Of the many huge cities in Canada, Toronto is one of the most diverse. This diversity extends beyond the different nationalities within the city to the neighbourhoods, most of which have unique identities.

This is actually good because what would qualify as the best rental site for one person may not really be the right option for another person. Some people would prefer a place with the best nightlife, others will simply want a spot that is closer to work or school, and a good number will take into consideration the rental prices, and so on.

At the end of the day, it all comes to down to lifestyle and preference, and luckily, Toronto is diverse enough to accommodate almost all of us.

Our guess is that you are probably looking for the best rental sites in Toronto. Now, this guide aims to give you an idea of what a great rental apartment site in Toronto looks like and also to highlight some of the top apartment rental communities in the city that you might want to consider.

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What Makes a Good Rental Apartment Site?

Renting or buying a home means you are also joining a neighbourhood and so, your decision-making process should involve evaluating the different elements of a neighbourhood to determine if it’s really a community you want to live in.

Below are some of the things to keep in mind when assessing the best place to rent in Toronto,

Proximity to Active Parts of the City

If you are young or the type who prefers being at the heart of the city’s hustle and bustle, apartment sites that are close to shopping centers, markets, restaurants, entertainment spots, drug stores, and other related places will be a great fit. It would even be great if the area offers a bit of the vibrant city life and also some quiet and stillness.

Commute Time

Easy access to public transportation, like a subway station, can be a bonus for a neighbourhood. In Toronto, however, some areas with easy access to subway stations tend to be relatively expensive.


Don’t we all love a neighbourhood where you can leave your car at home and walk to a shopping center, restaurant, park, or to the amenities available in your neighbourhood? Most of us do, and, in Toronto, you have a chance to live in such a place.

Outdoor Activities

When a place is close to outdoor adventures, that makes it more convenient and offers you a chance to get to know your neighbours and other people within the city. Find out if the site is close to a place where you can jog, bike, play different sports, and so on.


One way to tell if a rental apartment site is safe and secure is to examine the crime rate. It would be great if the crime had been on a sharp decline or doesn’t exist at all. You can use the Toronto Police Service Crime App, which provides users with crime data for different locations in Toronto.

Top Communities to Rent an Apartment in Toronto

In addition to having some of the best apartments in Toronto, the following communities have special characters and features that set them apart from others, making them sites you would want to consider.

Yonge and Eglinton1. Yonge and Eglinton

Yonge and Eglinton sits on the upper side of Midtown Toronto. In recent years, the area has experienced a development boom, making it even more popular than before. As you would expect, the place is dotted with great restaurants, grocery stores, medical offices, and just about everything you will need to make your stay here comfortable.

One of the things locals love most about this place is the iconic bars, including Crown, Rose, and Duke of Kent. Yonge and Eglinton’s uptown location, combined with the many apartments and condos available here, make it a sought-after community.

What’s more, it would take you only twenty minutes to ride to the Dundas Station, a subway station, or to get access to the adjoining suburbs.

2. Liberty VillageLiberty Village

Liberty Village is filled with some of the best rental apartments in Toronto, condos, and converted warehouses, and it is a popular community for those who would love to stay far from the hectic city life of Downtown Toronto.

Best Rated Full Service Real Estate Services Greater Toronto Area

If you work downtown, the place is just a ten-minute drive away. The presence of cafés, shops, and restaurants means you don’t need to always go all the way to the city center to run your errands.

Another lovely thing about Liberty village is its proximity to the lakefront where you can either take a walk or go on a bike ride. Young creatives love it here because of the super modern architecture and closeness to entertainment spots.

Unfortunately, the area is a bit far away from the subway station, but that shouldn’t get you worried because there are buses and streetcars.

Deer Park3. Deer Park

Young families or seniors with money are likely to find Deer Park pretty convenient. In addition to having great schools, the area is home to fantastic parks and some of the best natural green spaces in Toronto.

What makes Deer Park special is that it has different types of homes to accommodate different budgets, from a wide selection of apartments and condos to big townhouses.

On top of that, it has a great shopping area, located at the heart of the community, where Torontonians come more often for drinks and good food. If not that, it’s the waterfalls, multiple trails, and the other outdoor adventures that residents of Deer park love a lot too.  

Also, the great bars and restaurants make the community a great option for younger couples and singles. As for commuting, the St Clair streetcar makes traveling to downtown Toronto easier.

4.  The HarbourfrontThe Harbourfront

Apart from the commercial and cultural attractions, Harbourfront is the ideal community for anyone who would like to live in waterfront apartment rentals, close to the hustle and bustle of city life, and in an area filled with parks walkways, and beaches.

The community is a ten-minute walk away from the middle of downtown Toronto. Other things that make it attractive is that you can be able to walk to concerts, festivals, games, and other exciting activities happening in the city.

During summer, there’s usually an influx of tourists who come to enjoy the beautiful beaches, parks, and other recreation areas in the community.

Residents of Harbourfront have an easier time commuting, thanks to the expressway, streetcar system, and ferry.

Best Rated Full Service Real Estate Services Greater Toronto Area

In Conclusion

If you’ve relocated a few times, then you are well aware not all neighborhoods are the same. At the same time, what would qualify as a perfect neighbourhood to one person may not really be the best neighborhood for another.  That’s why it’s important to consider all the qualities of a great neighbourhood, from safety and commute time to walkability and the rest of the factors we’ve mentioned.

Fortunately, the few best rental sites in Toronto that we’ve looked at have unique profiles to fit our different needs and preferences. You can also seek recommendations from your families and friends, a local real estate agent, or visit the various real estate websites to check out the listings.

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