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Granted, car rentals have become the preferred mode of travelling because of the associated convenience. People like the idea of getting their car of choice without worrying about issues such as associated maintenance expenses. To cater to the fast surging demand, car rental firms have increased in major cities.

In Toronto, the growing list of car rental firms has made it extra difficult for people to pick the best deals. Therefore, how do you choose the right car rental in Toronto?

This post is a complete guide on Toronto car rentals to help answer two primary questions: “How do you pick the best car rental in Toronto?” and “What are the best options today?”

How to Pick a Good Car Rental Firm

Whether you want to use a Honda or Toyota when travelling to scenic sites or running your business in Toronto, car rentals allow you to select the preferred comfort level and cost. However, this level of satisfaction will depend on how effectively you select the car rental firm. Here are some useful tips to help you:

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  • Define Your Rental Car Needs

Most rental car companies will have a wide range of vehicles to cater to different clients’ needs. Therefore, you need to establish what exactly your travelling needs are before making a decision.

If you want to travel around with a lot of luggage, it is better to consider a bigger vehicle. For others who target off-road driving, a powerful four-wheel drive vehicle might be ideal. The more defined your needs are, the higher the chances of getting the right vehicle and thus choosing a car rental company.

  • Are You Travelling Alone Or As a Group?

If you are travelling alone for business, a standard sedan or compact hatchback might be ideal for you. However, those travelling with family or friends should consider vehicles with more space. This should be the first factor to consider even before setting out to check for the best car rental in Toronto.

  • Select the Company with a Good Reputation

Even as more companies join the car rentals industry in Toronto, it is advisable only to select the best. You can learn about a good company by reading previous customer feedback. Some key aspects to check in this instance include good cars, reliable customer care, and prompt response in the case of emergencies.

  • Look for Car Rentals with Affordable Rates

No doubt, we are all keen to save a few bucks. When you decide to go for a specific car, everything narrows down to cost. A good company should have affordable rates for all cars. Consider going for Toronto car rental firms that offer discounts and do not have hidden charges.

  • Read Reviews from Past Users

To anticipate what your experience will be after selecting a specific car rental firm, it is advisable to read through reviews from past users. Past clients will give an account of their experience after hiring cars from specific companies. If they had good times with the company, you could also expect the same thrill from the same company.

Now that you know the best tips to help you pick the right car rental companies in Toronto, it is time to have a sneak peek of the top companies to consider.   

Top Six Car Rentals in Toronto

1. Hertz

Hertz is one of the top and respected car rental companies in Toronto and across the world. The firm is preferred by travelers because of its diverse vehicles that ensure every client can have a car of choice. Besides, they also have many pickup points for extra convenience. In Toronto, they have nine pickup locations.

Pros and Cons of Using Hertz Car Rentals

While Hertz’s effort to deliver customer value is impressive, it also comes with some demerits that you should know. Here is a summary of the pros and cons of the company:

  • The  company is a trusted brand, both in Toronto and across the globe
  • They have reliable customer support for their clients
  • They have many multiple operational bases in Toronto that make picking and returning cars easy
  • As an international firm, Hertz offers standardized rental rates. This makes it easy for travelers to plan and even order in advance
  • Hertz has entered into partnerships with organizations such as hotels, railway companies, and travel agents to make traveling in Toronto more fulfilling
  • Hertz rates cut across different economic categories. The lowest cost is $50/ day for a mid-sized sedan
  • Some clients have complained of hidden charges. Therefore, it is prudent to read through the car rental agreement before committing to anything

2. Enterprise

Enterprise is another large company that offers a wide range of vehicles to suit users’ needs. Many people prefer the company because it has many hybrid cars in its fleet. This means that users are assured of using less fuel and making a positive impact on the environment.

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Pros and Cons of Using Enterprise Car Rental

The most notable aspect of Enterprise car rental is its commitment to customer support. The company invests heavily in staff training to ensure that clients get top-notch support. Besides, they also have drivers to chauffeur clients around, and this is especially handy if you are not conversant with driving in and around Toronto. Here is a summary of other pros and cons of the company:

  • Enterprise has a wide range of cars for users to select from. From small sedans to bigger trucks, users are assured of getting the ideal car to fit their needs  
  • The company offers promotions such as special deals and coupons that help clients to enjoy lower rates
  • Enterprise has 21 pickup locations that make it easy for clients to pick their cars and enjoy riding in Toronto.
  • The company does not have hidden charges for its clients.
  • The company has age restrictions for people renting high-end cars. This implies that younger drivers might fail to qualify for the best cars on offer by the company

3. Budget

car rental companies

Budget is another top-rated rental firm company that has recently been expanding its presence rapidly in Canada and across the globe. The company targets making traveling easy and professional for its clients. Many people like its idea of being able to select the car of choice even before landing in Toronto because of the transparent booking system.

Like other top companies operating in Toronto, Budget allows clients to pick an economy car for $50 per day with unlimited free kilometers. However, the cost could go up with a few dollars depending on the preferred pickup location.

Pros and Cons of Budget

  • The Budget car rental company is an international company with a good reputation.
  • They have reliable customer support for their clients. Whether you are simply making an enquiry about their services or got stuck with their car, the support is prompt and professional
  • As the name suggests, the rental car prices  are relatively low compared to other companies in the market  
  • They have 10 pickups locations to make it easy for clients to get rental cars and enjoy driving in Toronto.
  • They have discount programs, which is especially great for regular clients
  • Though their advertised rates are low, users are at times charged more depending on the selected pickup location

4. Dollar

Dollar is an international rental car company that has made a name for its focus on customer value. The company’s target is to help clients prepare well and get the best from their holiday or travel. For example, they have a dedicated page to help clients understand more about car rentals, prepare for travel, and select the best cars. This implies that with Dollar, you will always know what to do at every stage of your travel in Toronto.

Dollar has a wide range of cars to cater for all clients. You can get an economy car for about $50 with unlimited free kilometers. Whether you want a small car for holiday travel or a bigger one for business tasks, you have several options to consider.

Pros and Cons of Dollar Car Rental Firm

While Dollar’s impressive services have made it one of the top options for travelers in Toronto, it is important to also check out the demerits. Here is a summary of the main pros and cons:

  • Dollar provides a wide range of cars for clients to pick their preferred choices
  • The company has low rental rates that make it ideal for  clients traveling on a budget
  • They run a discount program that allows all clients to join and enjoy lower rates
  • The company has a flexible  booking model that enables users to modify their booking dates without penalties
  • Though Dollar has impressive low rates, those who book closer to the pickup dates are charged higher than those who place orders in advance

5. Avis

Avis is an international car rental company with operations in more than 165 countries. Since its creation in 1949, Avis has made a name for its focus on customer service. The company has become the preferred option for many travelers, especially those who want cars for extended periods.

The company has affordable car rentals starting from $53 per day for economy cars with unlimited kilometers. Besides, they also have many pickup locations, including the airport. This makes it easy for clients to order cars and pick them after alighting at the airport or in major cities.

Pros and Cons of Avis

Here is a summary of Avis pros and cons to help you decide whether to use its services or go for a different company:

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  • They stock different cars for clients to select preferred choices. It offers a wider range of vehicles beyond the standard sedans that are common in other car rental companies
  • The Avis company runs a reward program that helps clients to save  up to 30% when they pay for the cars of choice
  • The 700 points required for a user to enjoy the reward program are too high for standard travelers
  • The company largely targets businesses people traveling to Toronto
  • If you are traveling with friends or  spouse who is also a driver, the company charges an additional $13

6. GTA Exotics

GTA Exotics is a car rental firm that specializes in high-end sports cars. This makes it an ideal firm for clients such as celebrities or people traveling on their honeymoon. You can rent a Ferrari to ride and impress peers for $599/day. However, an additional insurance charge of $75 and a $5,000 security deposit will be required. You will also be charged $0.95/kilometer after doing the first 100 kilometers.

  • The company provides clients with the opportunity to ride in the top of the range sports cars such as a Ferrari
  • GTA Exotics ensures clients get the best experience through top notch customer support
  • The company does not have hidden charges for its clients
  • The company largely targets high-end clients
  • The charges are very high and also feature additional costs per  kilometer that make the company less desirable for people traveling on a budget   


When you decide to go for car rental in Toronto, the focus should be ensuring you understand your personal needs for a car and going for the option that helps to achieve them. You should also factor the amount you are willing to spend before setting off to look for a high-end or cheap car rental in Toronto.

The companies discussed above in this guide have demonstrated a commitment to customer value and can be your top picks. Remember that even with the best company, it is also crucial to ensure you follow the best practices, including the following;

  • Make sure to have a valid  driving license that allows you to drive on Toronto roads.
  • The car you pick should be insured in line with the local Ontario laws.
  • Because you can never know when an emergency will strike, it is important to be prepared with items such as an emergency kit and a recovery firm ready to assist.  
  • Make sure to have a clear guide on roads, weather, and other important aspects of where you are traveling in Toronto.