Retirees in Canada today have a wide range of affordable and unforgettable places to call home. From the scenic waterfronts of the East and West Coasts to the vibrant and welcoming cities and towns across all provinces, Canada is one of the best countries to spend your retirement years. What’s extra-enjoyable is that you have so many equally appealing options for your future home.

1. Kingston, Ontario

Kingston City Skyline from Fort Henry Hill

Kingston has often been called the most romantic city in Canada and one of the best places to retire. Historic homes and buildings, an exquisite lakefront, and superb shopping and dining options all allow you to enjoy your retirement more fully. With a population of around 120,000, Kingston is the perfect size to support a leisurely pace of life. Getting from one end of town to the next takes only 15 minutes: it would take you that long to cross a Toronto neighbourhood!

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2. Halifax, Nova Scotia

City of Halifax
City of Halifax

Thousands of people opt to retire in Halifax because the Maritime climate is so accommodating. Winters don’t leave you blue with cold, and summers are rarely if ever, as hot as they get in central Canada. Spend your retirement strolling along the panoramic Halifax beaches, jogging or strolling in the lush green parks, or touring the wineries that make Nova Scotia famous.

3. White Rock, British Columbia

White Rock, British Columbia
Marine Drive, White Rock

If retiring by the ocean is your dream, you will love living in White Rock during your Canada retirement. This spectacular seaside town offers several kilometres of clean beaches along the calm waters of Semiahmoo Bay. Stroll for hours along the 1500-foot-long pier, confident in the knowledge that White Rock experiences very little rainfall and the average summertime temperature is a mere 23 degrees Celsius. If you are a casual or professional artist, you will quickly find friends, as the town has a thriving arts community.

4. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Skyline of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

A short drive away from Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake is a top destination for tourists and retirees alike. Its high number of historical landmarks and heritage properties make it a popular choice for Hollywood production companies working on history-based films. The surrounding countryside is full of thriving orchards and vineyards due to the quality growing environment created by Niagara-on-the-Lake’s mild climate. You’ll never get tired of touring the wineries and tasting the output from some of the finest grapes grown in Canada.

5. Stratford, Ontario

Stratford, Ontario
Stratford City Hall

A lot of people today know Stratford as the former home of Justin Bieber, but this vibrant Ontario town has an art history that goes back several years. In 1953 it started the now-famous Stratford Shakespeare Festival, which is now attended by thousands of tourists every year. In 1997 this community of 30,000 people was named the “prettiest city in the world”, and anyone who has walked along the nearby Avon River or quaint, culture-rich downtown would agree that it deserves the title. Stratford also has a low crime rate and more parkland per capita than any other Canadian city, making it one of the best cities for retirees in Ontario.

6. Moncton, New Brunswick

Skyline of Downtown Moncton

Moncton is New Brunswick’s second-largest city, but it still has a small-town look and feel. Several people who are thinking of retiring in Canada select Moncton for its outdoor amenities, which include two national parks and the famous Hopewell Rocks, all of which are barely an hour away by car. Closer to home, there’s the popular Centennial Park, where you can enjoy tennis and lawn bowling in summer and cross-country skiing along lighted trails in winter. With only 70,000 residents, Moncton is populous enough to have the amenities of a large city but still retains a rustic connection to the Great Outdoors.

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7. Kelowna, British ColumbiaKelowna, British Columbia

For some of us, retirement in Canada means putting all the ice, snow, and slush behind us and moving to Kelowna in the Okanagan, where winter temperatures are relatively mild, and the summers are brisk and hot. If you’re a fan of the water, the famed Okanagan Lake offers plenty of opportunities for rowing, sailing, and swimming. If arts and culture are more your styles, you’ll love the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra, Ballet Kelowna, the huge art gallery, and many theatre companies.

8. Comox, British ColumbiaComox, British Columbia

Located on the east coast of Vancouver Island, Comox is quickly becoming a rival to Victoria when it comes to attracting West Coast retirees. Business Vancouver named it one of British Columbia’s top 5 retirement towns because it has relatively affordable real estate opportunities, a first-class golf course, and spectacular boating and fishing opportunities. Comox also has an abundance of bright and sunny days and a moderate climate, which is a pleasant prospect to those of us are getting tired of winter quickly.

9. Estevan, Saskatchewan

Estevan, Saskatchewan
Estevan water tower and train station

Known to many as Canada’s sunshine capital, Estevan is the perfect destination for retirees seeking green surroundings without a surplus of rain. Its winters are mild compared to other prairie communities, and its close proximity to the United States is a bonus for those who like to travel. With only 10,000 residents, Estevan has all the essentials you need, plus a strong community spirit. If you like the performing arts, the town has an active local arts council and theatre group.

10. Collingwood, OntarioCollingwood, Ontario

Collingwood is world-famous for hosting the world’s largest Elvis festival every July, but that’s not the only reason why you might like to retire there. Collingwood and Wasaga Beach are central Ontario’s top beach destinations: every summer, the Georgian Bay beaches are lined with sun-worshipers and surf fans. Nature lovers will appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding area, and in winter, you can head over to Blue Mountain to enjoy the steep and powdery slopes. Practically anyone who loves the outdoors will find something to keep them happy all year round in Collingwood and the surrounding area.

The biggest part of how to retire in Canada is choosing where to live. The nine cities and towns on this list can make deciding a lot easier.

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