You might be planning to fly to Canada and might want to know about its cities and provinces. We’ll discuss one today! One of the most popular cities of Canada among immigrants in Winnipeg. It is the most preferred city because of the excellent living standard that is reasonably priced. 

Winnipeg is a huge city in Manitoba situated in Canada. It is located at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, 65 km southwest of lake Winnipeg and 95 km north of the U.S. state of Minnesota. 

Winnipeg is an economically rich land of Manitoba because of its productivity and intellectual ability. It will be considered right if we call it the most popular port in central Canada. Everyone looks for the facilities and easiest means of living and earning. So for economic development, Winnipeg is the best option because of its growing economy.

Are you ready as we are going to dive into details? Let’s begin! 

About The City Of Winnipeg

Let’s have a look at the emergence of Winnipeg and its establishment! Winnipeg was first introduced by James Henry Ashdown. According to the globe, Winnipeg is located in Manitoba, Canada, with an area of about 647,797 sq km and a population of about 1,342,153.

It is surrounded by Hudson Bay, Nunavut, Ontario and the U.S. The spark of Winnipeg lies on the three-fifths of the region shielded by Rivers, rocks and forests. The city name Winnipeg originated from the Indian word “Cree,” meaning “Muddy water.”

It has become the focus of the French and British due to Canadian trade supremacy. Have a look at the common characteristics of Winnipeg:

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  • Winnipeg is also known as the “Cultural Cradle of Canada”
  • Its popularity is based on its cultural, commercial, industrial, financial and governmental performance
  • The city has amazing artistic talent in arts, dance and music 
  • It is well known for the Winnipeg Philharmonic choir, Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Winnipeg Folk Festival
  • Winnipeg is the best city for immigrants as it offers modest occupations with a preferable career instead of other Canadian cities

Where In Canada Is Winnipeg?

In Canada, Winnipeg (the heart of the continent) is the capital city of the Province of Manitoba, which is situated on the crossing of the Red river and Assiniboine river. It is 40 miles southwest of lake Winnipeg and 60 miles from Minnesota.

Living In Winnipeg, What’s It Like?

Why should newcomers consider Winnipeg as their homeland? Many reasons make Winnipeg capable of living: 

  • Cost-friendly accommodations
  • Multiple living sources
  • Various employment choices
  • Hospitality
  • Artistic surroundings 
  • A peaceful environment

Education and healthcare systems are vital parts of life. Winnipeg offers the best educational system. Parents should feel free for schools and universities. There are various independent religious schools for different religions. 

Living in Winnipeg means you are automatically connected with the sports, such as (NHL) National Hockey League, Gray Cup Champions, and (CFL) Canadian Football League. It would be right to say that Winnipeg is the best place to live, as it is full of facilities. 

Regards to food lovers, Winnipeg is an ideal place to live and visit as it presents a variety of foods. You will taste the best-known Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and Scandinavian restaurants in the city. 

Newcomers mostly prefer Winnipeg for its affordable housing. It was specified that Winnipeg has lower prices with more facilitated houses than other Canadian cities. 

Home Properties In Winnipeg 

Where the accommodation is pocket-friendly, downtown Winnipeg also has very cheap households. The appliances used for various purposes are less expensive and affordable. So, living in Winnipeg is more beneficial than living in other cities in Manitoba.

Are you ready to buy a house in Winnipeg? There are many different opportunities to meet every aspect of life. Winnipeg is the best choice for immigrants who wish to locate a house. It is easy to rent a house here because the rental prices are quite reasonable here in Manitoba.

In Winnipeg, you can have a house by paying $1050 for a single person or duo. A monthly $990 is required for a small apartment here. If you have to bring up a family, $1660 is enough for a bigger space.

A bit farther away, the identical unit may run you about $1550. Moreover, Winnipeg’s rental costs are 12% less than those for comparable houses in Ontario. This contrast is significant since the cost of homes in Winnipeg is often lower than in other cities in Canada of comparable sizes. 

Transport Services In Winnipeg

People face transportation equipment problems all over the world. Living in Winnipeg has the ease of public transportation. Winnipeg provides a monthly transport pass if you use public bus services, charging you around $102 per month.

If you want to pick up self-cycling instead of public transport, you will be excited to know that there is a separately built bike path network throughout the city. So, feel free for the transportation system. 

Due to the harsh winter, people like to travel at their convenience on behalf of public transport. But let us tell you that the government’s transport is more profitable.

Having A Family And Residing In Winnipeg

Winnipeg is an appreciable place to live with the family. It presents everything that parents want to have to grow their children. Kids need a learning environment to grow. Winnipeg has many desirable places that attract families, like the Children’s Museum, Assiniboine park zoo, Red river valley, The Forks, and many others. 

Winnipeg is a large city to raise a family. It comprises primary schools and universities for better universities. There are independent schools run in various ways. Some educational institutions have ties to certain religious or spiritual organizations.

If these independent schools adhere to the Manitoba curriculum and syllabus and satisfy several other criteria, they may receive money from the provincial government. Your kids may find these schools and institute the best places to secure their future. 

Population And Communities Of Immigrants In Winnipeg

Many communities took place in Winnipeg, like the Indian, Filipino, Chinese and British communities. Winnipeg is the best choice to live for immigrants from all over Canada. It is the third largest city that has huge population of Filipinos. 

There were about 57000 Filipino citizens residing in Winnipeg in 2016. Then in 2019, the number of permanent natives was 14,745. Furthermore, it was declared that in 2016 there were 180,000 Filipino immigrant-based citizens. 

Manitoba was a province with the second youngest population in 2019 because of the many immigrant families who resided in the province through Express Entry, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) or the Family Class assistance.

Moving To Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba in Canada and has plenty of reasons for beneficial residing. If you are concerned about moving to Winnipeg, Manitoba, we will refer you to the regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

  • Express Entry
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program(MPNP)
  • International studies

Express Entry

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is run by Manitoba and has various immigration channels under the qualified workers abroad category. Express Entry is one of these immigration channels.

Express Entry is a government-organized system for Canadian permanent residence applications to compensate labor through various economic immigration programs. You must explain your capacity and purpose to be financially stable and remain in Manitoba. 

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This explanation is necessary if you want to become eligible for the Manitoba Express Entry program. Two acceptable ways to get eligibility are:

  • Proof of the verified support and sponsorship of a relative who resides in Manitoba
  • A genuine invitation was given via the MPNP Recruitment program

Submit your application through your MPNP online account. Once your application is accepted, you may get a list of Express Entry candidates for a PR from Manitoba. Hence, you’ll be ready to fly to Manitoba via Express Entry Program.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is the pathway having three streamlines through which you can immigrate to Manitoba and become a permanent resident:

  • Skilled workers overseas stream
  • Skilled workers overseas stream
  • Business investor stream

You must fulfill the standards to get eligibility for MPNP.

International studies

International students who graduate in the province of Manitoba are provided with international Education streams to fulfil their industrial needs faster. Manitoba is a fantastic educational destination, and you can get numerous benefits.

Studying in Manitoba allows you to take advantage of top-notch instruction, cutting-edge facilities, and cost-effective tuition.

Check Out Things You SHOULD Know Before Moving to Winnipeg, Manitoba

Best Places To Visit In Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a pleasant place for tourists to visit. It is rich in cultural festivals, restaurants, and many other attractive places. A few of them are described below:

Saint Boniface

Saint Boniface represents the French community place at the center of Manitoba. Its popularity is based on quaint cafes having live music. In addition to the food, it serves classical French dishes in the restaurants. 

Walking through the center of Saint Boniface, you may see numerous remains of the region’s famous background and distinctive historic buildings. The earliest post-secondary university Universite de Saint-Boniface is visible from here.

Assiniboine river

Assiniboine river runs through the meadows of Western Canada in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with an area of 1070 km. Along the Assiniboine River’s edge, a Riverwalk links several big buildings, playgrounds, and other route networks.

A few of the famous sites seen along the road are:

  • Manitoba Legislature Buildings
  • Bonnycastle Park
  • Mcfayden playground
  • Mostyn place park


Kildonan is the name of a village that originated from Saint Donan. It is situated on the southern coast of the Isle of the Aran. You may explore 206 great things that you can do in Kildonan. It would be best if you didn’t think about the weather in Kildonan before planning a trip.

You can visit wildlife parks, zoos, and safari parks to experience animals life as an animal lover. You can visit the closest theme park, water park, and ski resort during the summer or winter break.

During school holidays, you can locate the finest outdoor games to play and recreation center for peaceful days close to home. Many locations are informative and appropriate for individuals of all ages.


What Is The Hottest Month In Winnipeg?

July is the hottest month in Winnipeg, with a normal 79-degree Fahrenheit and the lowest temperature of about 61 degrees Fahrenheit. But the summer season starts in May and ends in September

The harsh climate of Manitoba is a result of its placement in the geographic mid of North America. Remember that Winnipeg has a lengthy cold climate and a short summer season. This is so due to its cold continental weather. 

What Is The Halfway Point Between Winnipeg And Toronto?

Geographically, the halfway between Winnipeg and Toronto is Marquette, Michigan. The ideal meeting point is Marquette, roughly 5 miles from the precise halfway between Winnipeg and Toronto.

The meeting point has a zip code of 49885. Winnipeg and Toronto are separated by 2227 kilometres. The distance driven by each individual to meet in the center is 692 miles. Because it is so far, you can break up your car journey over many days.

Does Winnipeg Get A Lot Of Snow?

In winter, snow depth is greater than 1 cm, around 132 days yearly in Winnipeg. According to studies, Winnipeg gets more snow and the snowy days are also greater than Vancouver, Penticton, Calgary, and Ottawa.

Snowfall is the most frequent weather condition from November to March for more than 3 months. In December, Winnipeg receives a lot of snowfall.

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Due to its agricultural setting, Winnipeg has a breezy climate. The snowy winter in Winnipeg is drier than Toronto’s. Because the snow of Winnipeg is powdered and Toronto’s snow is warmer, that adds moisture to the air. 

Winnipeg’s citizens think the dry, freezing winter is preferable to Toronto’s moist winter. Many homeowners in Winnipeg use vaporizers in their apartments to restore moisture to the dried winter air. Extremely dry air may make many citizens uneasy and cause the skin to dry out and split.

How Many Hours Is It From Ontario To Manitoba?

If you fly with a median speed of about 560 miles per hour, you may reach Manitoba from Ontario by covering the shortest distance. This shortest distance is 2643 kilometers. It takes 2 hours, 55 minutes, and 48 seconds to reach Manitoba by plane. 

It takes about 23 hours and 8 minutes, as the driving distance between Ontario and Manitoba is about 2222 km. You can also choose a train to move from Ontario to Manitoba. A direct train leaves from Toronto to Winnipeg. The trip takes about 34 hours and 35 minutes.

Final Thoughts 

It is concluded that Winnipeg is the best residence place, Canadian prairies with many facilities and advantages compared to other Canadian cities. Winnipeg can be an ideal spot if you are a newbie to Canada and wish to live in a multicultural Canadian metropolis bursting with culture and employment possibilities. 

We hope you are now totally familiar where is Winnipeg on the Canada map, its housing scheme, educational system, immigration system, and population. But still, you can drop your queries in the comment section below on OnTheMoveCanada. We’ll be right here for you. Take care!