You’ve probably been in a situation where you had to move across town or down the road, and as many of us can admit, the experience is anything but easy, especially if you have to do it on your own.

Now think about moving from Ontario to another province, Toronto to another city, or outside the country. Given the hundreds or thousands of miles to be covered, it might be difficult for your friends or family to help.

You may have a car, but chances are it will not accommodate all your items unless you plan to leave everything behind, or you may have a difficult time getting it across the border because of the complex processes.  

So, who do you request for help?

Long-distance movers in Toronto.

If you’ve never heard about them, these movers are the type that is happy to help you pack and move your items across the province, city, or world.

Whichever question or concern you may have about such movers, this guide is here to help you find answers and solutions.

As a bonus, we’ve also compiled a list of the best long-distance moving companies in Toronto just to help you find the right company for your move.


What’s The Difference Between A Long-Distance Mover And Regular Mover?

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A local or regular mover operates mostly within provincial lines. It could be within Toronto or from Toronto to another city in Ontario, like Ottawa. They cover short distances (less than 100 miles) and charge by the hour in most cases.

A long distance mover, on the hand, has the capacity (commercial licenses, resources, insurance covers, etc.) to cross province or country borders and relocate your items over hundreds or thousands of miles. Also, unlike the local movers who charge by the hours, long distance moving companies charge based on a variety of factors, as we saw earlier.

How Far Will Toronto Long Distance Movers Go?

Generally, top long distance moving companies Toronto will be able to move your items from your location to another city or anywhere either within or outside the province or the country. That’s one of the reasons you have to find out from a mover if they have a drop-off location/storage facility where your belongings can be relocated to.

Why Use A Long-Distance Mover?

None of us would want to ruin an exciting fresh start and one way to make that possible is to examine your list of things to do when relocating to faraway places and figure out which ones would require extra help.

One example of a more challenging task is organizing the relocation of your items. Given the logistics involved, it would be better if you left it to a long distance mover.

In addition to helping you pack and unpack, a competent mover will be fast and efficient, have sufficient insurance cover in case of damage or loss, handle custom regulations, make your travel arrangements easier, and ensure your items are safe and have arrived at the intended destination on time.

How To Calculate How Much You’d Pay For A Long Distance?

How much you’ll pay for a move will depend on the following factors:

  • Where you are relocating to and the distance of travel
  • How much of your belongings do you plan to bring along?
  • Required moving supplies
  • Insurance (high-value items may require an additional cover)
  • Number of Trucks and movers needed for the move
  • The time of your move
  • Miscellaneous expenses, like tolls, fuel etc.

You can reduce the cost by disposing of the items you don’t need, doing the packing (or some of it) yourself, scheduling your move to happen during off-peak season, and selecting a mover that fits your budget.

Any of the great international moving companies in Toronto will help you plan and design a move that is cost-efficient and able to match your budget and needs.

Best 3 Long Distance Movers In Toronto

Four things to keep in mind when determining whether a potential mover is right for you include reputation, cost, time, and safety. The following companies have time and again demonstrated their potential to meet the customer’s expectations.

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1. Two Small Men With Big Hearts

In addition to being the largest independent mover in North America, Two Small Men With Big Hearts prides itself in having hundreds of trucks and tens of offices throughout Canada, a fact that has enabled them to provide reliable long distance moving services to several provinces and cities in Canada, Ontario and Toronto included.


  • On top of providing long distance moving services, they provide storage services, special item and vehicle transport, office moves, packaging, and unpacking, among other services.
  • Great ratings and reviews by customers (A- Rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB), and positive reviews on Homestars and Facebook).
  • The company has hired over 250 employees to ensure customers are served better and on time.

2. Great Canadian Van Lines

Great Canadian Van Lines provide moving services across Canada and the USA. That includes moves to and from Toronto, Alberta, Calgary, and all the major cities within Canada, and the lower mainland as well. They have numerous locations throughout Canada, enabling them to facilitate convenient relocations, regardless of the distance.


  • They are known to combine direct routing and convenient scheduling, a situation that enables items to be delivered relatively faster.
  • They have the lowest number of claims and complaints in Canada, which is quite reassuring to potential customers.
  • In addition to having an A+ Rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB), they belong to both the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) and the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).
Smart Movers Canada
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3. Smart Movers Canada

Smart Movers Canada services the greater Toronto Area and offers moving services for offices, apartments, condos, and warehouses, you name it. Long distance moving is part of the wide range of services they offer and which they are committed to, as evident in the specialized equipment, professional staff, and handling procedures dedicated to this service.

  • They offer complete moving services; i.e., packing and unpacking, safekeeping, security and cargo insurance, and so on.
  • They use special equipped moving trucks and employ a wide range of experts (experienced movers, competent drivers, furniture builders, etc.) who ensure seamless relocations.
  • Great online reputation, as can be seen on Google Plus, Homestar, and BBB.

Final Word

Admittedly, it’s not always easy to find a long distance moving company that ticks all the boxes with regards to all the factors we’ve looked at, like a great reputation, being cost-effective and taking safety seriously, timely delivery, and others like great customer service.

Nonetheless, the few options we’ve looked at count among the best Toronto-based long distance movers that you might want to consider.

Before hiring one, remember to also educate yourself as much as you can about long distance moving companies in Toronto. Go beyond what they are, the cost calculations, and everything else we’ve talked about in the guide.