearly half of the residents are immigrants. Other cities in the country also have a significant number of immigrant communities.

Thanks to this diversity, the majority of Canadians have learned to be welcoming to newcomers and tolerant toward ethnic communities.

Plenty Of Job Opportunities

In late 2017, Canada’s unemployment rate fell to its lowest in at least 40 years. Add that to the fact that the country’s economy has been getting relatively better in recent years, creating thousands of job openings, most of them full-time with an above-average wage.  

Manufacturing, engineering, tech, and finance are among the most thriving economic sectors with the most sought-after jobs.

A few challenges exist, though, like a preference for Canadian experience over foreign experience by some employers. But this and many others, like obtaining a work permit, can be navigated by gathering more information about how to find a job in Canada.

Great Place To Raise A Family

maternity leave

In Canada, pregnant employees are allowed up to 15 weeks of paid maternity leave. On top of that, either of the baby’s parents, whether biological or adoptive, is allowed paid parental leave of up to 35 weeks after the birth of the baby or adoption. You are also allowed to split the time between both of you.

In late 2017, new parental-leave benefits were introduced, including job protection for the period, you will be away. There’s a catch, though. To qualify for the benefits, you must have clocked 600 hours in the last 52 weeks or after your last claim, and your regular earnings must have decreased by over 40%.

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In Québec, however, the qualifications are slightly different. Nevertheless, the benefits, combined with the fact that crime in Canada is comparatively lower compared to most countries, make the country a suitable and safe place to raise a family.

Availability Of Better Healthcare

Why move to Canada when the G-7 countries and other developed nations have better health care too? First off, in Canada, it’s not just the citizens who are entitled to free essential health care services, like hospital visits and doctor services, but permanent residents as well.

Named Medicare, the services are offered at no cost, except prescription drugs, dental care, reading glasses, home health care, and rehabilitation services, which you can take care of through supplementary insurance.

Even with a few drawbacks, like long wait times for non-urgent procedures, Medicare benefits far outweigh its weaknesses. For example, thanks to this service, Canadians can now enjoy improved life expectancy. Other areas that have recorded remarkable results include infant mortality, obesity rates, and amenable mortality (preventable deaths).

Because health is a top priority to many of us, the thought of not having to part with huge sums of money for medical treatment and health insurance should be an inspiration when considering whether or not to move to Canada.  

Livable Cities

Canadian cities, like Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, have more often been featured in the Economist’s Intelligence Unit top 10 ranking of the most livable cities in the world. To come up with this list, The Economist takes into consideration things like health care, safety, infrastructure, educational resources, and the environment in the over 140 cities that get examined.

The inclusion of these cities speaks to the potential of Canada being a relatively better country to move and live in, especially if the cities in your country hardly feature among the best in relation to ‘livability’. But as you can guess, immigrating to Canada is an involving process that needs proper preparation for it to be a success.

Presence Of Beautiful Sceneries

Canada has a long list of beautiful places, from lakes, oceans, mountains, and nature to historical buildings, beautiful cities, and beaches, all of which make it an attractive country to visit and live in. While in the country and if far from attractions, you can take a ride, train trip, or flight to explore those places.

Some of the well-known attractions include the Tombstone Park area, which is packed with wildlife and rugged peaks, Alberta’s Lake Louise in Banff National Park, the Niagara Falls, Québec’s Laurentian Mountains, historical buildings like the Notre Dame Basilica in Québec, Prince Edward Island (PEI), and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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In Summary

If still in doubt about relocating to Canada, please note that these are not the only compelling answers to the earlier question, “Why should I move to Canada?”. Still, there’s another long list of great things about Canada, from a better education system, ease of doing business, and stable banking systems to low annual inflation rate, a variety of sports, including winter sports, and natural richness, that make the country attractive for foreigners.

Now, whatever reason you may have for wanting to move to Canada, the Canadian immigration department is ready to offer you and your family great possibilities for a better future, including an option to become Canadian citizens.W