Whether it is Saskatchewan or any other province, a health card is mandatory for everyone, and each province is responsible to provide health cards to all citizens.

To access a Saskatchewan health card, you must decide whether to apply online or through the mail. The next step is to complete an application form and upload all the required documents. Remember, applying for a health card is recommended right after landing in Saskatchewan. It takes about 4-6 weeks to process the application.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and its associated agencies provide medical care in Saskatchewan, governed by the Ministry of Health. We assure you that it’s going to be quite informative and interesting. So without wasting time, let’s get into it.

Saskatchewan Health Care System

Relocating to a new nation might be an incredible experience. On the other hand, unforeseen medical expenditures are never a shock. Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) manages health care in Saskatchewan and covers most of your needs. 

It normally takes several months for immigrants to Saskatchewan to be eligible for health coverage and avail of these essential services. A provincial health card is important, but you must have your own private health insurance

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It helps you where the Saskatchewan health services card doesn’t. Private health insurance might be useful until your Saskatchewan health card comes into your hands.

Saskatchewan Health Cards

A Saskatchewan health card is a proof of your valuable personal identification card you must have on hand if you want Saskatchewan health benefits. To access all medical services of Saskatchewan, you first have to register yourself and your family for this health card.

Suppose any important information is missing from your documents. You may get a notification immediately. 

The Ministry of Health oversees the delivery of medical care to inhabitants of Saskatchewan. The Ministry of Health is in charge of several institutes that provide medical services, such as:

  • eHealth Saskatchewan.
  • Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA).
  • Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

Most of the essential medical services are under the coverage of a health card. You can avail of these services either in an outpatient or inpatient environment. Sometimes, social services may suggest extra services such as:

  • Prescription medicines.
  • Oral care.
  • Ambulance.

These initiatives are designed to help you if you earn a low income and have out-budgeted expenses for your kids. Many residents still earn enough to pay for their prescription medicines. 

The Children’s Drug Plan assures children (under 15) pay no more than $25 per qualified prescription.


In Saskatchewan, healthcare is available to all citizens and permanent residents. But before immigrants can receive health care and access medical services, there is typically a waiting time. 

You become eligible for medical coverage on the very first day of the third month following your arrival in Saskatchewan. If you land here with your spouse, you still are eligible to get a health card if you arrive within a year of one another.

If you arrive here in Saskatchewan as a permanent resident or for employment, you could be eligible for coverage immediately. eHealth Saskatchewan can better help you determine whether you’re eligible for a health card.

As an eligible person for the health care of Saskatchewan, you should be a Canadian citizen who resides in the province. It would help if you lived for half a year in Saskatchewan to make it your new home.

Required Documents

Please follow the documentation to apply for health coverage for yourself and your dependents under 18. Check out the following documents:

  • A Document Proving Your Right To Abode In Canada

Evidence may be provided by a document for all permanent residents are the following:

  • PR cards.
  • Confirmation of PR.
  • Identity card issued by Canadian Immigration.
  • Decision notice.

Proof of foreign nationals might consist of the following:

  • Proof of full-time study with study visa or study permit.
  • Job permit.
  • Immigration stamp on the passport.
  • Temporary residence permit.

2. Proof Of Residence In Saskatchewan

  • Your signed lease, mortgage, and rental contract.
  • Utility bills, including water, gas, cable TV, energy, and home telephone bills. Mobile phone bills are not acceptable.
  • Home or vehicle insurance contract.
  • Pay stubs or employer letter.
  • ID for students.
  • ID for employees.
  • Registration of vehicles.
  • Report card of academic institutes and transcripts of driving license for Saskatchewan.
  • Vaccination history.
  • Processing Time

Applications for health cards are typically handled within 4-6 weeks of submission, including mailing time. The approval of your application follows the submission order. You may keep tracking your request by logging into an online account. 

After online submission, you may receive an email with an estimated delivery date for your card.

Check Out How to Apply Health Card in Saskatchewan:

Saskatchewan Health Care Coverage

Saskatchewan health card covers many medical services. These are listed below:

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Fully Covered Services

These are several medical services that are fully covered under the Saskatchewan health card:

  • Appointments and visits to a family doctor.
  • Laboratory tests and analysis.
  • Therapies and massages.
  • Mammography for women aged between 50-70.
  • SHA supported mental health services.
  • Immunization and influenza vaccination for children aged 6 and older.
  • Medical services and nursing at home.
  • Treatment for drug addicts via SHA or Metis Addiction Council Of Saskatchewan.
  • Essential oral surgeries.
  • AIDS and STIs testing.
  • SHA contract-based treatment from any hospital, clinic, or agency.

Covered In Part Services

The following are the partially covered health services:

  • An Air ambulance was advised by a doctor.
  • Seniors have to pay about $275 for ambulance services.
  • Foot services.
  • Food, home care, and cleaning.
  • Diabetes patients have eye surgeries and optometric aids for younger children under 17.

Services Not Covered

The health card does not cover the following expenses:

  • Contact lenses or glasses.
  • Psychiatrist.
  • Ordinary (medically unnecessary) oral treatment.
  • Medical tests for getting insurance or a job.
  • Prescription medications.
  • Air ambulance until it’s necessary.
  • Ambulance with the exemption of seniors.
  • Supplementary and med tech services, including reflexology, massage, and naturopaths.

How To Apply For The Saskatchewan Health Card?

You can apply for a Saskatchewan Health card in a different way depending on your status in Canada:

  • Permanent Residents
  • Immigrants/Non-Citizens
  • Other Immigrant Status

All these status holders may apply similarly to some extent, but their documents may vary. Following are the methods you may adopt to apply for a Saskatchewan health card:

  • Please fill out an application form and mail it. Attach all the required documents, including photocopies of the back and front of all the paperwork. You must not mail original documents.
  • You can apply online. If you are a newbie, you first have to create an account and register for the application. Attach your documents after scanning in a digital version with the application form. After submission, you must wait a while to get a health card.

Have a survey to follow each step of the online application to register yourself smoothly.

Organ Donation Program

Remember that an “Organ And Tissue Donation” program is now established. This program has replaced ‘Organ Donor Stickers’ and the desire for card donation in ‘card renewal bundles.’

You can donate and discuss your desire to become a donor with your family. You cannot donate until your family does not approve your wish.


How Do I Check My Health Card Balance?

– You must explore the Health Insurance website.
– Click on the ‘Register a claim’ button.
– Click on ‘Track Claim’ Status.
– A new window will be opened, requiring your policy number, customer ID, birth date, and claim number.
– In your claim, you may request to check the balance or status of your health card.
– Click the ‘submit’ button.

How Do I Get My Saskatchewan Health Card Number?

To find your health card number, you may contact:

– 306-787-3251

You may also explore the eHealth website to claim the health card number. A Health card number is a 10-digit number. Suppose you have a 9-digit health card number. Just add 0 along with the 9-digit number.

The version code is usually coupled with the health card number, making it easy to track and identify the health card. This version code area may be found on the front of picture cards and certain regular white and red cards. Your health card number contains one or two letters of version code.

Is Saskatchewan Health Card Free?

Saskatchewan health card covers many medical treatments you don’t have to pay. Some treatments are partially covered, meaning you have to pay a part of the bills for these treatments. The remaining treatments do not lie under its coverage, and you must pay in full.

Some health and social services are considered public and are provided to all Saskatchewan citizens free of cost. Some offices demand $10 to submit an application for a Saskatchewan health card.

How Do I Renew My Saskatchewan Health Card?

If you feel like changing any mentioned information for three years on your health card, please update it on your health card because it is quite necessary to update or renew your health card.

After your health card expires, it needs to be renewed. This can be done by contacting:

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eHealth services of Saskatchewan (1-800-667-7551).
– Drop a mail for renewal of health care at change@eHealthSaskatchewan.ca
– You can also apply for health card renewal by walking to 2130 11th Avenue in Regina. The opening duration of the office is from Monday to Friday (8 AM to 5 PM).
– You must provide proof of an expired health card and all the basic information required to mention on the new health card.


As a newbie to a new place might be stressful for you. There is a lot to get used to, whether it’s a new house, job, education, or health. But you must be conscious about your health first after landing anywhere in Canada.

It requires easy steps to apply for a Saskatchewan health card. But along with a provincial health card, we highly urge all immigrants to own a personal health card to receive health benefits. So before flying, make sure to have your own private health card.

After being concerned about your health, you are free to focus on settling here in Saskatchewan. We hope you have grabbed a whole piece of information, but if you have any queries, please ask us freely on OnTheMoveCanada. Stay connected, stay active!