You’ve finally landed in Toronto, Canada, probably now staying with friends or in a temporary place as you try and figure out what would be the best area to live in Toronto for a family.

Having your family with you will likely mean that kids will be needing schools as well as a neighbourhood that supports and agrees with the ideals of raising a family.

For most families, this may translate to a neighbourhood and community that has entertainment amenities that the kids will enjoy and lots of green and open spaces to walk, exercise, cycle, and generally spend quality time with your family and other families as well.

Toronto has quite a number of areas that fit this situation, but before we take a look at some, let’s first find out what factors could influence where you decide to live.

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How to Choose Where To Live in Toronto

Your job may determine where you live in Toronto with a family in terms of proximity to your workplace. Or in some instances, the cost of rent may qualify or disqualify a neighbourhood as an option.

One thing that is for sure, Toronto has amazing and numerous neighbourhoods. Most families are likely to feel right at home immediately when they move in because of the diversity they offer as well as the presence of family-oriented amenities such as shopping centers; for house shopping, financial services and so forth, parks, hospitals, libraries, and good schools both public and private not to mention daycares.

So, whether your idea of the best area to live in Toronto for a family is a suburb or downtown, you can be sure that you will have a number of options to choose from.

Best Neighborhoods for Families in Toronto

Here’s what we were able to identify as the best neighbourhoods in Toronto for families:

Davisville VillageDavisville Village

Davisville village is an attractive neighbourhood in mid-Toronto right between St Claire and Ellington. It boasts of a subway near Davisville Avenue and Yonge street as well as a regular bus service that makes commuting to downtown Toronto and other neighbouring suburbs easy.

The diversity of citizens living in these neighbourhoods is rich as it compromises of immigrants from the UK, US, China, Iran, Poland, Germany, Philippines, Russia, and Jamaica, just to name a few.

Families residing in Davisville looking for a public school can opt to have their children attend Davisville public school or North Toronto Collegiate Institute for older kids. There are plenty of other schools to choose from in the area as well.

Parents running a busy work schedule downtown are likely to find this neighbourhood to be ideal for family living due to its proximity to downtown Toronto and ease of commuting.

Humber SummitHumber Summit

If you are operating from a tight budget and want to keep the rents low, then you may find Humber Summit to be a great option.

Although the rents are relatively lower compared to most neighbourhoods in Toronto, there’s a lot on offer for families living in the area.

The presence of numerous great-performing schools makes this neighbourhood a great option for families. Schools include St Roch, Venerable John Merlini catholic school, and Gracedale.

The ethnic diversity in this area is rich, giving the place character. You and your family would feel included as you join a peaceful community that comprises largely of immigrants from all walks of life.

Humber summit is also home to numerous beautiful parks, including Rowntree Mill park, which has meadows and woodlands ideal for a picnic and a day out with the family.

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If you are a parent who loves golf and needs distress, you can take a swing at some golf balls at the Humber Valley public golf course on Albion road.

Don MillsDon Mills

If quiet and tranquil suburb living is what makes your family tick, then you might find Don Mills to be right up your alley.

The schools are great and employ the Montessori teaching system while accommodating French-speaking children. Children of families residing in this area can attend Three valley school as one of the schooling options.

Bond Park is one of the several parks in this neighbourhood that offers great recreation. Also, after-school activities such as skating, tennis, hockey, and baseball are prominent forms of leisure in Don Mills.

Although this neighbourhood is a bit far away from the city center, you can opt to drive or ride the subway from Don mill train station.


Allenby is one of the more popular neighbourhoods for families living in Toronto, owing to some stellar public schools in the area. Most schools in the area can accommodate foreign students, both English as well as French-speaking.

One of the schools in the neighbourhood is Allenby public school which is convenient for children residing in Allenby.

Allenby is both a close-knit family-oriented community and home to Edington park, which has numerous sporting activities to keep the adults and kids entertained on weekends and holidays.

The BeachesThe Beaches

If you are the type who loves to reside in places that overlook a lake or ocean, then Beaches might just work for you. The neighbourhood has a small-town vibe and is located along Lake Ontario, which is quite scenic with numerous high-rise residences constructed near the several beaches found on the lake.

The boardwalk in this neighbourhood is a favourite for both residents and tourists. The vibrant queen street is home to some lovely cafes, bistros, high bars as well mouthwatering bakeries complementing the relaxed feel of the area.

The famous ‘beaches international jazz festival’ is held in the Kew gardens park, which is also home to numerous sporting activities that include skating and tennis.

It is a safe neighbourhood with plenty of schools to choose from, such as Kimberley junior public school and Balmy beach community school.


No matter your lifestyle and budget, finding where to live in Toronto with your family shouldn’t be difficult because of the many options available today. Just go ahead and check out the neighbourhoods we’ve discussed and many others you might come across, and then determine which one fits your needs.

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Remember, settling down in a neighbourhood as a family in Toronto will need you to assess the important needs of your family in terms of rent, schools, commute, proximity to the workplace and recreation.

The beauty of Toronto is its diversity in neighbourhoods and schools that are a great fit for many families. Whatever your family needs are, you are likely to find a neighbourhood that is perfect for your family if you start by determining what your family needs really are.

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