Entrepreneurs typically respond in either of two ways, excitement or discomfort, when you use “networking.” No matter how important connections are, there are other factors to consider when beginning and expanding a successful career.

So, what percent of jobs are found through networking? About 70%. More than 35% of LinkedIn users reported that informal chats on messages opened up new doors. 35% of experts used networking to land current or most recent positions. 55% of youngsters use networking and connections to consider their next career opportunity. 

If you have any doubts regarding the value of networking for your business, you’ll dispel those doubts by knowing the facts about networking. You’ll see how much networking may affect your career and personal life. In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • The pros and cons of face-to-face and online networking
  • Its perks and difficulties
  • How crucial is networking to developing and advancing your profession

So, let’s start with the basics!

What Is Networking?

Networking is a crucial part of the corporate world and professional development. While many experts know how essential networking is for achieving success, many still have doubts or are unwilling to engage in it. 

In other words, the process of connecting and establishing relationships is known as networking. You may receive guidance and contacts from these relationships. This guidance may assist you in making wise professional selections

You can also locate unlisted jobs and positions through networking. You can carry networking individually or in a group context.

Importance of Networking

The research demonstrates that networking has many advantages that you can’t ignore. One of the easiest methods to discover a new post in your present firm or another company is the network. 

Why is networking so crucial? It frequently boils down to one word; recommendations

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Networking is the best strategy for landing a fulfilling job and achieving business success. Nearly all experts (99%) think in-person interactions are best for finding business partners, and 41% say they want to expose themselves to networking.

One-third of job searchers discover ads through contacts in the industry, particularly recommendations. By networking, you may also have access to fresh possibilities that might not be available to you.

Additionally, a solid business connection can encourage you to send your resume to the recruiting manager. This strategy enables you to compete for your dream job to the full and successfully get it by the end.

You might believe that networking is only helpful when looking for jobs. However, networking serves much more than just helping you discover your next career. There is no doubt that some people find greeting other people so annoying and awkward.

But believe that once you overcome your concerns, you can create a relationship with your colleagues, pals, and strange mates. Networking is important to advance your career for the following reasons:

  • You become more socially comfortable through networking
  • Networking facilitates the sharing of ideas
  • You can connect with people at different career levels
  • Networking enhances your professionalism

Networking For Career

Recruiters must choose only one candidate from so many candidates, which is a very difficult assignment. It is easy to select the one with whom the recruiters are familiar and have had previous interactions. On the other hand, selecting a candidate who is totally strange to the recruiter is quite difficult.

The same is true of commercial alliances. Clients like to deal with experts they can rely on. Building such trust mostly involves networking. 

Want to flourish in your career? There is no other way than networking! You’ll be surprised to know that about 86% of the candidates find jobs via networking. Moreover, approximately 70% of employment is never made public.

These positions are either privately advertised or established with certain applicants that employers encounter via networking. LinkedIn has been a successful platform for 70% of experts since 2016. People find many connections via LinkedIn (a source of networking).

Hence, the above data demonstrate that networking is the greatest approach to building a flourishing business or career. Even while you can easily acquire a job by only submitting your CV blindly to the job sites.

Networking For Building Business Relationships

In addition to helping you launch a career, networking also assists you in flourishing and advancing it. Extensive research on the value of networking for commercial connections is done. Employees, collaborators, and dealers are all considered to be a business relationship part.

Again, networking is one of the crucial methods for attracting and retaining clients. The nearer ratio for a meeting session is 40%, which means roughly half of them to result in a deal or agreement.

Moreover, 75% of clients prefer in person meetings, and you may lose this chance by avoiding an in-person meeting. The failure to connect with clients can hurt a company’s bottom line. Professionals claim that there will be a 27%-28% loss in business without any networking. 

Trade exhibitions are yet another excellent opportunity for business networking. You can easily discover up to 5-20% of clients here. Moreover, professionals claim that 47% of meeting suppliers and 43% of clients and networking are the main motivations for going to trade events.

Hence, getting your business to expand can not be possible without networking. Whatever platform you use, networking will always be there, acting as a bridge to get you success. 

Networking Statistics

Some interesting facts about networking statistics are given below:

  • General Networking Statistics
  • Approximately 70% of experts claim there aren’t enough networking chances at online conferences and meetings
  • As a result of limitations, virtual conferences became popular in 2020
  • Even though many people are working online, technology needs to be improved. 

People soon realized that they had a big constraint: their inefficiency in connecting with other professionals. Many people believe that online conferences need more human connections for networking.

And these people are not mistaken in their assumptions. 

  • 96% of individuals like live meetings rather than online
  • Face-to-face interactions help people develop stronger business connections
  • Face-to-Face Networking Statistics
  • According to important networking data, a corporation typically produces $12-$13 for every dollar spent on business trips. It is simple to understand why certain companies invest so much in overseas travel
  • Meeting in-person leads to improved working connections
  • In 2022, 84% of respondents still favor in-person connections
  • These people don’t want online sessions to become commonplace after the epidemic due to zoom fever and endless slideshows

Online working has effect office surroundings and the environment very much. They believe that in-person interactions result in better conclusions:

  • Maintaining a positive work environment
  • Enhancing corporate strength in ways that virtual contacts cannot
  • Establishing and sustaining ties with customers

But now, in 2022, you all must have noticed fewer face to face meetings and more online webinars:

  • 30% of people utilize internet tools, including email, whereas 7% use phones
  • And just about 5% of organizations engage in in-person contact
  • On the other hand, 40% of people prefer online networking over in-person meetings
  • Business Networking Statistics

Meeting people in person is the best strategy for getting new clients. But old and unproductive strategies include spreading conventional business cards. Just consider the professional networking statistics below:

  • Nearly 45% of meeting organizers anticipate holding their next physical gathering after the epidemic
  • According to data from business networking, most individuals throw business cards into the garbage
  • Online business cards are seen to be a superior option
  • When candidates personally meet, 40% of them turn into clients
  • A study conducted in Oxford revealed that face-to-face interactions increase sales.
  • Job Networking Statistics

The following data on professional networking proves beyond a doubt the effectiveness of networking for seeking a job:

  • Up to 85% of all positions are filled solely through networking. Job seekers have a higher success rate via networking
  • 70-80% of occupations even have advertisements. This indicates that the majority of individuals might be passing up excellent possibilities. Because these candidates stay active in finding a job on several networking sites
  • 80% of experts think that professional networking may help you advance your job accomplishment. 
  • Networking Sources

You may use various social media channels for this reason if you don’t like in-person interactions. This is hardly shocking, knowing the time that you must invest in social media. The following are the statistics for social networking:

  • 15% of all persons worldwide who are 18 years of age and older have LinkedIn profiles
  • Six individuals get employed per minute as a result of the fact that more than 50 million candidates utilize it to look for work weekly
  • Social networking data show that 200 small businesses have pages on Facebook
  • With the help of technology, businesses may communicate with sizable populations across several regions
  • Over time, Instagram has swiftly established itself as a top choice for companies looking to expand their reach
  • By 2021, there were 2 billion users on Instagram, which is now increasing over time.
  • Networking Trends and Statistics

According to small-scale business networking data, pubs, restaurants, and aircraft are the most common settings for networking. People conduct their business meetings outside, which is becoming a trend. According to recent research, meeting places will be increased by 21.5% by 2024.

How To Do Networking?

There are two ways through which you can do networking. It’s all about your client and how he wants to meet you.


Since the turn of the century, several social media sites have revolutionized career networking. Online networking always comes with a wide platform which is LinkedIn. You can say a better solution for introverts! 

Many people now consider themselves experts after achieving huge success from LinkedIn. These people have invested their energy and time here to get fruit. According to a 2017 research, 35% of candidates reported that a slight interaction over LinkedIn inbox opened new opportunities.

These possibilities include work or career shifts, sales data, or commercial transactions. 25% of professionals have improved their meaningful business relationships via LinkedIn. Furthermore, 61% of candidates think that consistent online networking might result in more career chances.

Following are the pros of doing online networking below:

  • Online marketing is quite time-saving
  • It has greater flexibility in timetable and place
  • Enables the user to be a multitasker
  • It ensures savings
  • Enhances productivity
  • It can save meetings
  • It provides less social pressure

In-Person Meetings

COVID has provided several difficulties for persons who enjoy face-to-face networking. However, face-to-face interactions were a vital part of networking before this epidemic. But still, as everything is on track and normal, people have resumed their in-person meetings.

If you want to maintain your lifetime business with your clients, in-person interactions are essential. And there is no doubt that in-person networking has more advantages than online. Some are listed below:

  • In-person networking strengthens and deepens business partnerships by up to 85%
  • Improves the better grasping of facial emotions and gestures
  • It enhances the chances of social engagements and the capacity to form bonds with colleagues and clients
  • It offers better conditions for making difficult decisions quickly 
  • Focusing is simpler and easier in in-person networking
  • It improves your skills to make a decision
  • In in-person networking, there are fewer chances of delays and interruptions in your career
  • It enables you to think appropriately during a sophisticated strategy

Due to the effectiveness of in-person networking in establishing professional contacts, after COVID is over, an increasing number of people are choosing in-person networking. 

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Challenges of Networking

Approximately 80% of experts believe your business can grow or your job gets advanced if you maintain your connection via networking. But still, about 49% of people need help to remain consistent with networking. 

Moreover, 38% of experts claim that it is challenging to remain in contact with some people. Why is that so? Despite the considerable value of networking, various obstacles prevent people from interacting with their social and business sites.

Check the following reasons for the challenges of networking:

Not Enough Time

Yes, you get your career at its peak after a lot of hard work and networking. But, once you get busy in your profession and business, you definitely don’t get enough time to be active in networking.

According to a LinkedIn poll, 49% of respondents claimed insufficient time to stay active here. And research tells us that 40% of people want their careers to flourish more and more via networking. But due to lack of time, they are unable to do.


It’s challenging to talk about networking without discussing the problem at hand. Before 2020 (a year of COVID), a lot of networkers would like to go to live events to meet potential customers and form business connections.

Although COVID made many individuals unemployed and made it unsafe for experts to interact face-to-face. Moreover, it has reduced the number of open positions. Many fired individuals under the impact of COVID are still hunting for a job.

Many workers are stopped from achieving job accomplishments again because of the misconceptions around them. People who have lost their jobs are frequently ashamed and less inclined to ask their network for assistance. 

Even though trade, networking, and the job world have all faced difficulties in recent months. But things are now beginning to improve. Ideally, the matters are now solved, and people network in person without fear. 


Can You Be Successful Without Networking?

Networking is not required, and it alone won’t guarantee your success. Perseverance, commitment, hard effort, and networking are important. Relationships can naturally develop due to how highly individuals regard others’ responsibilities and dedication.

When networking is not a factor, you are compelled to learn about yourself, others, and the whole learning experience. You can use other ways that you are comfortable in to start a business or find a job. 

How Can I Get Over My Fear Of Networking?

The idea of networking may scare and disable you. This may be due to your introversion, lack of confidence, shyness, past negative experiences, or the fact that you are new in this field. 

Regardless of the root cause, a phobia of networking can be difficult to conquer once it takes hold. The fact is that nobody, even those who truly like networking, is naturally gifted at it. It’s not an inborn talent, and anyone can learn it.

To achieve this, you don’t have to be a straight talker or an outgoing person; you only have to employ the appropriate tactics. There are things you can do to make networking less stressful and more effective as a tool for business. These are listed below:

Be Selective

Concentrate on meeting the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time and location and having conversations about topics that align with your company’s values. So always be selective regarding networking events. 

Do Your Homework

Before attending a networking event, try to gather a list of participants. Then you may concentrate on the people you want to meet and learn more about their hobbies and professions.
You could then contact them and set up a brief meeting or discussion at the occasion. Even a modest amount of interaction with someone might make confronting them live less intimidating.

It is a fantastic method to come across creative interactive sessions, conversation topics, and topics to browse through social media profiles to learn about people’s occupations and hobbies.

Set Goals

Set appropriate and attainable goals for yourself. Why is it important to do so? By doing so, you can network strategically and clearly understand your objectives. You can connect with a certain individual, establish several key relationships, or learn more about a product.


– Prepare your speech in advance, then listen to the replies
– Bring a buddy or coworker for moral support
– Be kind to yourself
– Be aware of your stance and attempt to maintain it open
– Come early to give yourself time to evaluate your environment
– Take a short break during the meeting
– Understand when to end a discussion

All these strategies help overcome your fear of networking.

Why Are Social Networks And Networking So Valuable In 2022?

Social networks are crucial because these networks enable you to connect with consumers, which would otherwise be impossible due to geographic and temporal separation. These networks increase corporate productivity for advertising, branding, and media relations initiatives.

Retailers may connect with and interact with potential clients on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and, most recently, TikTok. Companies can connect their customers with solid social media platforms and the skill to provide interesting content.

In 2022, social media is still a crucial tactic, and businesses can constantly improve their ways of approaching customers.

What Are The Three Benefits Of Networking in Job Search?

Active networking is essential for professionals to expand their careers. When you hear the word “networking,” you might cringe because you may associate it with discomfort, tacky gatherings, and the notion of pushing yourself.
Developing networks is crucial to forming long-lasting connections and developing a positive professional image. Consider following reasons for more complex strategic thinking about creating professional networks:

Improve Your Professional Standing
One advantage of networking is visibility and attention, which is crucial for job advancement. Attending social and professional gatherings may help you establish your identity. 

You may add value for the other participants by paying close attention, proceeding on talks, memorizing names, and giving your knowledge and skills. By providing assistance or advice to those in need, you may contribute to developing your image as a competent, dependable, and helpful member of your industry.

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Boosting your professional profile can make you more attractive to recruiters constantly looking for excellent skills and abilities. The recruiters can access you with a lot of offers. 

Enhance Your Company Network Connections
The goal of networking is to give rather than take. It is about developing a sense of mutual aid and support. The connection may be strengthened by often communicating with your clients and seeking chances to serve them.

Through this, you establish the foundation for reciprocating aid when you want to accomplish your objectives.

Obtain Employment Opportunities
Increasing your network may lead to new prospects for work, professional promotion, personal development, or learning new things. Actively developing your network boosts your chance of being considered when possibilities, such as job vacancies, present themselves.

Moreover, it raises your chance of getting introduced to potentially useful individuals or obtaining a reference. Remember that many positions aren’t even publicized, especially when your career progresses, so be


The corporate world and the employment market both depend on networking. Networking is how the majority of individuals get employment and how many marketing and company leads are generated.

Apart from its advantages, some people still don’t choose networking. If you are already familiar with the basics of networking, this guide has clarified why networking is crucial for your job hunt and profession.

You can mention your queries regarding this guide in the comment section below on OnTheMoveCanada. Thank you for giving it a read. Have a great day!