Some of the best Canadian immigration consultants can be found online. These professionals can help you better understand Canadian immigration programs, see which of the many types of Canadian visas is the best solution for you, and even help you during the application process. A good immigration form will, therefore, know all about the Canadian immigration services and how foreign workers and tourists can set their foot on Canadian soil. 

Considering that the number of people migrating all over the world is constantly on the rise and that Canada is seeking to accept around half a million new immigrants every year, the value of a good immigration firm cannot be overestimated. In fact, they are an integral part of the immigration process for all who find the process difficult and lengthy, with too much paperwork and hassle. 

What Is an Immigration Consultant?

An immigration consultant is a person or a firm who has a deep understanding of economic and business immigration and who can help you on your way to Canada, be that for work, study, or travel. When it comes to these firms and persons, they should be able to help you out on your way to migrating and should help expedite the Canadian immigration process. 

However, looking at the CRS latest draw, it is clear that their role is limited. If you have a very low CRS score, not even the best immigration consultant can help you. While they may have a good immigration strategy, you should know that a lot of the immigration process still falls on you – you will need to work on the skills that Canadian employers seek – mostly education and work experience, in particular for skilled workers. 

They have an array of services, including: 

  • assessing your chances of being accepted into the pool of potential immigrants
  • preparing you for the application process and visa interviews
  • helping you prepare all your paperwork, sorting it, and suggesting which paperwork would work the best for you
  • preparing an individualized immigration process for you to ensure that you get more CRS points if you need more
  • assisting during the application process itself, including choosing the right type of visa and the length of your stay (if temporary). They can also provide you with resources where you can look for employment, health insurance, and more. If you are travelling to Canada to study, they can also help you out with this process as well and can even help you apply for some of the Universities and colleges in Canada. 

Their scope of work differs from one immigration company to the next, and they are always there to help. However, immigration consultants and immigration lawyers should not be confused: while the former help during the immigration procedure, the latter deal with people who have been deemed inadmissible to Canada and who may have a criminal record either in Canada or abroad. 

regulated canadian immigration consultant

Best Immigration Consultants in Canada

All international workers looking for ways to immigrate to Canada do find it difficult to apply. And although the Canada Express Entry system is simple to use and navigate, some may still experience difficulties. Instead of risking losing your status, it is probably best to seek a professional to help you out during this process. 

In fact, thousands of Canada Express Entry and PNP applicants get refused every year. Among these are also eligible candidates and qualified candidates. In fact, many people get refused because they simply forget to tick the right box among the Canadian immigration options or they forget to submit all the documents. 

In addition to this, the ITAs for candidates have a fixed, 60-day deadline by which you must apply. If you do not manage to do so, you will need to restart your application process. In fact, the consultants can help you get organized and can even help you during the application procedure. 

Please beware that these consultants do charge permanent residency consulting fees and that these may differ depending on your specific case and how many family members you would take with you. In any case, any charges that you are expected to pay to secure a position or ensure that you get drawn are a scam and you should not be paying for them. Always remember that a good consultant offers assistance to immigrants, especially those looking to meet minimum requirements, and visa applicants still need to meet the minimum score requirement. 

Canada Abroad

Canada Abroad is led by Deanne Acres-Lans and Werner Lans. They are a former Canada Border Services Officer and Werner is an immigrant. They are both ICCRC-regulated. They decided to use their knowledge and expertise on the topic of Canadian migration to ensure that they can provide only the best, unbiased immigration services to future immigrants to Canada. 

Perez McKenzie Immigration

Perez McKenzie Immigration offers its services in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. The company is ICCRC-registered and they provide a warm service that they felt was lacking from the immigration market. Probably the best recommendation for them is the fact that most of their clients come through word of mouth and that they have managed thousands of people to immigrate to Canada through Canada PNP immigration programs. 

Doherty Fultz Immigration

Cassandra Fultz, the founder of Doherty Fultz Immigration, is an immigrant herself. For this reason, she understands the emotional and financial stress of immigrating to another country. She hopes that her experience in the industry will help others change their lives for the better. This immigration firm helps with Canadian immigration applications and they help you develop your skills for the immigration program Express Entry. They are one of the most recognizable Canadian immigration agents in the country and they can help you navigate the maze called Canadian immigration. 


ImmigCanada was founded by Eivy Joy Quito, an immigrant herself. She is an active member of the Immigration Consultants of the Canada Regulatory Council, and she offers high-quality immigration services to all who want to immigrate to Canada. She is an immigrant, and she understands the value of immigration papers and organized immigration applications. She offers services to all who are aspiring to be students and workers in Canada, as well as to families looking to relocate there. She has managed to gather a team of highly trained people for the process and has managed to make a good name for her company. was founded by Colin R. Singer. He is one of the best Canadian immigration consultants, and his company has been providing this service since 1994. He is a member of the ICCRC and they want to make immigration simple for you. 

They offer services that are tailored to your specific case and needs, including choosing the right type of visa for you. This is a rare company that helps businesses from around the world relocate to Canada, and this company also offers a chance for finding a job – bringing the gap between foreign workers looking to immigrate to Canada and Canadian employers looking to hire a foreign workforce. 

Ann Arbour Consultants Inc.

Ann Arbour Consultants is one of the larger companies on our list. The company provides services to clients from South East Asia, Europe, and South America. The company is one of the leading Canadian immigration firms. 

They can help you get into the applicant pool, send every application on time, and even notify you when they expect slow processing time. 

It does not matter how long your application will take, for as long as the basic eligibility factors are satisfied, and there is a chance of success, Ann Arbour Consultants will work with you. Their online presence makes it easy to contact them, and they can even give you resources so that you can start looking for Canadian employment status while the application is on its way. This increases the chances for your application success. 


Canadim is another large Canadian immigration company. If you’re looking forward to becoming a Canadian resident, you may want to contact these skilled professionals to ensure that your chances of setting foot in Canada are higher than they would otherwise be. This company can help you navigate language ability tests and can help you work on your language ability test scores. Besides this, they can also help you get a campus work permit if you are a student looking for employment, and your study permit came with no work permit. 

To boost your Canadian experience and immigration process, this company offers immigration consulting for both those seeking permanent residence and temporary residence. What makes them good is that they provide personalized services to all involved.

MDC Canada

For as long as you meet the eligibility requirements to move to Canada (or are close) the MDC Canada can help you move to one of the Canadian provinces and can help you choose the right immigration program for you. Whether you would like to join the Federal Skilled Worker Program or would like to go to Canada as a business immigrant, these dedicated professionals can help you with your temporary and permanent residency immigration. 

As there are over 80 immigration programs, it is important to choose the right one among the many immigration pathways there are. MDC Canada only employs people with knowledge of the topic and the many different immigration programs. Not only that, but they have advanced immigration programs and strategies for all who would like to immigrate to Canada. 

Determining Whether or Not Your Representative Is Authorized

Since there is a lot of immigration fraud in Canada, it is always advisable to stay alert. Offers that sound too good, promising the entire process will be finished within months, as well as those promising unrealistic quality service and deadlines, are usually fraudsters. It goes the same with those promising certain results and drawing for monetary exchange and with those selling Canada visas – be it visitor visas or worker visas. 

In reality, these fraudsters are sometimes difficult to spot, and being cautious and aware during the application procedure is the best way to ensure you do not get tricked into paying more than you should. A real immigration consultant firm does charge, but they never make false promises and reliable immigration services never guarantee a thing. 

Check Out How to Tell if a Canadian Immigration Agency Is Real or Fake

How Are Canada Immigration Consultants Regulated?

When it comes to regulating the way that Canadian immigration consultants work, this is the job of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). This council has a role of overseeing and offering Canada immigration coaching – basically offering skills immigration consultants need to help you out. 

To make sure a consultant gets into the program, they need to pass the Full Skills Examination by the ICCRC. They also need to ensure they get the ICCRC number, which they can then display on their website. Canada immigration coaching is a serious program that is paid a lot of attention to. After all, they do help meet Canada’s immigration goals by enabling an easier immigration journey at a slight upcharge. 


How Much Do Canadian Immigration Consultants Charge?

When it comes to the fees that you are expected to pay for a professional to handle your application, it is good to know that they charge quite a lot, especially considering that you can apply on your own. However, as so many people find the process too complex, it is good to know the pricing of immigration consultants to Canada. While the initial consultation will cost some CAD50-250, a temporary residence application will cost up to CAD2,000. On top of this, permanent residence applications will cost as much as CAD4,000 and prior refusal may up these prices even further. 

What Is the Difference Between ICCRC and RCIC?

During your immigration process, you will see that there are many acronyms being used. Two of those are RCIC and ICCRC. When it comes to ICCRC, they are the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. The RCIC are the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants. RCIC is a group under the ICCRC.

Is Canada Accepting New Immigrants?

Yes, Canada is always on the lookout for new people who would start the immigration process and become their permanent residents. This is the reason why Canada accepts so many immigration applications each month and why there are so many immigration programs. Study permits, family sponsorships, and work permits also get issued on a monthly basis, and in the thousands. To get an idea how much, Canada plans to welcome 1.3 million new immigrants between the years of 2022-2024. 

Which Is the Easiest Province to Immigrate to Canada?

The easiest and fastest application process for Canadian Immigration is Express Entry. This streamlined immigration process allows you the quality of service while taking very little time – most of the applications get processed in as little as six months. With this in mind, the success rate is very high and all eligible applications get processed. Around 90% of them are without a valid job offer. 

Final Thoughts

Canada immigration coaching is a serious process that helps educate and create good immigration consultants. With an array of services, it can be difficult to choose the right one, but knowing how to choose can help you a lot. Then, the consultants can offer an array of immigration services, including choosing among many Canadian immigration programs, collecting all the paperwork, and helping you be aware of Canadian immigration policies.