“How to move to Canada from Australia?” is a common question for all looking to move away from the scorching sun of Australia and into a country that has somewhat colder weather, access to the ocean, and plenty of natural features for outdoor enthusiasts. Lucky for you, the Canadian government can issue you a Canadian visa, with a short processing time and reasonable prerequisites, for as long as you are eligible. 

To move to Canada as an Australian, you will need to find a reason to go there. Then, look for the best visa type for your immigration goals. Search for an appropriate program that can issue this visa to you and check your eligibility. In general, you will need to collect some basic and supporting documents, have a clean file with your local police department, and have sufficient funds or a job offer from a Canadian employer. The process is as simple as that. If you still find choosing the right program somewhat confusing, you can look for a Canadian immigration consultant and there are many that specialize for Australian immigrants. 

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Ways on How To Move to Canada From Australia

Indeed, choosing the best program can be confusing, as there are over 80 of them. The right type of visa can also be confusing and sometimes even the time of application can have a big say in whether you will be granted access or not. However, the process is not too difficult, and finding your immigration option will cost – mostly in time and patience. With this in mind, let’s go and consider some of the most popular immigration programs that can help you get Canadian citizenship or permanent residence in almost no time. g

Express Entry or Worker Immigration to Canada

One of the most popular immigration programs that can help you become a Canadian citizen and do so in a record-short time is the Express Entry program. This program offers a two-step visa application process and a short processing time of as little as six months. Bear in mind that it takes this much time to process full applications, with no missing documents, and act accordingly. In addition to this, this program works closely with Provincial Nominee Programs and allows you many chances to be drawn – not just one. 

Besides this, the Express Entry program also allows you to join one of three immigration streams or pathways, depending on the eligibility criteria that you meet. They are: 

  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC)
  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

However, popular they may all be, getting a PNP (Provincial Nominee) status, plays a big role and can bring in almost 600 points on your application. With no language barrier and a visa application process this easy, this beautiful country is the best place for you to move. Let’s consider the PNP programs. 

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

These programs aim to enable each province to go through the pool of international candidates and select those that their local labour market is looking for at the moment. As the Canadian labour market is characterized by a low unemployment rate, there are always vacant job positions, and Canadian provinces rely on good immigration policies and a constant influx of immigrants to fill these in. 

If you join the Express Entry program, you will be able to enter the PNP pool as well – at no extra cost and with no extra time needed – the process is automatic. This way, your chances of getting selected increase and you are more likely to head for one of the popular destinations in Canada – such as Vancouver or Ottawa. Here are some of the PNP programs that you could be drawn into: 

  • Alberta PNP
  • British Columbia PNP
  • Manitoba PNP
  • New Brunswick PNP
  • Newfoundland and Labrador PNP
  • Northwest Territories PNP
  • Nova Scotia PNP
  • Ontario PNP
  • Prince Edward Island PNP
  • Saskatchewan PNP
  • Yukon PNP

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

However, once you check these programs out, you may not find what you are looking for. For this reason, and if you have some previous Canadian work experience, you can go for the CEC Express Extry immigration pathway. For as long as you have this experience on Canadian soil (not remote work for a Canadian company), and for as long as you have an education and speak one of the official languages (English and French), you can join this program (one of the economic immigration programs). 

For this program, you do not need a job offer, but rather proof of funds. You will also need to have at least one year of work experience in Canada in the past ten years and you will need to score at least CLB7 for NOC TEER 00, 0, 1 job position and CLB5 NOC TEER 2, or 3. During the application process, you will need to present your diploma or degree to the experienced immigration experts working at the visa office and you will need a valid passport (Australian passport, foreign nationals residing in Australia apply as nationals of their own country of citizenship), as well as all other supporting documents. 

Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC)

The Federal Skilled Trades Class, on the other hand, is aimed at all who have no previous Canadian work experience but would like to opt for a Canadian immigration process. The Canadian job market is constantly on the lookout for new workers, even those with foreign work experience, and being employed or having an education in one of the following fields is a sure plus when applying to move to Canada through the FSTC pathway: 

  • Major Group 72 – for all coming from the electrical and construction trades (cable workers, etc.)
  • Major Group 73, aimed at all the maintenance trades and equipment operation
  • Major Group 82 – for all with experience in work supervision, technical work supervision, agriculture, and other similar fields
  • Major Group 92 – processing operators, utility supervisors, central control operators, and manufacturers 
  • Minor Group 632 – chefs and cooks 
  • Minor Group 633 – butchers, bakers, etc. 

This program is also aimed at those whose language abilities may not be at the highest level – CLB4 is needed in the reading and writing skills and CLB5 results in the speaking and listening part of the language test. Lower results may lead to a visa refusal or an applicant being deemed ineligible for the current application. 

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

If you have at least a year of work experience in the job category that you would like to work in in Canada, but no work experience in Canada, then the FSW program is right for you. The program will allow you to get a working visa to Canada from Australia and will enable you to work in a variety of positions, for as long as you can pass the language tests (same prerequisites as for the CEC immigration pathway). With this in mind, you will need to apply through the Express Entry, have documents ready, and be willing to wait. The program is meant for all who would like to become permanent residents and can work in any of the NOC TEER 00, 0, 1, 2, or 3. 

Family Immigration

When it comes to family immigration, many programs allow you to bring your family with you. If we are talking about a couple with no children, the couple can use the same application form to apply. And for as long as you can both withstand the brutal winters in Canada, have sufficient funds or a job offer for at least one partner, have not had an issue with the law in your domestic country or the country of residence, and are both willing to move, you can consider that 90% of the job is done. 

However, the funds may be a bit more difficult to come across, as these funds can significantly increase with each new member of the family. Two people will need more settlement funds than one and bringing kids with you will also increase the settlement fund up to a point that not many may be able to collect this kind of money. A single person needs a bit under CAD14,000 to immigrate, two need CAD17,100, while bringing two children with you will increase these funds to CAD25,500. For this reason, many families choose that a single member will immigrate, and then use family sponsorship to bring the rest of the family with them. 

Student Immigration Program

If you have no family and would still like to migrate to Canada, you can opt for a student immigration program. While these programs are not meant for those who would like to permanently settle in Canada, they can help you achieve a lot: getting a foreign degree, networking, and finding a good job in your field. Then, once you have that job offer, you can stay in Canada and choose to opt for a permanent residency, but only after you have at least three years of full-time paid work experience in the five years preceding the PR application. 

To immigrate, you will need to be accepted by a designated learning institution. You will also need proof of funds that enable you to support yourself during the first year of your studies, and you will need to have paid for the initial school year at the educational institution you have chosen to study. Canada is one of the best countries for students, and many international students study there. However, this does not mean that not being able to pay the basic utilities or working for a minimum wage post your studies will be deemed acceptable by the program for a Canada PR visa – you will need to work extra hard to stay there post-studies. 

Entrepreneur or Investor Immigration Programs

If, on the other hand, you have significant monetary funds, the entrepreneur or investor immigration programs may be the right deal for you. You will need to invest anywhere between CAD200,000 to CAD800,000 to be eligible to join a program like this, and you will need to buy or find a business in Canada. You will need to contact specialized immigration consultants, as finding the right type of business to invest in can be a bit of a hassle. These programs allow you to take your family with you as well, but they may not allow you to get a PR immediately. 

For this, you will need to wait for at least a year and then apply for the PR program. These programs are supposed to ensure the economic growth of Canada, but that does not mean that just about anybody with sufficient funds will be granted entry – you will need to showcase a detailed business plan, including ways in which your business could help bring employment to more Canadian citizens or permanent residents. 

Family Sponsorship

If none of the above apply to you, but you would still like to get a residence or citizenship in Canada, and you have relatives living there, you may want to consider contacting them for sponsorship and support on your immigration journey. You should visit Canada first and see whether the cultural activities, housing and commodity prices, and the beautiful countryside work for you. If yes, you may want to consider moving there permanently. 

To do so, you will need to find a relative of yours living in Canada. They should be your grandfather, father, sibling, a child, or a grandchild, regardless of whether adoption took place or not. If you have them and they have sufficient funds and goodwill to work with you and sponsor your arrival to Canada, this is the best thing to do. The Canadian market of employment is always on the lookout for new workers, and as long as you have the skills and knowledge to contribute to this market, you can consider yourself lucky – this is a big plus on any immigration pathway. 

International Experience Canada

When it comes to the International Experience Canada (IEC) programs, they are aimed at all who would like to experience cultural exchange and go to Canada to practice their language and intercultural skills. Students of Australian Universities usually visit these programs and come home with enriched knowledge and work experience. These programs are also called Internation Mobility Canada and there are organizations that can help you go to Canada at a low average cost and spend some time there.

Although these programs are not meant for permanent residence, they are a very good option for all looking for Canadian work experience. You will need to apply online and gather all the necessary documents. You will receive an Invitation to Apply and will have 10 days to respond and 20 days to deliver all the necessary documents. When you upload all the documents, you will need your debit or credit card to pay the fees and then you will proceed to submit your biometrics. 

Spousal or Common-Law Sponsorship

When it comes to spousal or common-law sponsorship, the flow of people into Canada that got sponsored is as high as ever. The reason for this is that many couples decide that only one partner can move at a time and that the other partner will follow. While sometimes, moving as a couple could have its benefits, moving separately simply works better for others. Whatever your reasons may be, you should know that you can sponsor your partner to arrive at a later date than you – even a same-sex partner – yes, Canada recognizes same-sex marriages. 

Reasons To Move to Canada From Australia

Living in Canada as an Australian is a completely different experience from living in Australia. Whether people move because Australian companies need people working abroad, for personal reasons, or simply to enjoy the friendly environment that only Canada has to offer, the Canadian environment (both social and natural) is different from what you may be used to. And while some do find it easy to move, others may have difficulties to adjust.

For this reason, you should always focus on the best aspects that a country has to offer – a long and dry summer in the inner parts of the country, or a wet summer on the coasts may do wonders for some, while cold winters and winter sports, high-quality for life, stable price of energy, good health insurance and beautiful scenery may do their magic onto others. 


The economy of Canada is very stable and it offers good chances of finding employment in this country. Although the Australian government does a magnificent job at keeping the unemployment rate at 3.5% (compared to the Canadian 5.5%), many still decide to move for lower prices, especially when it comes to education. Studying at a Canadian University may come down to costing you CAD0, which is not something that an Australian University may be able to offer. Australian nationals sometimes find the differences in prices and the quality of public services to be in stark contrast – often to the Canadian advantage. 


The Canadian immigration laws and immigration policies got lighter and easier over time and these have had a tremendous effect on the country. Almost a fifth of the inhabitants are now of foreign origin, but good inclusion politics and welcoming people make moving a breeze. With this in mind, Australian businesses in Canada can also prosper – getting a business visa is simple, thanks to the changes in the political scene. 


The McGill University and the University of Toronto are some of the best in the world – and they are both in Canada. While Australia has its fair share of good Universities, it is important to state that many Australian nationals go to study in Canada. The Federal government has enabled a political backdrop where there are many scholarships and many grants available – significantly reducing the costs of studying in a country where college and University-level studies are already some of the most affordable among the developed countries. 

Canada Can Make You Feel at Ease

The quality of life in Canada is very high, and Canada can make you feel at ease. Even if you are on a start-up visa, you will find that working in Canada does not have to be very stressful and that everybody has a calm and soothing period, given that the four distinct seasons have a lot to offer for every immigrant profile. This is a big plus for the country, and many foreigners do feel at home – considering that over 20% of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are of foreign origin, you will always hear the familiar Australian accent on the streets. 

Immigration for Families

Canada offers great ways and programs for entire families to move, which is very suited to English speakers – leaving a spouse and children behind, even temporarily, may not be the best option for many. Unlike some other developed nations, Canada can help you with bringing your family along, with little added cost compared to the immigration of a single family member. Getting a family visa is nothing more complex than getting a work visa. 


Canada can also offer a lot in the natural sector as well. Many mountain ranges, access to three oceans, numerous rivers and flatlands and a diverse weather backdrop make Canada a great place for Australian immigration, and the ability to travel there visa-free (for tourist purposes) makes this a great way to start exploring your other options in life. Always remember to purchase travel medical insurance before traveling to Canada. 


Canada is a very safe and very secure country to live in. This is thanks to very strict laws within their own borders, and very efficient screening of all those looking to immigrate to Canada from abroad. In fact, having a criminal record or a police investigation active during the time of application is almost certain to lead to a visa refusal. 

Requirements for Australians Moving to Canada

Can Australian citizens get PR in Canada? Yes, you can. While you can travel to Canada with an eTA for up to three months, you will need a PR if you want to settle in Australia permanently. This way, your move will be legal and you will be able to avoid many headaches along the road. You will need the moving to Canada from Australia checklist and the following eligibility criteria to pass: 

  • an English and/or French language test
  • an occupation in demand and on the NOC list 
  • to complete a qualification assessment via WES
  • Canadian resume for job hunting 
  • a job offer from a Canadian employer 
  • a complete Express Entry profile 
  • clean police file 
  • a medical examination, especially if you plan on working with children or the elderly or have traveled to certain high-risk areas

What Does It Cost To Move From Australia to Canada?

How much does it cost to move to Canada from Australia depends on a variety of factors. Canada immigration costs can vary depending on the family size, the program via which you are moving to Canada, as well as on all the domestic fees that you have to pay for basic and supporting documents. This way, we can make a breakdown, but please bear in mind that your individual costs may vary significantly. 

In general, you will have to pay CAD7 for the eTA (electronic Travel Authorization), CAD150 per study permit, CAD570-CAD1,625 per principal applicant, and CAD515 for permanent residence. Besides this, you will also need to have proof of funds for your Canada PR visa (these costs vary depending on the visa type) and possibly even more funds if you are planning to get an investor-type business visa. The costs are not low, so you should plan in advance and start saving early enough. 

Visa Requirements in Canada

trv visa australia

So, whether you want a simple cultural exchange experience or a full-fledged business visa, your costs will vary, and so will the requirements. The Canadian market is accepting new immigrants at all times, even planning to introduce around one million people through Express Entry alone in the years 2022-2024, but this does not mean that just about anyone is accepted. The educational and work profiles that are accepted are those sought after by Australian companies and those willing to integrate into the new and friendly environment. Let’s consider the requirements for some of the most popular Canada PR visa types: 

Work Visa

When it comes to the eligibility requirements for the Canada work visa, they mostly relate to you having a job offer or an existing contract with a Canadian employer. With this offer or contract, you then ask for a work permit and there are two types: employer-specific work permits, which allow you to work in Canada in a specific job position, or an open work permit, which allows you to work for whichever employer you would like to work for. 

Working Holiday Visa

The main prerequisite for the working holiday visa, or the International Experience Canada, is that you are between the ages of 18-35. These programs are meant for all who would like a cultural exchange experience and who would like to get to know the Canadian environment and people. These programs are very popular among students of Australian universities and the flow of people coming to Canada with this visa is increasing every year. As there is only a fixed amount of IEC visas that can be issued, it is important to act early to secure a spot. 

Student Visa

When it comes to the Canadian student visa type, there are a number of requirements that set this visa apart. If you have difficulties grasping all that needs to be done, it is probably best to consult immigration consultants to secure a smooth process. For this type of Visa, you will need to showcase that you have enough funds to cover the tuition fees, as well as all the living expenses for both you and the family member traveling to Canada with you. You will also need to show that you have enough funds for the return flight home. 

You will also need to be accepted as a student in a DLI – Designated Learning Institution. Only after this prerequisite has been met will you be able to apply for a study permit. With this in mind, you should start preparing early enough and you should know that the processing time is fast – 20 days on average. Any delays are mostly caused by incomplete paperwork – if submitting incomplete papers, a Letter of Explanation and proof that you are working on getting the missing paperwork is enough to keep the process active, but on pause until the documents are delivered. 

Spouse Visa

When it comes to a spouse visa, is a type of Canada PR visa, where you sponsor the arrival of your legal spouse to Canada. To be able to apply as a sponsor, you must show that you have enough funds to support both yourself and them for the duration of their stay in Canada. These programs do not cost too much, around CAD565 for the spouse and CAD155 per added dependent child, but the support funds are much higher. 

Express Entry Program Visa

When it comes to the Express Entry visa requirements, they all depend on the immigration stream that you are best suited for. A lot of immigration consultants exist here and they can help you with getting all the necessary documents, travel medical insurance, and estimating which visa type works the best for you. Although the Canadian environment is a welcoming one, it is important to bear in mind that even Australian citizens must meet all the eligibility criteria. 

What Are the Best Places To Move in Canada?

Migrating to Canada is a relatively long and straight process and it is easy to see why there may be some issues when applying – there is a lot of paperwork to be collected and the processing times are simply too long for many. However, if this is what you would like to do, or have already gotten your Canada PR visa, it is time to consider where in Canada you would like to move to. Here are some of the top places to move to: 

  • Alberta has a low sales tax of just 5%. You also pay only 10% income tax on the first CAD131,220 of taxable income
  • British Columbia has a higher sales tax of 12%, but their income tax for lower-income households is much more affordable, at just 5.06% on the first 42,184 of taxable income
  • Ontario is similar, with 13% sales tax, and 5.05% on the CAD45,142 of taxable income
  • Yukon seems the best when it comes to taxes: 5% sales tax and 6.4% on the first CAD49,020 of taxable income. 

If you are looking for good weather and long summers, Victoria and any other place in the vicinity of the Great Lakes works the best. Vancouver is for nature lovers, and the two coasts, to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, are the best for all who love the sea and water sports. 

Is Parental PR Possible in Canada?

Yes, Parental PR is possible in Canada. Australian citizens who accompany their children to a Canadian school can consider taking a super visa. This type of visa is only issued to parents or grandparents and is likely one of the best visa types there is when you would like to go with your child. Other types of visas are also possible, but this one creates the least hassle. However, if only one parent is accompanying the child, they will need written permission from the second parent. 

Check Out Hurry! That’s how your Parents can have Canadian PR (PGP 2020):

Why Should You Choose a Consultant From the RCIC?

When thinking about moving to Canada, the cost of living, the quality of life, and many other factors should be taken into consideration. In reality, even after this is done, you may be left with a number of questions and things that should be clarified before proceeding. After all, applying for the wrong program or a visa type that does not match your travel intent will end up in your application being declined, and not many programs refund the costs. 

For all these reasons, it is best to hire an immigration specialist or an immigration consultant. They can help you by: 

  • making you better understand the legal terms
  • selecting the best immigration program and visa type based on your education and work experience
  • helping you save time money and a lot of headaches
  • help you find healthcare insurance and other means of making it in Canada

Other Factors To Consider While Relocating to Canada

Of course, Canada and Australia are very similar but are somewhat different as well. With this in mind, let’s compare and understand important aspects of moving from Australia to Canada and what kind of impact this could have on your tax liabilities, citizenship, and healthcare, as well as how to prepare for the weather and some changes in the employment rate. 

Tax Liabilities

Australia and Canada have an agreement on avoiding double taxation. This means that you only get to pay your income taxes in one country and usually the country where you have your residence or where you have managed to make a certain kind of profit. This applies to both income coming from work relations and from income in the form of capital gain/profit. 


When it comes to citizenship, Canada allows you to apply for citizenship after having spent a certain amount of time in the country. At the same time, Canada allows double citizenship and so does Australia. This means that you could effectively have two passports. 


When it comes to healthcare, Canada has universal healthcare. This means that all permanent residents and citizens are covered and even some temporary residents. When it comes to this system, it is vastly different from the one found in Australia, where coverage may be a big question for all seeking medical services. This being said it is important to understand that you will need to apply for access to this healthcare and that you will need to purchase travel health insurance policies for all family members for the first three months of your stay in Canada. 


When it comes to the weather and climate in general, there are little resemblances between Canada and Australia. While the former has an arctic polar to temperate climate, Australia has a tropical to temperate climate. The average daytime maximum temperature in Australia is 24°C, while in Canada, the same temperature is around 7.4°C. Australia has 71 days of rain a year, while Canada has 97 and almost 900 hours less of sunshine per year when compared to Australia. 

Bringing Your Loved Ones to Canada

Canada enables you to bring in your spouse and other family members. This can be done two ways – they can join you as a primary applicant, or you can travel and settle in Canada and then sponsor their arrival. This way of immigration is also enabled for same-sex couples, as Canada recognizes everyone’ right to personal freedoms. 

Canada’s Employment Rate

When it comes to the employment rate, Canada has enabled jobs for most of its citizens. Its unemployment rate is around 5.5%, just two percent above the Australian. This is not a big difference, and a vast majority of immigrants looking to move to Canada can find a decent job and settle there. 

Inadmissibility on Criminal and Medical Grounds

When it comes to the application process itself, a good immigration consultant will be able to assess your case and let you know if there are any issues with issuing you a visa. This may happen due to reasons of a medical nature (such as after traveling to high-risk zones) or if you were involved in criminal activities. Although it may not seem like much, driving under the influence, possession of drugs, or even theft can all deem you inadmissible to Canada. 

Immigration Process

Finally, the immigration process can start. Once you have applied for and gotten your PR visa, you may move there. Some things to consider before the actual move are employment, apartment, healthcare insurance, bills, and utilities. These are best settled while in Canada, so you should consider renting an Airbnb for the first week or so after your arrival. 

Canada’s Resemblance to Australia

is canada better than australia

When speaking of moving to Canada from Australia, a lot of people find it difficult even before trying it out for themselves. Of course, the countries share some similarities, and moving there may not be as difficult. Of course, it would be impossible not to sense any difference at all, but let’s go and compare some of the major cities in both countries and see what the difference is about. 

Toronto vs Sydney

Toronto has a population of 6.4 million and around 50% of these people have not been born in Canada. Sydney, on the other hand, is the largest city in Australia, but it is not its capital. Sydney is the commercial and business center of the country. Both cities have the big-city feel and prices to them, and it may be best to move somewhere closer to the city, but still away from the price frenzy and noises. 

Montreal vs Melbourne

Melbourne has a higher average temperature of almost 9.7°C. It is also much less densely populated, while at the same time, it has 3.3 million inhabitants more. Both cities are university cities, similar in walkability, job opportunities, safety, and public transport. Montreal may have better food and food choices, but this is up to you to decide. 

Calgary vs Adelaide

Calgary has a 5% lower unemployment rate when compared to Adelaide and lower costs of public transportation. Calgary is also much colder than Adelaide, with the average minimum daily temperature of -1.2°C, while Adelaide has a temperature of pleasant 11.8°C. The former has a 5% lower VAT and more job opportunities. Calgary is also more walkable, and has better public transportation, while Adelaide takes the prime spot for food and drinks, as well as perceived safety. 


Is School Free in Canada?

Yes, primary and high school are free in Canada. They are free for as long as your parents have citizenship or permanent residence there. However, you should know that college and University are not free, but a large number of scholarships and grants can reduce your study expenses quite a lot. 

Who Can Sponsor Me in Canada?

There are many relatives that can sponsor you in Canada. Your children and grandchildren, parents and grandparents can all sponsor your arrival to Canada. Besides them, your siblings, parents (who adopted you), or your adopted children can all sponsor you. 

Is It Easy to Get a Job in Canada?

Finding a job in Canada is both easy and difficult. Namely, Canada is constantly on the lookout for new people who would like to work there – therefore the high number of skilled immigrants moving to major cities in this beautiful country. However, landing your first job can be a bit difficult, but you can always look for the help of an immigration Expert, JobBank Canada, or even charities and other non-profit organizations. 

Do Australians Need Sponsorship to Work in Canada?

There are many ways for an Australian to get a Canada visa. Canadian immigration program is rich, and it allows citizens of all countries to come and work in Canada. For this, you do not need a sponsorship, but you will need either a valid job offer or proof of funds to meet eligibility requirements. 

Final Thoughts

Moving to Canada from Australia can be a big step. While many may be thinking about it and considering it for a long time, in reality, the moving process is simple and straightforward. If you find yourself lost, you can always seek help from a certified, professional immigration consultant and you can even ask for help from other people living in Canada. The process does not cost much either and double-taxation does not exist – this makes Canada the perfect spot to move to from Australia.