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The thought of wanting to pack and move your own things may sound reasonable at first. For many, the plan usually is to do it bit by bit and probably save some money in the process.

Is it possible? Absolutely yes, but the reality is the whole process comes with a set of serious challenges, top amongst them being it requires specials skills, it’s demanding, and time-consuming.

And given the fact that most of us have professional and personal obligations, that makes it even more difficult to get everything done thoroughly and on time.

That’s among the many reasons why you need the help of professional packing services in Toronto. With incidents like damaged/lost property, arriving late, failure to honour estimates, and charging unworked hours, it would be wise to first vet the company.

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So, before we explore the available good options, let’s first look at how to select the right movers and packers in Toronto.

How to Select the Right Movers  In Toronto

1. Are They Insured?

Ask the mover to show you a copy of their certificate of insurance. Check out what it covers and ensure the policy is active.

On top of that, request to see a copy of the clearance letter from the workplace safety and insurance board in Ontario and a pamphlet highlighting what the company does, information about liability, and so on.

2. Inquire About Professional Accreditation

In Canada, moving and storage services providers are represented by the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM), an organization that regulates and maintains records of reputable and disreputable moving companies.

To be listed in their directory, a company must have valid insurance and a physical address, among other qualifications.

The International Association of Movers (IAM) performs the same role but on a global level. Being a member means the company is reliable, accountable,  diverse and innovative.

As a future customer, make sure the mover you intend to do business with is a reputable member of such associations.

3. Ask About Services

Before hiring a mover, get several written estimates, say three or four, from different companies. Be clear on what you want from them. For example, some people prefer to pack items themselves and leave the moving to the company while others prefer to have the company do both. Some also prefer to pack more personal items, like clothing, and then the packers do furniture and kitchen stuff. Explain all this to your potential mover and compare the estimates.

4. Experience, Skill, and Resources Matter

Do your research about the company’s history. Find out how long they have existed and check their online reputation.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an excellent platform to check out the performance and reputation of your potential mover. Just head over to the search page, enter the business’s name and examine the results. If they haven’t registered yet, chances are the business is not qualified or has a bad reputation.

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Other things to check out include:

5. Look Out For Red Flags

The estimation phase is one of the best times to look out for red flags. Most reputable Toronto moving companies don’t request a cash deposit before initiating the moving process. If your potential mover does, that’s a potentially bad sign.

Also, if they arrive late or in a rented van, seem hesitant to reply to some questions, or appear unsure of their specialty, it would be better if you avoided them.

Best Packing and Moving Services In Toronto

With the knowledge we’ve just shared in mind, here’s what we were able to identify as the most reliable packers and movers in Toronto.

You will notice that all are insured and members of the CAM. Scrutinize the differences and be sure to get in touch with the option that suits your situation as soon as possible.


Cargo Cabbie
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Cargo Cabbie

Cargo Cabbie, an award-winning moving company based in Toronto, began its operations in 2010. Their specialization includes packing services, home moves, office moves, condo moves, storage moves, art moves, and furniture assembly, among other services. Prices vary based on the type of move. You can request a free estimate from their website.


  • Cargo Cabbie has earned several awards and recognition, thanks to their exceptional Toronto moving services
  • Great online reputation on social media platforms, BBB, and other business review platforms
  • Boasts several clean and fully equipped trucks of their own
  • The company’s staff are non-smoking and trained to be friendly and professional

You Move Me

You Move Me
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You Move Me was set up in 2012, and today, the company prides itself in having a professional and experienced staff and a wide range of packing solutions and moving equipment, all of which have helped them to play a role in revolutionizing the packing and moving service in Toronto.


  • Multiple packing solutions, including full pack, kitchen pack, and single item pack
  • Free wardrobe services (and coffee on moving day)
  • Great online reputation on business review websites such as BBB, Homestars, and Glassdoor
  • Company-owned trucks and equipment complete with uniformed, friendly staff


Two Men and a Truck
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Two Men And A Truck

Thirty years later, after its inception, Two Men and a Truck has presence worldwide, including in Ontario, where they provide packing and unpacking services, comprehensive home moves, office moves, and long distance moves, just to name but a few. Whether you are moving across town, down the street, across the province or country, the company can take care of it all.

Best Rated Full Service Real Estate Services Greater Toronto Area


  • The company has earned a great reputation, multiple awards, and recognition over the years for their excellent packing and moving services
  • They offer continuous in-house training for their staff in order to refine their skills
  • Free local box delivery
  • Advanced storage services (onsite and climate-controlled)

Final Word

As you plan to move or when the time comes to do so, don’t forget that professional packing services in Toronto can make the process smooth, stress-free, safe, and fast. More importantly, bear in mind that figuring out if the mover you are about to deal with is reliable should be a top priority as this will help you to avoid making avoidable mistakes.

Luckily for you, this guide offers the much-needed help you need during this process, complete with a few options you might to consider. Regardless of the size of your items business, location, distance, or type of business, these companies are ready to meet your needs.